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QUAERITUR: How to dispose of an old sacrarium?

When there has been some mishap with the Blessed Sacrament, when perhaps liquid that was dissolved Hosts must be disposed of, when linens must be cleaned, when holy water or water blessed for Mass must be disposed of, it should … Read More

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List of Catholic entities which filed against the Obama Administration

Our objections to Pres. Obama’s attacks… are not about politics or political parties are not about being Catholic are not about contraception. No, on the contrary, they … are about conscience are about religious liberty are about our rights from … Read More

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Some Swag

I have an ongoing project which plagues me (see my wishlist) and, in the midst of my travails, a box I had saved from Cafepress which I thought was empty turned up. When I made the new version of the … Read More

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Catholic organizations file religious liberty lawsuits against the federal government in a dozen jurisdictions

For a full list you can go here. ____ As you know, The First Gay President, Pres. Obama, has been undermining our 1st Amendment rights.  He has been attacking the Catholic Church, directly and through his minions such as the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can I fulfill my Sunday Mass obligation by going to Mass on Monday evening?

From a reader: Does attending mass on a Monday evening fulfill my Sunday mass obligation? I was out of town and not able to attend mass on Sunday. I have a friend who regularly attend this mass when she does … Read More

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Catholic Herald: A priest on the loss of the sense of sacred time.

I offered you a rant about the transfer of Ascension Thursday to Sunday.  I think it is a mistake because, a) it is contrary to a liturgical tradition since the 4th century, b) it is contrary to Scripture, c) it … Read More

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A while back I posted about a book by Michael Coren called Why Catholics Are Right, [Kindle HERE] an apologetics tool that provide readers with answers and responses to some questions and controversies which we hear in the news and conversations (e.g., anti-Catholic … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Social anxiety from Asperger’s and Sunday Mass obligation

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! From a reader: A friend has Aspergers which is on the autism spectrum but they usually pass for relatively normal if slightly batty (she OK’s this description!) but she has the typical extreme social anxieties and other … Read More

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