A new website to defend the nuns against the meanies of the male heirarchy

When covering anything having to do with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s reform of the leadership of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR – a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns) the liberal press claims that the male hierarchy is unjustly attacking all the nuns (or sisters … whatever).  The poor sisters only want to help the poor and teach your children their ABC’s (as if the liberated LCWR types  have done a lot of that in the last few decades), but the meanies won’t leave them alone.

A reader sent me a link to a new support group for the poor, oppressed sisters.  Remember: ALL the sisters are under attack, right?  It isn’t that the leadership of the LCWR is being called to change.  No.  ALL sisters are under attack.

That’s why we need the new website: Nun Justice Project!

Yes, dear reader, you can now ally yourself with the following groups in backing this great cause in defense of all the nuns against the mean meanies:

Who is Nun Justice?

The Nun Justice Project is a grassroots movement supported by the following organizations:

American Catholic Council
Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church 
Call To Action
Catholics for Choice
New Ways Ministry
Quixote Center
Voice of the Faithful
WATER: Women’s Alliance for Theology Ethics and Ritual
Women’s Ordination Conference

With friends like these, why again would the Holy See be looking closely at the LCWR?

I see groups of ex-priests and lesbians and women’s ordination advocates listed.

Oddly I didn’t see SNAP.

Perhaps that is because SNAP has picketted LCWR meetings because they won’t come clean about instances of sexual abuse of children by women religious… which for some reason the liberal press won’t cover.


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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    With liberty and justice for nun.

  2. poohbear says:

    Too bad they don’t have a comments section.

    It is sad. They are so far removed from anything even slightly resembling Catholicism they don’t even know it. They need to be disbanded (or whatever the correct term would be) and all sent off to live in the world. I resent the fact that the Church is supporting these women whose only agenda is to destroy Her.

  3. Dr. K says:

    Of course they have a petition on their website, as if these ever accomplish anything other than expose the dissidents in our midst.

  4. SimonDodd says:

    No shock in who’s behind this. From the publicly-available whois data:
    Domain ID:D165483413-LROR
    Domain Name:NUNJUSTICE.ORG
    Created On:06-May-2012 18:55:33 UTC
    Expiration Date:06-May-2013 18:55:33 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
    Registrant ID:tuiqdqVDoGVtKJBs
    Registrant Name:Nicole Sotelo
    Registrant Organization:Call to Action
    Registrant Street1:2135 West Roscoe 1 N
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Chicago
    Registrant State/Province:IL
    Registrant Postal Code:60618
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.7734040004
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:nicole@cta-usa.org

  5. nykash says:

    Perhaps someone should create a mirror site to spotlight those good sisters that are true to the Church. I’d volunteer my time.

  6. AvantiBev says:

    Not really shocked that when I followed your link to the NUN JUSTICE site, I found a picture of my cousin, a Holy Cross Sister (not cloistered nun). I remember visiting her in the novitiate back in the early 60’s when we kids called them the “nuns with the paper plates” because of the then distinctive Holy Cross veil. I love her but I know for a fact that the Order has shrunk – at least in the USA so that the average age is 65. I do not blame young women in the 1970’s through 1990’s who chose not to seek a vocation to the Sisterhood though. There is really no point taking vows of celibacy, obedience and poverty in order to do social work and lobbying for leftwing political action.

  7. That list of organizations is some rogue’s gallery, for sure. It reads like a “Who’s Who” of organizations which I wish would disintegrate and disband. We can only pray that their members become remorseful and reconcile themselves to the Church. I have such a hard time understanding how they can reconcile their opinions with the teachings of Jesus.

  8. AnnAsher says:

    Democracy is not the way of the Church. It amazes me when Catholics try to act as if it is. Get over it or get out.

  9. AnnAsher says:

    For fun go here
    Read to the end for Frosted Flakes of Scorn

  10. ContraMundum says:

    True, but even if the Church were democratic, these people have been elected by nobody.

  11. JohnnyZoom says:

    The name in Simon’s whois, Nicole Sotelo, looked vaguely familiar.

    Sure enough

  12. Angie Mcs says:

    One cannot “contact”them or leave a comment without signing their petition, which I would never do. They certainly don’t want to hear from anyone unless they agree with them. And since the news media has been bought into this, people believe it because they dont know any better. It is an insult to all the good nuns and sisters who are too devoted to their own good work and the church to bother calling newspapers to whine.

    It has become standard for these “nuns” to claim that THEY are the ones following Christ’s ideas, yet Jesus can certainly see inside their hearts. Using his name to elevate themselves and to
    exploit people for their own agendas, contrary to the Church, cant be doing them any good in the long run.

    Time to buy some soap.

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