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Op-Ed in Kansas City Star about Bp. Finn

The ultra-liberal Kansas City Star in KC, MO has been gunnin’ for Bishop Robert Finn since he arrived.  Now that some chum is in the water, they and their chums have been biting. Therefore, I was surprised and pleased to … Read More

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The key to pumpkin carving

A reader sent a link to a photo. Someone is having fun with punkin’s. Hint: There is a photo of it lit up, too.

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OOH-RAH! by OOH-RAH!: TLM in Afghanistan

Over at Rorate there is a note about a priest serving as a military chaplain who offers also the Extraordinary Form. A great juxtaposition of materials.  More photos over there. I like the votive candle rack and the intentions tacked … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Minister, ministry, apostle, apostolate…

From a reader: I’m on the pastoral council at my parish. I hear people using the term “Ministry” for all kinds of activities. Pretty much all of these folks are lay Catholics. I’m kind-of a stickler for terminology, because muddled … Read More

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The wit and wisdom of Susan Sarandon

Many people have written to me about the fact that actress Susan Sarandon, who grew up in a Catholic family and was in Catholic schools all the way through Catholic University in Washington DC, recently called Pope Benedict XVI a … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Sunday obligation and TV Masses

From a reader: I was chatting with someone and she told me the priest in the parish where she is a member gave her permission, due to her ill health and thus difficulty in attending Mass on Sunday, to “attend Mass … Read More

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Vatican Radio: Cheri Blair as “devout Catholic”. Interesting.

Marconi also nods. From Catholic Culture on something from Vatican Radio, still under the director of the papal spokeman Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ. Vatican Radio pays tribute to ‘devout Catholic’ Cherie Blair October 18, 2011 In an interview devoted largely … Read More

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