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VIDEO: Georgetown and Kathleen Sebelius

The Cardinal Newman Society has this about Georgetown University’s invitation of HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius, supporter of Tiller the late-term abortionist, the President’s pointman in the attack on the Church’s and on freedom of religion, the architect of forcing Catholic … Read More

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ABNORMAL: the new “normal”

From the Catholic League: THE NEW ABNORMAL May 10, 2012 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: The new normal is yesterday’s abnormal: what was seen as bizarre, if not literally crazy, is now seen as normal. The converse … Read More

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Nancy Pelosi, Doctrix of the Church, cites Theologian Obama and calls evil “good”

From CNS: Pelosi: Her Catholic Faith ‘Compels’ Her to Support Same-Sex Marriage [wp_youtube]xjo03WLTl3Y[/wp_youtube] By Christopher Goins May 10, 2012 Subscribe to Christopher Goins’s posts (CNSNews.com) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that her Catholic faith “compels” her … Read More

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During their convention Dems will call for same-sex “marriage”

On the site of The Hill we read that during the upcoming Democrat convention, in which they will re-nominate the Evolver-in-Chief, the dems will try to insert a plank in the platform, probably the lower part of the platform, calling for … Read More

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One of these days… QUAERITUR…

The 11 year cycle of magnetic forces within the Sun is producing more and larger conditions for solar flares and coronal mass ejections, blasts of charged particles that rocket away from the Sun at millions of miles per hour. From … Read More

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Card. Napier on Twitter about Pres. Obama’s unnatural sex evolutionary moment

Yesterday in my post asking you to “follow” Cardinal Dolan on Twitter (@CardinalDolan) another Cardinal’s Twitter account was mentioned: @CardinalNapier. On Twitter Card. Napier reacted to Pres. Obama’s unnatural sex evolution: Cardinal Napier (@CardinalNapier) 5/9/12 11:42 PM Obama on same … Read More

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Benedict XVI: A Decree about Heroic Virtues and the extension of a Saint’s cult to the universal Church

The cause for beatification of a Servant of God important for the north-central United States had a big step forward today. I read in the Bolletino today that His Holiness of our Lord promulgated a decree from the Congregation for … Read More

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