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  1. Bea says:

    5 young men ordained in Denton, Nebraska for the FSSP yesterday, Saturday, May 19th.
    3 of our family were able to attend.

    I was able to witness the eclipse today at 6PM. It was weird. It was like the sun was setting but it wasn’t time yet or as if it had gone behind a cloud yet there were no clouds in the sky,and then the evening came back to normal.
    My husband kept humming spooky music at me.

  2. Jael says:

    My “Miss Kim” lilac is absolutely gorgeous this year! So covered with flowers I can hardly detect any leaves. On Mother’s Day it perfumed the whole yard.

  3. Jack Hughes says:

    My copy of the Roman Breviery from Baronius Press should arrive either today or tommorow!!! Was able to get a copy after other people decided not to go through with thier orders.

  4. Jason Keener says:

    I finally have my art website up and running: http://www.jasonkeener.com

    Also, six men from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee were ordained on Saturday. The seventh will be ordained later this summer.

  5. kab63 says:

    The Lord is upending our life, which is all for the good. Instead of my elderly parents buying a house in town, as I reported a month ago, we appear to be moving completely out of state. This move wasn’t even on the radar a month ago. I was especially struck at Mass yesterday when the priest announced he is to be reassigned across the state. The diocese shakes up her priests and the Lord has shaken up us. As an added bonus, we would move from a non-EF diocese to one that offers the EF. All so astonishing.

  6. kallman says:

    We had the most sublime Ascension Thursday solemn Mass (usus antiquior) and two of our congregation are going overseas for formation as nuns.

  7. Blaise says:

    Two godsons, one a nephew, and a second nephew all made their first Holy Communion this weekend (at different masses). At the mass (OF) my godson and nephew made is first Holy Communion at the music was all sung in Latin, a mix of chant and polyphony, by the choir.

    Incidentally one nephew made his first holy communion at a mass (OF) held at 12.30 on Saturday . Would this have met the Sunday obligation? (It was not a vigil mass of the Ascension although as this is in England we are currently suffering under Ascension Thursday Sunday). He attended his cousin’s FHC mass the next day two make his second holy communion.

  8. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I’ve been sick a lot and feeling very lonely and have people just flying out of purgatory. “Hey, everybody, she’s sick, hooray!”

    I made it to Mass. I smiled at people and they smiled back.

  9. Kypapist says:

    I was blessed to attend the First Mass of Fr. Jon-Paul Bevak, a member of the Community-in-Formation of the Ordinary of St. Philip Neri at Old St. Mary’s in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. It was a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form and the readings were done in Latin, English and German, and the homily was done by a holy Jesuit!

  10. Volanges says:

    A Pastor has been found to replace the one who was transferred 9 months ago. While we haven’t been told who he is, we know he’ll be a diocesan priest since the OMI, who have served our area of the diocese since 1946 and our parish since its establishment in 1958, have opted not to renew their contract. We should find out who he is in mid-July when the diocesan assignments are announced and we were told he’d be arriving in early August.

  11. Jbuntin says:

    My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer the week before Thanksgiving 2011. He has completed all his treatments, and the latest PET scan shows not tumor! The docotor said all the side effects from the radiation are gone. He is back to work as of Monday of last week. Thanks to all the prayer that was sent to God for both of us through our friends and family. ( Fr. Z .. now I can get back to making a donation or two :)

  12. Benedict says:

    On May 25, 2012 at 9:30am, five friars of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph will be ordained to the holy priesthood of Jesus Christ in Washington DC. Click here for their photos & bios.

    The Dominican parish of St. Patrick’s in Columbus, Ohio will celebrate a Dominican Rite Missa Cantata for the Solemnity of our Holy Father, St. Dominic on August 4 (probably mid-morning). Details will be forthcoming.

  13. momoften says:

    2 homeschool graduates leave late this summer and fall. One to a beautiful order of nuns (fully
    habited.)..they other to college seminary. Our pastor has been there just 4 years, and I suspect
    this is only the beginning as his young students have been inspired by his holiness. As he grows
    in holiness-so they do too.

  14. Kerry says:

    The second potato beds are planted, and this year we will have 36 plants, up from last years 18. Twelve dill plant were put into the ground yesterday, and will make a fall appearance in dilled green beans, which were also planted yesterday. Garlic is knee high, and the slow to sprout beets are emerging. We may get chickens. Still thinking about bees.

  15. FrCharles says:

    I move to Rome a week from today!

  16. Frank H says:

    Many blessings this month of May…last week our third grandchild was born, and we helped out with babysitting chores for his two older brothers (4 and 1). Our daughter ran, and completed, her first marathon yesterday and we were there to cheer her on. Another son finished his third year at seminary…three down, three to go! And we are looking forward to the ordination to the priesthood, and first Masses, this coming weekend, of a fine young man who will be able – and eager! – to offer both forms of Holy Mass.

  17. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I have a new job, finally! Not full time, but at least I’ll stop getting squirrelly.

    I have a new “cruiser” bike, and it is fun.

  18. AnnAsher says:

    It’s wonderful to read all the good news the Lord is giving to everyones lives.
    Shout out to Banjopickin girl : Amen! And Kerry: I’ve planted my first container gardens, vegetables and herbs; I tip toe up to the possibility of chickens (sometimes I skip).
    My good news is simple: we are healthy, our basic needs are met, the weather is perfect for playtime in the water and the sun.

  19. AnnAsher says:

    Ps: a little jealous of Fr Charles though ;)

  20. GirlCanChant says:

    We had 6 ordained to the priesthood here in Philly on Saturday. I sang in the choir for the ordination itself (first time going to priesthood ordination) and got to sing in the choir for the Mass of Thanksgiving of a (6’5″) “baby priest”. Two of the other fellows ordained where from my high school, and I found out from one of our teachers that another is going into the sem this fall. God is good! :)

  21. thicke says:

    This Wednesday, Terry McGowan will be ordained a Transitional Deacon for the Diocese of Nashville.

  22. wmeyer says:

    Last Monday, I arrived in New London, CT, with my wife, and my aunt and uncle, for my step-daughter Anqi’s graduation from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. That day, the chaplain, Fr. Mode, celebrated a Mass for the five of us in a small chapel at the Academy, and his homily was directed to Anqi’s selection for her new role, similar to the selection of St. Matthias. On Tuesday, we attended a review of graduates on the parade field. Wednesday was the actual commencement ceremony; we arrived very early as the parking is extremely limited. The start was delayed by the late arrival of Secretary Napolitano, who was the keynote speaker. As the cadets were seated alphabetically, and rain had driven the ceremony indoors, Anqi secured seats for us right next to her, so we were the only family seated next to our graduate. It was all quite wonderful.

    On the trip home, we had tire trouble. A good samaritan noticed extreme wear on our front tires, and pointed it out to us. We were 150 miles from my aunt and uncle’s home, and proceeded at reduced speed. We arrived safely, and then went to get tires replaced. When we pulled in at the service center, the left front tire had worn so badly that fabric was showing. We were certainly blessed on our journey, that we arrived safely.

  23. iPadre says:

    I’m headed to the city of seven hills today. Will be in St. Peters for Pentecost Sunday Mass.

  24. Mary Jane says:

    Am feeling much better after some fever/stomach bug I caught over the weekend.

    Beautiful day outside…although I can’t help but hope for an afternoon thunderstorm!

  25. pookiesmom says:

    Wonderful Sunday for Tacoma, WA as the first regularly scheduled TLM was celebrated by Fr.Kenneth Baker SJ at SS.Peter and Paul Catholic Church(through the generosity of pastor Fr.Bolda). The church was crowded and joyous. We are now North American Martyrs Parish South Sound, pastor Fr.Gerard Saguto FSSP and associate pastor Fr. Simon Harkins FSSP. Praise be to God and our wonderful Archbishop J.Peter Sartain. And thanks be to God for Fr. Baker retiring here to Tacoma!!

  26. Jay E says:

    Abortion clinics in WI are temporarily suspending chemical abortion services due to awesome legislation from Gov Walker.

  27. templariidvm says:

    My two eldest children were confirmed 10 days ago!

    The vocation director of our Archdiocese had all of the masses at our parish on Sunday. What a vivacious, energetic and inspirational man of god! After the homily, I turned to my friend and had to whisper “can we keep him??” Priests like this are truly an inspiration! By the way, our parish has three young men studying in the seminary.

  28. JKnott says:

    Jason Keener “I finally have my art website up and running: http://www.jasonkeener.com
    Jason, congratulations and thank you for the link to your new art website. What truly beautiful work of classical portraiture and figurative drawings. I look forward to seeing more in your gallery and learning more about you as an artist.

  29. Simon_GNR says:

    1. Our diocese (Hallam, England) gets two new transitional deacons this month, so, God willing, we’ll have two new priests about this time next year – the first new priests we will have had for (by then) over four years. I notice that templariidvm’s parish has three students for the priesthood – I think these two men are the only seminarians from our entire *diocese* at present!

    2. I’ve found that by going into the front row of the pews at Saturday evening mass (first mass of Sunday),

    (1) it’s a much more comfortable place to kneel, with the front of the pews being at a better angle for kneeling than the back of the pew in front that one uses on all rows but the first and

    (2) there’s usually no-one else within handshaking range come the Peace (hurrah!), the congregation at our parish tending to congregate near the back of the church and

    (3) with the Ordinary Form mass and the ad populum position of the priest behind the altar, one gets a very good view of what’s happening on the altar.

  30. NickD says:

    3 new priests ordained in our archdiocese!

  31. Marine Mom says:

    My husband and I just returned from a holiday in London.
    Weather cooperated, got to the London Oratory for the noon Mass, which was cancelled due to a concert that was scheduled for that evening. Got to attend Mass in the “Little Oratory” instead.
    Thank you Father for your previous posts about the London Oratory.

  32. On Saturday night, my son was baptized, confirmed and made his first Holy Communion along with 11 other beautiful children at the Cathedral of the Nativity, Juneau, Alaska. Next Saturday night I will do the same. The following Monday, my wife and I will have our marriage convalidated. I will finally be able to call myself a real 100% Roman Catholic and be technically accurate, though I have been one in my heart for the last year.

    Howabout that, sports fans? :)

  33. inIpso says:

    Today, the nuns gave me the application to join! Pray for me!!!!

  34. RichardC says:

    I give Robert Pearson prize for best good news. Prayers out to inIpso.
    On newadvent.org , I recently read an article about the question of why is there something rather than nothing. Atheists find this question irksome and occasionally publish bogus books wherein they claim by means of string theory/quantum mechanics/smoke and mirrors that they have answered the question.

    Anyway, I was doing my laundry today and I thought of a corollary to the why is there something rather than nothing question. Here is the corollary: Why is there something rather than everything? The idea is that what can possibly exist for outnumbers what actually exists and wonders why isn’t all that is possible actual? I am sure the question has been asked before, but when I thought of it, I found it highly amusing.

  35. cl00bie says:

    I was commissioned by my bishop for three years as a Lay Ecclesial Minister with focus on RCIA. I can now apply to the Permanent Diaconate program in my Diocese.

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