“c”atholics United: Who runs the dissident group politicizing the HHS mandate issue and fighting the US bishops?

Catholics United is politicizing the HHS mandate issue.

A reader sent an article from the Baltimore Sun about the opening Mass for the Fortnight for Freedom. I am sure you have read about that elsewhere, so I will only point out one interesting aspect of the story and then you can go your merry way and find a rally in support of the bishops and against Pres. Obama’s HHS attack on the Church.

My emphases and comments:

Catholic leaders launch campaign against Obama policies
Archbishop Lori begins ‘Fortnight for Freedom’ amid protests

Catholic leaders launched a nationwide campaign challenging the Obama administration’s health policies with a Mass at Baltimore’s Basilica of the Assumption on Thursday evening, filling the 200-year-old stone structure with supporters.

The standing-room-only crowd stood and applauded when Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori, leader of the Roman Catholic bishops’ “Fortnight for Freedom” initiative, entered.

A separate crowd of people outside, most of them Catholic, held signs protesting the event, one of which read, “Bishops! YOU DON’T SPEAK FOR ME! Freedom For All!”  [“Freedom For All”.  Okay.  What does that mean?  Freedom for what?  Freedom to have big government tell your Church what it can and cannot do?]


Outside the Basilica, about 40 people protested Lori’s message, [Maybe this little group is getting so much attention because 40 is a biblical number.  No?  Could there be another reason?  Read on!] saying variously it is too political a stand for the church or that it clashes with their beliefs about women’s or minority rights. [It is a real victory of the left to have painted abortion as a “women’s issue”.  It is actually a human rights issue.  Innocent people have the right not to be killed for convenience.  And “minority” right?  What is that about?  Which minority?  Perhaps they mean Catholics who prefer the Extraordinary Form.]

“We love the church, but we hate the politics,” said James Salt, executive director of Catholics United, a Washington-based group that pushes for Catholic commitment to social issues. [As if the Catholic Church wouldn’t be committed to “social issues” without someone like Salt?  And who is this guy?  See below.] “We think that the decision to have a ‘Fortnight for Freedom’ really is a political attack on President Obama, and it doesn’t reflect the moral priorities of Catholics sitting in the pews, who are really more concerned about bread-and-butter issues.” [Note the way he shifts the image away from aborted children and condoms and RU-486 to “bread and butter”.  Learn from these deft deceivers.]


“Catholics United” is funded by George Soros. James Salt, according to their website worked for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Kansas Democrat Party.

Catholics United is politicizing the HHS mandate issue, NOT the US bishops!

These catholics won’t rest until they have something like an American Patriot Catholic Association lapdog in the public square, rather than a strong, vociferous Catholic Church.

These catholics would endorse the imposition of mandate after mandate on the Church, and force Catholic institutions to pay for your contraception and abortifacient pills.

These catholics would have Patriotic Catholic Hospitals where you could get your state funded abortions.

These catholics would force Patriotic priests to celebrate unnatural weddings for same-sex or even other-specied couples.

These catholics would edit the pastoral letters of Patriotic Conference of Bishops.

These catholics would in Pres. Obama’s 4th term require chaplains to never to mention God or anything religious when serving “voluntarily” in the newly formed Civilian National Security Force.

These catholics are trying to bully the bishops.  If they get there way, we would have a  American Patriot Catholic Association.

No!  Let’s get that right.


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  1. NoTambourines says:

    Catholics Untied.

    Or perhaps unraveled, sometimes unhinged…

  2. Peggy R says:

    I recall seeing another wire article this week in which the journalist was clearly focusing on finding dissenters. They’re always on speed dial. the media want to focus on dis-unity.

  3. Supertradmum says:

    These people are so selfish and bent on their own agendas that they cannot see they are playing into the hands of both a government which would take away their rights, and the media, which loves this type of circus. The language they speak removes them from responsibility for their own actions and, like the cowards they are, they blame the Church for their own apostasy. There is nothing spiritual about them, as they judge from purely relativistic and individualistic arguments. I assume by minority rights they mean homosexual rights, and I assume by freedom they mean license to kill babies in the womb. That big money is behind this group makes it a bit sinister. In other words, there are people who want the Church removed from all aspects of secular life, the great position held by the Masons, by the way, who do not believe that religion has a say in the market-place.

  4. Supertradmum says:

    By the way, could I add that those against the hierarchy and true Roman Catholic Church, are products of the subjectivism, the Protestantizing of the liturgy of the past forty years? I am convinced that if the objectivity of the Tridentine Mass had been preserved as the Mass only, these people may not have fallen into the sloppy, personalism of their thought processes. Once secular humanism took over the liturgy, one the subjective emphasis on “me” and “we” took over the liturgical worship in music and form, this type of thinking was encouraged. The Liturgy of the TLM will save the world again, but perhaps only a small remnant, who can still think, will be able to respond. How we prayer is how we believe and how we believe is how we live.

  5. mike cliffson says:

    Catholics for Nero
    Catholics for Diocletian.
    Catholics for HenryVIII.
    National Patriotic Chrurch of…

  6. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Supertradmum said: “By the way, could I add that those against the hierarchy and true Roman Catholic Church, are products of the subjectivism, the Protestantizing of the liturgy of the past forty years? I am convinced that if the objectivity of the Tridentine Mass had been preserved as the Mass only, these people may not have fallen into the sloppy, personalism of their thought processes.”

    Um… then how did anybody get fooled by the “Spirit of Vatican II” in the first place? They were all Tridentine massgoers back then. The EF is very good. All the traditional Mass formats are very good. But the history of the Church is full of large-scale falls into heresy by Massgoing Catholics.

    When the world woke up and found itself Arian, it sure as heck wasn’t the Novus Ordo’s fault.

  7. HeatherPA says:

    Are these the same people who also fund and protest as “‘c’atholics for Choice”?

  8. Imagine that! Soros with all his God hating billions and all he could muster up was forty Judas catholics? God does in deed have a sense of humor!

  9. wmeyer says:

    One must wonder, when someone declares the bishops do not speak for him, and yet declares he is Catholic, just what can be his understanding of Catholic.

    And are we to believe that the rights of the majority must always be subordinate to those of the majority? That would not be liberty, nor democracy.

    How can anyone be opposed to the bishops, and to the Catechism, as well as to the Canons, and yet claim to be Catholic?

  10. Sandy says:

    “Funded by Soros”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep thinking I’ve heard it all, silly me; it just gets more and more outrageous. Most people, even good Catholics, do not understand the magnitude of evil that we must fight at this time. What makes it more difficult to comprehend is that so much of it is not visible to us, at least not yet!

  11. tioedong says:

    Now, if we could only find who is funding the “nuns on the bus” with their $145 an hour rock star bus. Check article and links at LeFemmes
    I suspect it is the “catholic” lobbying group “NETWORK”, but who funds them? I thought they were thrown out of Catholic charities list? or maybe not…

    as for Kansas and Sibelius: Sibelius was told not to recieve communion after she stoppped a late abortion rule, but the good news is that the doctor who gave a “second opinion” for the infanticide has lost her license: she claimed these girls were “suicidal” but never got them psychiatric treatment or follow up, which is malpractice.link

  12. SKAY says:

    An atheist/socialist billionaire has basically “bought” a major US political party in order to try to bring this country to it’s knees for his own purposes. Taking our first ammendment rights away from us using “national healthcare” is just the beginning and donating money to certain Catholic organizations for his influence within the Church is also part of that strategy. Christianity just does not work well with his world view and the Catholic church in particular (The Bishops and other faithful Church organizations are proving that to be true).

  13. vmanning says:

    From the tenor of some of these posts, there seems to be a belief that maybe these people are just a little confused, some bad catechism along the way or something. Wrong. They know exactly what they are doing. Obama picked a fight with the Church 0n purpose. He uses traitors to sow division on purpose-like the idiot and failed ambassador / auto driver Kmiec who has printed more idiocy in the Jesuit rag America. See plainly.They are what they are:the Enemy , and should be treated as such. Charity for Judas?Maybe. For Lucifer? Never

  14. wmeyer says:

    My uncle’s bishop has said, during this fortnight, that he cannot make up his mind whether to vote for Obama or Romney. I am scandalized.

    I don’t like Romney (and when I was in high school in Michigan, didn’t much like his dad) but O has to go.

    How any bishop can, in conscience, take so damaging position….

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