Platitude Cookie Alert


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  1. James Joseph says:

    Ingrasso dolce per dolce.

  2. Amy Giglio says:

    Is that like brandy on fire over cherries jubilee is better than brandy on ice? But is it really?

  3. UncleBlobb says:

    “But most of all beware that boy!”

  4. sejoga says:

    Wow, not only is it a platitude rather than a fortune, but it’s also wrong. I’m pretty sure underutilized knowledge is far less dangerous than overutilized ignorance.

  5. Random Friar says:

    I don’t know… there are times when a flaming idiot can be much more entertaining…

  6. mike cliffson says:

    Sharper than a serpeant’s tooth
    it is to have a fangless child

  7. William of the Old says:

    Ignorance on fire is more DESTRUCTIVE than knowledge on ice

  8. “It is best never to eat anything
    that is able to wink back at you”

  9. Anne C. says:

    ‘For the glamorous look, choose plain-looking dining companions.’ ~ Miss Piggy

  10. Paul says:

    My hovercraft is full of eels.

  11. Northern Ox says:

    That could be the sequel to “Snakes on a Plane.”

  12. Widukind says:

    With a platitide like that, is it safe to eat the cookie?

  13. Slappo says:

    It depends on the ignorance. An invincibly ignorant Catholic on fire is a lot better then a Catholic theologian that doesn’t pray or go to mass. One can at least claim ignorance to grave sin and has the possibility of being catechized, the other may be in trouble when St. Peter checks his I.D.

  14. Martial Artist says:

    @Random Friar,

    Your assertion would depend, I think, upon where one draws the line between entertainment and Schadenfreude, or at least on how willing one is to be entertained by a walking disaster.

    After all, ignorance on fire is but one (very short) step removed from incendiary stupidity.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  15. Sacristymaiden says:

    The first thing to come into my mind:

    “Some say the world will end in fire
    Some say in ice.
    From what I have tasted of desire,
    I hold with those who favor fire.

    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great, and would suffice.”

  16. Reginald Pole says:

    Some say the world will end in fire Some say in ice.
    Fire + Ice = Frost

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