ITALY: Earthquake in N. Central Italy and Bomb Attack on a school in S. Italy


Pope’s prayers as Italy reels from bomb attack and deadly quake

Pope Benedict prayed for Italy and the victims of two catastrophes that have struck the nation this weekend, one man made and one a natural calamity.
The first was a Saturday morning bomb attack on a Brindisi high school, which the Pope described as a “cowardly” act of “brutal violence”. Investigators say that the attack which killed a teenaged girl and wounded 10 others – prompting spontaneous demonstrations throughout Italy – was probably carried out by an individual with no links to the mafia, as had been feared at first.
The second catastrophe was a deadly earthquake early Sunday morning in the Emilia region. Registering magnitude 6 on the Richter scale, it was felt across northern Italy and as far away as Milan and Venice, forcing terrified residents into the streets.
Authorities report severe damage, with many collapsed buildings in ancient hill top towns and rescuers are still searching for survivors beneath rubble.
As he ended his midday appointment in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict’s last thoughts went to them: “We implore God’s mercy for those who have died”, he said “and relief from suffering for the injured”.

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  1. cathdeac says:

    Grazie per le vostre preghiere.

  2. Angie Mcs says:

    Another horrible earthquake and a senseless act of violence. To all of you in Italy and your loved ones around the world, we join His Holiness in his thoughts and prayers for your healing.
    May the Lord keep you all in His loving hands.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    the Mafia? Are they still around?? I thought they were all in Chicago.
    They aren’t the group I first thought of, that’s for sure.

    Viva Italia! Forgive my lousy Italian, but may God protect Italy.

  4. cathdeac says:

    Unfortunately the Mafia is alive and kicking here in Italy. Nevertheless, non praevalebunt.

  5. pelerin says:

    The photograph Fr Z has put up shows what was left of a 700 year old tower following the earthquake. After the next aftershock even that collapsed and is now a pile of rubble. Centuries old churches have been destroyed. The British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ has shown dramatic photographs of the destruction on its website.

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