On a lighter note… ‘Doctor Who’ fans hack a road sign

If I were to shout “EX-TER-MI-NATE!”, what connection would you make?

From the Denver Post:

Hackers have tweaked an electronic construction sign along Arapahoe Road in Boulder to read “WARNING DALEKS AHEAD,” referencing a villainous race of extraterrestrial mutants from the long-running British sci-fi TV series “Doctor Who.”

The sign, on eastbound Arapahoe before 48th Street, has displayed its “Doctor Who”-themed warning since at least Tuesday night, and, as of 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, the message had not been removed.

Pranksters also struck road signs in Boulder last spring to warn motorists on Foothills Parkway that there were “ZOMBIES AHEAD.”


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  1. Choirmaster says:

    Yikes! Don’t try this in Singapore.

  2. disco says:

    In the town where I live someone spray painted ‘don’t’ and ‘believing’ on either edge of a stop sign. People do love Journey in Boston.

  3. unsilenced says:

    I liked your blog before… now I LOVE IT!!! all because you posted a Doctor Who related article! haha. Please pray for me, please. I am in much need of prayer. thanks

  4. Lurker 59 says:


    This clip shows part of the complex relationship between the Doctor and the Daleks.

  5. APX says:

    Been there. Done that. Disclosed it on my RCMP pre-employment polygraph interview. Police officer laughed and commented that there mustn’t be much to do in my city.

  6. Makemeaspark says:

    Thanks Lurker 59, great link! My son and i are currently watching all the newer Dr. Who episodes from our local library.

    I think that Dalek is a synonym for Liberation Theologian……….LOL.

    So Glad to see that you too, Fr. Z are a fan!

  7. ContraMundum says:

    To me, a “newer” Dr. Who is one of the regenerations after Tom Baker. I consider those dubious.

    What they’re doing *now*, reviving the series after more than a decade of cancellation, I refuse to acknowledge at all, much like I refuse to acknowledge the newer comic books, and for much the same reason.

  8. Luvadoxi says:

    I was such a major Doctor Who fan in the 90s, and mourned when the series was cancelled–and I found out about it when I had the flu–that was a Very Bad Day!

    I haven’t watched the new series at all…..does it measure up.

    And I wrote a fan letter to Tom Baker and received a wonderful, gracious hand-written reply!

  9. Luvadoxi says:

    Meant to put a question mark after the “measure up.” Yeah, I know. Question mark. Unintended Whovian reflex!

  10. Random Friar says:

    Never underestimate the power of Geekdom.

  11. I think that if one is approaching a church run by aging hippies, a sign like that should be outside reading, “WARNING GUITARS AHEAD.” This would save itinerant worshippers the trouble of going inside to discover for themselves.

  12. frjim4321 says:


    Reminds me of hijacking the P.A. system in the seminary about a million years ago.

    [Sort of like the Shawshank Redemption.]

  13. pelerin says:

    Some years ago there was a great cartoon in the paper and I still have it pinned up at home, making me smile. It shows three daleks at the foot of a flight of stairs. One says to the other two ‘Well this certainly puts a stop to our plan to conquer the universe!’

  14. Ed the Roman says:

    When I applied for my CCW permit, a clerk’s mobile rang.

    The ringtone was the Tardis sound.

  15. Melody says:

    Dear Lord I love this blog. Also, Father, if you like Doctor Who go to the Gallifrey One convention in February in LA. (Admittedly I’m saying this because I’d jump at the chance to be able to go to a TLM during that con.)

    Also, praise the Lord for the fact that there is a TLM in San Diego near Comic Con. Isn’t that wonderful? Tell your friends if they are going.

    [I am trying to imagine a greater contrast: TLM at a Dr. Who jamboree. I’ll bet there are some pretty interesting people at that gathering.]

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