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London impromptu, brief “Blognic” possible this (Friday) afternoon! UNDERWAY!

I will be in central London today on sundry errands and quests. Should anyone like to meet for a pint in the afternoon, I will be 17:30 at The Coal Hole. Also, I am forwarding my London phone number (020… … Read More

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QUAERITUR: People who arrive at Mass really late and then go to Communion

From a reader: During the Agnus Dei at Mass this morning, two unfamiliar teenage girls and a man, who I suspect to be their father, entered our rather small church and made their way to a pew. I was saddened … Read More

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Forty Days For Life in London

Seminarians and others at Bedford Square in London during Forty Days For Life.

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QUAERITUR: Using a different set of mysteries during communal recitation of the Rosary.

From a reader: I prayed the Rosary with some others today, but since it was Thursday they used the Luminous Mysteries. I, however, meditated on the Joyful Mysteries. Is that legit? Would I still qualify for an indulgence if I was meditating on … Read More

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Conversations we have to have about Communion under both kinds.

The debate about U.S. bishops making the decision to follow the Church’s laws about Communion under both kinds continues. We need a conversation about several points.  Let us today limit ourselves to one (which means we don’t need the introduction … Read More

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QUAERITUR: A host found on the altar after Mass.

From a reader: This morning I attended a Mass that was celebrated by a VERY old priest; just a simple daily Mass, nothing fancy, no smells or bells. When it came time for the prayers of consecration, it seemed as if … Read More

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Pipe Organs and a famous Chicago church

There is an interesting video on YouTube about the pipe organ project going on at St. John Cantius in Chicago. If you don’t know much about pipe organs, you could learn a few things from this 12 minute video. Remember: … Read More

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