STOLEN by a parcel of …

From a reader:

I don’t believe it, while doing errands today our proudly displayed “Lex Credendi Lex Orandi” car magnet was stolen from our van. If I did not have the expenses of graduation for my MA in Theology I would order another straight away. As it is, I will be swagless for a month or so. Pity, as it has stirred many great parking lot conversations.

Grrrr. Black-souled thieves.

I am reminded of the reaction of Dr. Maturin in Treason’s Harbour when his diving bell and dunnage was stolen.

A parcel of black thieves on horseback took away my bell – may they rot for ever in the deep cinders of Hell – and my collections and all my clothes was the way of it.

Poor fellow.

Poor fellow.

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  1. HyacinthClare says:

    I’ll mail him a bumper sticker that won’t come off so easily if he wants to give me an address.
    It’s high time I replaced my Rick Santorum for President bumper stickers. It’s just so hard to decide among all your swag…

  2. haribo says:

    Really shocking. Then again, Prosper of Aquintaine does have some devoted fans.

  3. BaedaBenedictus says:

    A humble suggestion. Remember this?

    ESASPERATI dalla recente raffica di furti culminata con la sparizione di una Bibbia dal leggio, i frati minori hanno così deciso momentaneamente di dirigere le loro preghiere verso la redenzione del ‘fratello’ mariuolo chiedendo al Signore «che a questo ladro faccia venire una forte cacarella e che questa sia di stimolo per aiutarlo a non compiere nuocvi furti nella sua vita».

    Tuscan friars ask God to deliver diarrhoea for basilica bible thief
    Franciscans of San Salvatore al Monte pin up prayer hoping unknown villain succumbs to ‘a bout of the sh*ts’

    Ha, a Sicilian friend of mine responded, “The thieves are lucky they stole from Tuscan friars. If they stole from Sicilian friars, they’ve be getting more than the sh*ts!”

  4. This is a compliment– worthless things are rarely stolen, so this item must have some value, even if it is emotional or spiritual value in a serious spiritual war.

  5. wanda says:

    That stinks. I’ll donate if you have a way to send him another one, Fr. Z.

  6. wanda: That’s nice of you to offer. I dropped a line and will wait for a response.

  7. UncleBlobb says:

    It’s too bad our victim can’t play the thief at Piquet, and mercilessly win a huge amount of the thief’s money that the thief shamefacedly can’t pay, and then use this as a wedge to advance the careers of his own dear friends and still get all the money paid to him later.

  8. Clinton R. says:

    If that image of hell that accompanies this post doesn’t make one want to live a holy life, nothing will.

  9. Pax--tecum says:

    I just said three Hail Mary’s for the conversion of the thief, that he may one day, just as the good thief who was crucified with our Lord, repent and go to confession, so that the good and mercifull Lord may say to him: “Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise.”(Luke 23:43)

    Kyrie eleison! Christe eleison! Kyrie eleison!
    Saint Dismas, pray for him/her.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    How weird to steal such a thing. I have had many things stolen, books, clothes (an entire suitcase from the back of my car), more books, more clothes, but never a bumper sticker. Someone tried to score my pro-life one off my car once, but it was the sticky kind and very strong glue. Well, maybe the thief agrees with you and wanted to put it on his own car! There isn’t an arcane computer game now with the same name, by any chance?

    I looked up a common Latin liturgica phrase the other day and found out it had been co-opted by some horrible movie and game follow ups.

  11. RuralVirologist says:

    The SSPX chapel next door to me had their water pipes (brass?) on the outside of the building and under the ground ripped off / dug up last week – some thief wants to make some money. Given the poverty in our country, it’s understandable. Deo gratias they didn’t break into the chapel or house.

  12. Mariana says:

    Maybe just someone thought Lex Credendi and Lex Orandi were great show-offs for having their names on their car : ) ?

  13. Kypapist says:

    Maybe someone thought it had something to do with Lex Luther.

  14. Uncle: It’s too bad our victim can’t play the thief at Piquet…

    And then later dissect him in Pulo Prabang!

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