The 2020 annual LCWR Assembly

I picked this up from a future edition of the National catholic Reporter.

Breaking down barriers, affirming freedom

Jamie O’Brien

12 August 2020

HONOLULU (NcR) The 2020 annual national assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is underway in Honolulu, under the swaying palms and by the sparkling sandy beaches. Once again the gathered sisters have met to affirm each other in their respective callings.

Beth Mackee, LCWR co-mentor, introduced this year’s national assembly speaker Dyna Moore. Moore, the latest in a series of transgendered Daughters of Charity to profess vows, told the assembly in her keynote speech how liberating it was for her now to be a woman.

However, Moore directed the majority of her remarks to the Assembly’s theme, “Age: The Final Frontier“.

Picking up on the assembly’s strong anticipation of President Obama’s fourth term, Moore reminded the group that “much still needs to be done to carry forward the liberation of women from all forms of oppression, especially sexual oppression”.

Congratulating the LCWR for its defeat a decade earlier of the CDF’s attempted 5-year takeover, Moore recalled the women religious who in the meantime “heroically fought the male hierarchy’s strong support of legislation banning polygamous lesbian marriages”.

Yet Moore challenged the assembled sisters to intensify their efforts in support of a national law aimed at lowering the age of sexual consent to 11.

In her talk, Moore, a professor of linguistics at Notre Dame, surveyed the negative history surrounding language concerning women’s rights.

Moore claimed that “terms such as abortion and prostitution and polygamy, and now pedophilia, have been used by men to stigmatize women in their search for sexual liberty”.

After fighting for the right of women of all ages to have abortions without parental knowledge or consent, Moore suggested that women religious should “lead the battle for the relational freedom of females of every age”.

The assembly rose in a standing ovation when Moore declared that “the human right of girls to choose sexual partners regardless of age represents the final frontier of women’s sexual and reproductive freedom”.

While Moore was speaking, members of the Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Nuns, SNAN (formerly known as SNAP) protested outside Honolulu’s most expensive hotel, where the Assembly was held.

“They are compromising the future repressed memories of countless children,” said a SNAN spokesperson.


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  1. Luvadoxi says:

    Whew! When I first read this I didn’t notice it was a spoof!

  2. iPadre says:

    You had me on that one!

  3. wanda says:

    Oh, man. Me, being slow on the up-take, was just about to lose my lunch.

  4. Carol H. says:

    If the Barque of Peter doesn’t make some more course corrections to starboard, this is exactly where we are headed.

  5. pm125 says:

    Age: The Final Frontier

    LCWR Workshops:

    Dropping the R?
    Looking ahead: What about the W?
    Education: Reaching the young remaining in innocence.
    Recognizing the hormonal effects of contraception begun at 12 in public schools by sight.
    Cloning: Extending the frontier.
    Homogenizing gender: makeovers, fashion sense, and hair styling.
    Retreat planning.
    Retreats for kids .
    Latest developments in motorized rollaters, wheelchairs, and vans.
    Maintaining community life in condocare villages.
    Music: make your own.
    Water ballet and hula dancing.
    Planning and ordering buffets: Baking and storing sweets.
    Campaigning and coffee hours.
    Social networking and liberation. b-y-o-tech.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  6. Michelle F says:

    Wow. That story is so believable. Ugh.

  7. tioedong says:

    you don’t need to write a satire: The real dangerous speaker is Barbara Marx Hubbard, who is in a group who plans to meditate themselves to evolve to supermen/superwomen this December.

    From her blog:

    Dear Friends,

    I’m writing to invite you to Conception Day 2012 on March 22nd – a free live webcast event where thousands of us will gather worldwide to make a commitment to birth a new era!
    Join me plus Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne McTaggart and other top transformational leaders – all sharing their insights on how we can make best use of 2012, empowering you to envision and conceive a new story for humanity.??

    …Conception Day 2012 is the launch of a nine-month campaign that builds towards a planetary Birth Day, in which we’re envisioning 100 million converging worldwide to celebrate and activate the birth of a new era on December 22, 2012…Together, we can activate an evolutionary movement that can help accelerate the shift to a new world.
    This is either delusional or diabolic (take your pick).

  8. e.davison49 says:

    Is your dark humor too horrifying or too smart for most people?

    Obviously the point you are making is that, if the leadership of the LCWR stays on its present trajectory unchecked, they will eventually get so weird that they will be advocating pedophilia.

    The sad thing is that that’s not hard to believe when it comes to the LCWR.

  9. SKAY says:

    “Picking up on the assembly’s strong anticipation of President Obama’s fourth term”

    In a recent Gallup poll-Catholics 51-47 favor Obama.

  10. JARay says:

    I loved this satire. I also read some of the comments on the National catholic Fishwrap and I strongly suspect that the above reported Gallup poll-“Catholics” 51-47 favor Obama. The number of comments on that rag certainly bore this out.

  11. JARay says:

    I also tried to comment on the Fishwrap where one comment bemoaned the Vatican “Witchhunt” against the LCWR. My comment, which was not published, remarked that the LCWR was quite a suitable group in which to hunt witches.

  12. BaedaBenedictus says:

    Recently I posted a comment on some Fishwrap screed that their beloved John XXIII was not the teddy-bear progressive fuzzball they think he was. I mentioned a few things, including John’s “Veterum Sapientia” on Latin, and the story of his dismissal of a woman looking to entreat him about women’s “ordination”: “Tell that suffragette to go back to her home. I shall not see her.”

    Needless to say, the moderators refused to publish the comment—too cruel to burst the white-haired Fishwrap readers’ bubble, akin to telling children that there’s no Santa Claus!

  13. TNCath says:

    How many were there? Maybe 30?

  14. Cathomommy says:

    Until I got to the line about Obama’s 4th term, I thought this was real! I hadn’t noticed the dateline. :)

  15. ContraMundum says:

    Of course! In 2020 Obama will be looking forward to his 2nd term in a joint appointment by Pres. Pelosi to both Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security.

    Now try to get to sleep tonight! ;-)

  16. SonofMonica says:

    Wow. I didn’t realize it was satire at all. Not until I got to the comments. Don’t know how much that says about me, as much as…

  17. kap says:

    And if it wasn’t enough to be upset about how support is being bantered about for LCWR…look at this document …pray…pray…pray for conversion! It appears Barbara Marx Hubbard and Rahm Emanuel have alot in common…”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
    “Resolutions to Action – LCWR Global Concerns Committee – Spring 2012 – We are the 99% — The Occupy Movement”

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