It is muggy and hot and sunny and the perfect day to make iced-tea or iced-coffee.

I make jars of sun tea.

QUAERITUR: Where might get good tea and coffee these days while at the same time helping sound and traditional religious men?

Put your MYSTIC MONK tea in tea bags, or tea ball, or even loose, into a clear jar of good water.  Remember: the taste of the water contributes to the taste of the coffee or tea!  Put the jar in the sun and leave it there for a few hours.  Sun tea tends to be less bitter than that made by other methods.  That is my experience, at least.

The Carmelites in northern Wyoming, the purveyors of Mystic Monk Coffee – and who now have Tea – did I mention teeeeeeea? –  are peddling just the sort of glass you need to keep your icy cold drink icy cold.

There is a glass within a glass, which insulates your chosen beverage.

I see that their Coffee of the Month is: Sumatran Mandheling Grade 1

Sumatra Mandheling is one of my favorite varieties, by the way, ever since I worked in a whole-bean coffee and tea store as one of my college jobs.  GREAT stuff!

And you can subscribe, so that the monks will send you things each month right on schedule.

Mystic Monk Tea and Coffee!

Refresh your supply now!

You have a lot more warm weather ahead and it’s swell!

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