UPDATE Nuns On The Bus hit “Grumpy’s Café”!

I have been saying that I hope the Nuns On The Bus tour never ends.  It is a great source of comic relief.  On the other hand, it is harder now to find fun stories about the Nuns On The Bus.  I think the press is losing interest.  When the reportage is not an obviously pandering political puff piece, the coverage seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

Still, I found this article which really produces.

Nuns vs. Romney: The Sisters Hit the Battleground State of Ohio
by Christine Howey Jun 28, 2012 4:45 AM EDT

The ‘Nuns on the Bus’ stop in Ohio in their national road trip, protesting the Ryan budget and proposals that would hurt the poor. [Not even a pretense of objectivity.]

You’d never know it, but the four placid ladies sitting at the window table in Grumpy’s Café, eating french toast and Cajun home fries, have their hair on fire. [You’d never know they were nuns either.  And are they really at Grumpy’s?] That’s why they’ve traveled an hour from Sandusky, Ohio, to this popular eatery in the gentrifying inner-ring Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont. [To eat Cajun home fries?]

“We’re here this morning to see the ‘Nuns on the Bus,’” explains Anne Lamb. Between the Ryan budget and what the Vatican is doing to these sisters (criticizing them for emphasizing social needs over abortion and homosexuality issues), Lamb declares, “They need all the support we can give.” [Notice the conflation of the issues.  The LCWR – a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns – is blithely folded into the Nuns On The Bus.]

“Nuns on the Bus” may sound like a wacky new Betty White sitcom [D’ya think?] featuring a feisty group of sisters who won’t be put in the corner by their church.


Once the tour bus pulls into the narrow street beside St. Augustine Church, a couple of blocks down from Grumpy’s, the five nuns on board exit to applause from more than 50 people gathered to meet them. [Tens of people showed up again!] After a short tour of the church and an impromptu meeting with local kids from the church’s summer camp, Sister Simone Campbell stands behind her portable podium to address the crowd.


The rest of the piece is nothing but sycophantic toadyism.

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  1. theidler says:

    That was a good morning laugh…thanks Fr. Z!

  2. Supertradmum says:

    And here is another defector from the Catholic Faith, supporting Obamacare-I do not know if she is on the bus, but she is in the media, which is the purpose of this stupid bus tour.


  3. acardnal says:

    Nothing like carbo-loading for breakfast.

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