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QUAERITUR: Gift for a priest: reversible stole

From a reader: My friend’s ordination is coming up in a number of months, and I’d like to get him something meaningful and useful. I’m a little short on money, so I have to start planning and saving now. He’s … Read More

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Bp. Sample on “ad orientem” worship

His Excellency Most Rev. Alex Sample of Bishop of Marquette.  ‘Nough said. [wp_youtube]ZIwK2ZXfmpk[/wp_youtube] WDTPRS kudos to Bp. Alex Sample.

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“Stir Up Sunday” is nearing. Start planning.

Last year I decided to make, for the first time, my own Christmas Pudding.  I got a late start on it.  It was delicious. This year I am going to pay attention to Stir Up Sunday. 20 November is Stir … Read More

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“Why are we letting heretics teach this crap in our churches?”

The title of this post comes from the blog The Recovering Dissident Catholic. Mordant commentary to be sure.  Dead on. My emphases and comments. Save $100 Now! I find it interesting that supposed Catholic parishes charge up to 3 figures … Read More

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Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham likely to have Masses “ad orientem”

This was reported on the site of The Bitter Pill (aka The Tablet). Priests to face east at ordinariate Masses 21 October 2011 Masses celebrated by priests in the ordinariate are likely to be ad orientem, according to one of … Read More

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15 seconds of fame… worth it?

At the end of the Mass for the canonization of three 19th-century founders of religious orders, including don Luigi Guanella, a loon at the end of Mass climbed out on one of the colonnade “arms” which embrace St. Peter’s Square, … Read More

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Archbp. Naumann (Archd. KC) on Bp. Finn (D. KC-St. Joseph) and the Kansas City Star

His Excellency Most Rev. Joseph Naumanm, Archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas – on the other side of the river from the homoynmous city in Missouri, has waded into the issue of the indictment level at Bp. Robert Finn of Kansas … Read More

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BISHOPS & PRIESTS: a revival of the Sacrament of Penance is critical for a revival of our Catholic identity.

It is critical to our identity as Catholics to revive the use of the Sacrament of Penance. I think there are some moves in that direction on the part of younger priests, but we need also a grassroots effort of … Read More

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New statue for the Roman Church attacked during rioting

During the riots in Rome, some thugs broke into the Church of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus on corner of the via Labicana and the via Merulana. Yes, these are the saints mentioned in the Roman Canon and it is a … Read More

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Card. Zen ends hunger strike protest over govt. decision about schools

From La Stampa: At the end of his fast, Zen let it be known that he intended to study more closely the Government’s new regulations regarding the management of the region’s sponsored schools gerard o’connell rome Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun … Read More

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