St. Anthony, Abbot: Vespers with no frills

Years ago, I stood for a couple hours on this day, blessing pigs and horses.  St. Anthony!  Pray for us!

Vespers with no frills read swiftly from the Breviarium Romanum.

For my weary brethren.

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  1. AnAmericanMother says:

    Pigs I get – because St. Antony Abbot used to be a swineherd.
    But why horses?

  2. philologus says:

    Gratias tibi ago maximas, pater excellens, propter illam recitationem tuam, quae videtur propulsa esse quasi per vim cafeae!

    A question – does saying the office in Latin from the old Breviarium Romanum still “count” in the same way it would if one were to say the office from the English edition of the Liturgy of the Hours?

  3. Rich says:

    If you are having bacon that comes from a blessed pig and some Mystic Monk coffee for breakfast, would it be considered redundant to bless your meal before you eat it?

  4. aquinas138 says:

    Philologus – According to the provisions of Summorum Pontificum (cf. Art. 9. § 3), clerics may satisfy their Office obligation by using the 1962 Breviarium Romanum.

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