Your News, Resolutions, and Sermon Notes

Do you have good news to share with the readers?

Any resolutions?

Was there a good point from the Sunday/Holy Day sermon you heard?

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  1. Nun2OCDS says:

    At the 7 a.m. Mass on Sunday after the reading of the gospel, the priest (a senior priest who desperately needs a “Say the Black – Do the Red” mug) told us that the pastor wished us all a Happy New Year and had told him NOT TO PREACH since we would all be tired! This time (sadly) he obeyed.

    Other followers of this great blog, PLEASE write the good points you heard and thank your hardworking pastor.

  2. flyfree432 says:

    We rang in the new year with a holy hour. Our pastor lead Adoration for our youth group from 11:00 – 12:00 AM. One young teen we didn’t know (a friend of another teen) burst into tears and left. I followed her out and she said she couldn’t handle being there because she was dealing with a death in her family. She let me pray with her and she left that evening smiling.

    Our family made a resolution to pray a rosary in the evening every day together. We have very young children and had been saying a decade together as part of our evening prayer. It’s time to increase it to a whole rosary.

    Father gave a wonderful sermon about our Lady and the Christian family.

  3. pinoytraddie says:

    The Priest said instead giving our loved one good luck charms,we should give them sacramentals for a change.(He even greeted us “Merry Christmas” and said “GOTCHA!’ he added that Christmas is A Season NOT a Day)

    Some Miracle through the Intercession of Two saints blessed my Aunt!

  4. Supertradmum says:

    Poor sermon, good news that a family member has come back to the One, True, Holy and Apostolic Church, and no resolutions except to continue to respond to grace and discipline.

  5. Benedict says:

    first some news:
    1. The Gospel Canticles of the Divine Office in Dominican Chant are now available.
    2. The student brothers in formation at the Dominican House of Studies in DC have revived a popular publication, called Dominicana, available in printed & on-line versions.
    3. Of interest to Thomists, Prof. Russell Hittinger will speak on January 26 in DC.
    4. Perhaps some have heard this: the former rector of the Angelicum, Fr. Charles Morerod OP has been ordained a bishop in Switzerland for Lausanne, Geneva & Fribourg.

    resolution: greater fidelity to daily holy hour

  6. inara says:

    We had our first sung Latin NO Mass for the Feast of Mary, Mother of God & several hundred people came! The Poor Clares even came out of their cloister to chant for us…it sounded like angels had taken over the loft. :o)

  7. Supertradmum says:

    Resolution: Dare I challenge all the commentators here to set up a Spiritual Bouquet for Father Z, as a resolution. I hereby pledge seven Masses, seven rosaries, seven days of fasting and seven days of not complaining about priests. Does anyone want to join me?

  8. benedetta says:

    A very edifying homily at a NO Mass on the 1st in the evening during a light rain outside…We took home that while many will scoff at the idea or notion of making a resolution, in fact as Catholics we do just that every time we say an Act of Contrition (I firmly resolve…) and what an aid and support this process is in the spiritual life. We are blessed with countless saints who changed the course of their entire lives who though sinners like ourselves made firm resolutions to pick up the cross and follow after Christ. Also the notion of increasingly and through prayer seeing through the eyes of Christ.

  9. benedetta says:

    Supertradmum, I would like to add a Novena to the Divine Mercy to the Spiritual Bouquet for Fr. Z in the New Year. It is an excellent resolution you have made.

  10. ddoyle1220 says:

    Father started off by defended Mary’s perpetual Virginity. He then said that we all have to take Mary as our own Mother, following in the footsteps of John the Evangelist, doing what Our Lord told him on the Cross, “Son, behold your mother” and that to do this we need to take her into our homes, both physically and spiritually. He ended with mentioning a realistic resolution for all, to keep a simple phrase in mind and live it out as best of out abilities- “To Jesus through Mary.”

    All in all, I was extremely pleased, and surprised to hear this from the priest who gave it. Usually, his homilies are wishy-washy and not too full of rich substance. I could tell that most people were pleased with what he had to say.

  11. Centristian says:

    I wanted to attend midnight Mass at a nearby Carmelite monastery but a friend asked me to accompany her to her church, instead, which I did…to my regret.

    The Church was lovely (it is a handsome building); the Mass was a candlelight Mass. The music, however, was by a guitar-strumming soloist. It wasn’t of the “folk” variety. Worse. It was “praise” music.

    The sermon given by the priest (who abandoned the pulpit to walk about in the area of the front pews) dripped with gooey sentimentality as he made his way to the manger scene to scoop up the infant from the crib. He explained that the Jews looked upon God as resembling the Sun and imagined sunrays falling down upon them when they wanted to feel close to Him. Holding the figure of the infant aloft, he invited us all to experience Jesus’ “Sonrays”.

    For heaven’s sake. It was so JP2-era retro, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and actually say, “oh, for heaven’s sake” which I hope nobody heard (apart from my friend, who I’m sure was not best pleased). For the 25-30 people that were there, a full team of extraordinary ministers was necessary, of course.

    Honestly, I wished I had just gone to a bar or a house party like everyone else and toasted the new year with champagne. Should this hopeless liturgy be forgot and never called to mind…

  12. Margaret says:

    May I humbly request the prayers of your good readers, Fr. Z?

    My eldest, recently turned 18, is “on the spectrum,” as they say. He lacks the capacity to function as an independent adult. We really need him to be accepted as a client at our local state-funded agency that serves this population. It’s not a slam-dunk, however, because he presents with such a range of abilities and deficits. He is bright enough to attend our local college, for instance, yet still isn’t toileting himself properly and consistently. He can navigate local public transit (obsessed with it, in fact) yet is completely oblivious to the need for basic hygiene pertaining to laundered clothing and showering. And on and on…

    I’m trying my best to abandon this all to Our Lord’s good providence– I’ve done my bit with the agency’s investigation and process, and it really is out of my hands now. But it’s weighing heavily on my mind, quite literally driving me to distraction. I’ve misplaced my keys and handbag more times than I can count this past week… Any and all prayers would be most appreciated.

  13. wmeyer says:

    Supertradmum, I will offer my rosaries for the next week as a part of the bouquet.

  14. inara says:

    Supertradmum ~ grand idea! I’m in!! (I love 7’s…and Fr.Z)

  15. Charivari Rob says:

    Homily on the power of saying “Yes, Lord!”

    Good news – one of our priests recovering nicely after heart surgery.

  16. Our permanent deacon preached. He is our best homilist. He said the world needs the Blessed Mother and her Son to achieve real peace. He mentioned the wars, the deficit, heresy, Islam. It was very well structured and delivered. Praise God!

  17. NoTambourines says:

    Margaret– you’ve got my prayers. And Supertradmum, you can add tonight’s Rosary from me for Fr. Z.

    This week’s homily (I hope my summary gets it right): The excellent new, young priest at my “backup” parish (matter of scheduling/timing yesterday) talked about Mary’s example at the Annunciation being the alternative to being consumed by worldly anxieties, and that our true peace and happiness come from doing what God wills. He also talked un-apologetically about “the evil of contraception” (his exact words) noting that Jesus had a name before He was ever conceived in Mary’s womb, and comparing that to our baptismal names.

    The newly ordained priests I’ve seen around here have been very reverent, attentive to detail, and give generally beefier homilies. That’s good news, too.

  18. Curley says:

    A deacon from our parish to be ordained as a priest this May gave a sermon on developing a relationship with Mary to grow closer to Jesus. Rich with sound theology and doctrine.

  19. Denita says:

    At my EF Mass, we did the feast of the Circumcision. I wasn’t sure if that was allowed or not, but I guess it was. the sermon was about the Circumcision, too.

  20. josephx23 says:

    Resolved: 1) to practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy more often this year. 2) to apply to be a diocesan priest.

  21. Mary Jane says:

    Beautiful high EF morning Mass on New Year’s Day; homily was on the Circumcision of Christ. New Year’s resolutions…ahh…eat more chocolate? J/k. :) Resolutions: keep up the bi-weekly confession schedule I began a couple years back, get outside more, meditate better when praying. Good news: my grandmother beat her (2nd round of) cancer! Deo Gratias!!

  22. APX says:

    Good News
    I avoided a mechanical frustration and headache with my car by noticing my car’s clutch seemed a little softer than usual rather than pick up on it after my clutch and gears are being ground away and won’t shift gears. Sure as can be, the master cylinder was on the verge of completely going, which then leads to the slave cylinder going, and then the frustration of dealing with the mechanic who doesn’t properly bleed the clutch fluid line, and then on and on it goes. I was able to avoid all of that with one slight observation!

    Other good news, after a frustrating week of holidays I was able to make it to Confession on Saturday night and make it through two hours of adoration

    As for resolutions
    I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I did resolve after I handed in my last paper that I wouldn’t procrastinate this semester. We’ll see how that goes.

    Father made a point to remind us…again during his sermon that with the new year, we’re one more step closer to dying. He told us that we should use the new year to reflect back on the past year to see if we have imitated both the BVM and her virtues, as well as Jesus and his sacrificial love/charity. He also mentioned that we should be offering up all our suffering and good works during our morning offering as a virtual offering for the entire day, even if one forgets throughout the rest of the day. Furthermore, if we offer up our suffering and bear with it patiently we will know that we will be rewarded for them in eternity. The years pass away, but God and human nature remain the same. And finally, that we should look past the material things of this world and take joy in the good works that we did, and know that our reward in eternity is incorruptible.

  23. trad catholic mom says:

    Since the comments are turned off on the Z cam I’ll post it here. For some reason the cam is auto playing when the page loads, which I personally find annoying because there is no way to turn it off until it goes through it’s commercial, then I can pause it. I’ve had this happen more than once since it was posted. So I’ve had to turn my speaker volume off so I’m not blasted with commercials.

    Other than that, belch I’ve been sick for over a week.

  24. APX says:

    @trad catholic mom
    Yes! I’ve had that happen numerous times, except it happens sporadically while I’m viewing other pages. It freaks me out!

  25. Robert_H says:

    At our EF mass (Circumcision of the Lord), Father preached about the insanity of San Francisco attempting to ban infant circumcision but allowing all the perversion, filth and abortion. I’m sure he made some people squirm when he declared that birth control is a form of chemical mutilation of the body, and tattoos & contraceptive surgery are a physical mutilation. I think it’s pretty rare to hear about sin from the pulpit.

  26. Mike says:

    The Archbishop of Winnipeg said the 1962 Missal Mass in the city’s indult parish on the First.

  27. St. Epaphras says:

    I will pray for you and your son. I understand the wide range of abilities (have a family member with some very high abilities and some *extremely* low ones). Please don’t give up! It took a long time but I got him the support he needed. Someone in the “system” is out there who could go to bat for you…at least that is my earnest prayer.

    7 days of not complaining about priests – will join you (for Father Z). And a resolve for 2012: pray every day for the type priests I normally complain about and TRY to keep my big mouth shut about same.

  28. ejcmartin says:

    Unexpectedly my nine year-old son was made first acolyte at the EF Mass on Sunday for the first time. Durning the Mass I could see how proud, in a good sense, he was. One of those happy fatherhood moments.

  29. Mariana says:


    I will pray for you. I’m more or less in the same boat.

  30. Ellen says:

    I’ve resolved to pray the Rosary ever day. I’ve always had difficulty praying the rosary, but this year my mother had several strokes and those combined with her severe arthritis, made it impossible for us to care for her. She needed around the clock skilled care, so she went into a nursing home (and getting her in was a miracle in itself) and they are taking excellent care of her. She has communion several times a week.

    When all of this happened, I picked up a knotted cord rosary that was free at church, and for some inexplicable reason, the minute I touched that rosary, I had to say one. It’s as though that cord rosary was made for me and I’ve been saying it ever since.

    My next step is to learn how to make cord rosaries.

  31. JenB says:

    My son, Nathaniel, was born! Although he was premature, he is very healthy. His older brothers are ecstatic (as are his parents). Consequently, I have no idea what kind of homily there was, nor have I any resolutions other than to continue to be a better mother with Mary as my model and guide.

  32. gloriainexcelsis says:

    On the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, January 2, 2012, my twenty year old grand-daughter, visiting for the holidays from California, was baptized in the traditional rite, confirmed, and at a special Mass, received her First Holy Communion. Her mother, my daughter, with whom I live, made her first confession in 40 some years and received Holy Communion at the same Mass. (Our FSSP pastor was able to give my daughter Communion with the wine, since she is extremely gluten intolerant). This was a joyful day for me, witnessed by a good friend from our parish, another daughter with whom I live, and who has been “back” to the church for three years now, her son, who actually assisted Father, holding the salt, etc., handing towels, holding the book with the Baptism ritual. The wonderful nun attached to the parish was there and, with no altar server, handled the respnses at Mass. My grandson, next to her in the pew, rang the bells for Consecration. Thanks be to God. Now four of my nine children are “back,” another grandchild is a member of the Mystical Body of Christ, and I only have five children’s souls to go. Pope Benedict builds brick by brick. I try to build rosary by rosary. AMDG

  33. JonPatrick says:

    A wonderful continuation of the Christmas celebration this weekend as our immediate family gathered and opened our presents (we had spent Christmas Day itself at my brother’s house) followed by a dinner featuring a goose, which like the Crachits’ goose was marvelled for its tenderness, flavor, and size (although not cheapness). Our first experience in roasting a goose and well worth it. The key seems to be to cook it for a long time. Oh and we watched the Christmas Carol of course.

  34. irishgirl says:

    Two pieces of good news for me!
    First, I had to get my car inspected on Friday (the window stickers change color from year to year, so I had to get the ‘red’ one for 2012). When the repair shop called me at the library to tell me I needed some things done in order for it to pass, I got panicky and started to cry (still not working). But one of the librarians heard me, and she said softly, ‘I’ll pay for it’. And she did!
    Secondly, I went on Saturday to the traditional seminary which trains the priests who say Mass at the TLM chapel I go to. One of the seminarians was receiving the order of subdeacon. Never saw a ceremony for that Major Order-it was wonderful! The vestments worn by him and the younger of the two Bishops from the seminary were gorgeous (the Bishop’s had a Discalced Carmelite coat-of-arms), and the Sisters who are affiliated with the priests sang beautifully at the Mass. I stayed for the lunch in the basement classroom below the chapel, and spent the afternoon showing people some pictures from my St. Joan of Arc collection (her 600th birthday BTW is Friday, the Epiphany-both the seminary and the convent have a great devotion to her). I think I made a pest of myself doing that! Before going home I dropped by the Sisters’ convent and peeked inside their chapel, which was wonderfully decorated for Christmas (the seminary chapel was lovely, too). The weather was perfect down where the seminary and convent were–I got rain closer to home, both coming and going.
    I can’t recall much about the sermon for Sunday, except that the young priest mentioned that when Our Lord was circumcised, it was the first time He shed His Blood for us. Our ‘tiny choir’ sang, though….last time probably until Palm Sunday / Easter.
    I don’t ‘do’ resolutions–nine times out of ten, I don’t keep them. Period. Full stop. That’s all.

  35. pm125 says:

    Holy Hour (2011 into 2012): a meditation on the Ecclesiastes times, just hearing it read was good for framing memories of the past year(s).
    Sunday sermon: interesting and subtle suggestion to grow closer to God as a resolution, even by using calendar notations for confession as well as dr. appts. etc.; resolutions vs wishes.
    Good news: waiting for first delivery of MM coffee (splurge) order. the 2 lbs. @ $7. variety is killing me. Found a place for a cast off kneeler in yard shed where there is a sunrise view at the back door.
    Resolution: Have hope of praying the Rosary there mindful of intentions, not house distractions. So many of both …

  36. cl00bie says:

    11:30 pm Mass on New Year’s Eve. Instead of watching that ostentatious ball with the silly celebrities, I got to be treated to a celebration of the Ordinary Form like John XXIII meant it to be. The black was spoken, the red was done and I saw something that I hadn’t seen in at least 40 years. In the course of purifying the one chalice (no two species, nor EMEs) the priest gripped the chalice by the last three fingers of each hand and had the altar boy (he has instituted a moratorium on new girls being trained to altar serve) pour water over both thumbs and forefingers.

    His homily was replete with our roles as men and women and how women have special dignity not only because God chose to incarnate as a man, but he chose to be born of a woman. He touched on immodest dress, the impossibility of female priests, etc.

    After Mass, breakfast was served in the church hall, and father joined us dressed in a freshly pressed cassock.

    Needless to say, this new young pastor (about 6 months) has made quite a splash in his new parishes and has quite upset the status quo. Deo gratias! I would probably attend his parish if I didn’t believe I was more useful as orthodox “seasoning” for my current parish. It doesn’t help if we all move to an extraordinary form ghetto. What about all the poor Catholics who are being fed spiritual junk food every week!

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