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NEW “Pray For More Priests” SWAG added to Swag Store

I added another option to the “We Love Our Priests” (etc.) swag store. There are bumperstickers and car magnets.  You can buy one at a time or in packs for distribution.  

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Here are links to recent posts which have scrolled along off the front page. First… Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Also, please continue to use the “sharing” buttons at the top of posts.  I know some of you don’t do this … Read More

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St. Monica, recovering alcoholic

From Serge Lancel’s Augustine, the best biography I know of the great Bishop of Hippo (p. 8 ff – emphases mine): Before devoting himself entirely to Mother Church, as he approached the age of forty, Augustine had had a concubine … Read More

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Star Wars Day

I understand that today is Star Wars Day. Honestly, I prefer Talk Like Shakespeare Day or even Talk Like a Pirate Day. In my opinion the best part of Star Wars is that great and ominous march which, I have … Read More

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Where are the Catholics? What are you going to do about them?

I am sure you have heard that on Sundays the largest Catholic congregations are actually at fundamentalist mega-churches. I saw this on Catholic Culture: Roughly one-fifth of the Catholics in the US are not associated with a parish, a new … Read More

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1st Friday of May

Don’t forget that today is a First Friday. You might do a very careful examination of conscience today in preparation for going to confession tomorrow.

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