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“c”atholics United: Who runs the dissident group politicizing the HHS mandate issue and fighting the US bishops?

Catholics United is politicizing the HHS mandate issue. A reader sent an article from the Baltimore Sun about the opening Mass for the Fortnight for Freedom. I am sure you have read about that elsewhere, so I will only point … Read More

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The Obama Administration is organizing…. WHAT?!?

I saw something worthy of Germany in the 1930’s in today’s Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times): White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law By ROBERT PEAR Published: March 9, 2012 […] On Wednesday, White House officials … Read More

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Liberal social engineering is destroying us

National Review has a mordant piece by Mark Steyn. There are good points here. He links the so-called “social issues” (and if they go wrong, everything else must necessarily go wrong) and the partisan political mud fight, and the rapidly … Read More

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G. Weigel gets it about the Magisterium of Nuns and

On the site of National Review George Weigel has a piece about the bishops and Pres. Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church and the 1st Amendment rights of all Americans. Among other things he wrote: […] In his appearance on … Read More

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“This isn’t China! This is America!”

I saw an article on CWN which made me think about the Obama Administration and Pres. Obama’s attacks on the Catholic Church and on the 1st Amendment. Cardinal Zen urges tougher stand against Beijing’s intrusion in Church affairs Cardinal Joseph … Read More

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The Fishwrap and Sr. Fiedler bow to Hillary Clinton’s Magisterium

Sr. Fiedler may finally be having some memory problems.  She has a deeply confused and poorly written piece in the National catholic Fishwrap lauding the Magisterium of Hillary Clinton, who definitively teaches Fishwrap about the human rights of people who … Read More

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