D. Springfield, MA – 5 Aug: 1st Solemn TLM since… well… since the ’60’s.

For your Brick by Brick file this is from a reader:

On Sunday, August 5, at 10:30 am, a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be held at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church, 84 K Street, Turners Falls, Montague, Massachusetts. Fr. Robert Fromageot, FSSP, will be the celebrant. Seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska, will serve at the altar.

Parish altar boys will be torchbearers. The schola will be made up of Fraternity seminarians, led by FSSP chant instructor Nicholas Lemme of Rapid City, South Dakota, and the parish music director, Henry Gaida, will be organist. The Rosary will be recited in Latin before the Mass.

This is the first Solemn High Mass in the Diocese of Springfield since the Ordinary Form was promulgated. There is currently no regularly scheduled EF Mass in the diocese.

It is great that the Fraternity of St. Peter, which is in union with the Roman Pontiff, can provide this useful service.

Let the New Evangelization be boosted one Solemn Mass, one diocese at a time.

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  1. AnAmericanMother says:

    Fr. Fromageot was the pastor at our local FSSP parish for awhile. I believe he helped organize the “Extraordinary Rite Victory Tour”, with the assistance of our late Archbishop Donoghue (whom may God assoil!), in which Mass was offered in the Extraordinary Form at the Cathedral and at various major parishes around the Archdiocese.

  2. mpalardy says:

    I reside in this diocese, and OL Czesztochowa has long been my favourite parish there. I’ve moved away from it and now attend a TLM in a neighbouring diocese. The only thing I can say now is… at long last. Deo gratias.

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  4. Horatius says:

    I think that, in fact, there has been a TLM there, whether or not regularly scheduled–their scola will take part in the Mass. The pastor is a wonder: there are so many altar boys assisting at Mass that they have to use the front pews. I believe that there are well over a thousand families there. Deo volente, I will drive there to worship 5 August! Thanks for the news. Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us.

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  6. St. Louis IX says:

    EXCELLENT YEA YEA…I live in the SPFLD Mass Diocese. My family and I and many families I know travel out of the diocese for Mass. No TLM in the diocese but Many, Very Many closed Catholic Churches.
    We used to have a wonderful Priest that offered the TLM for more than 10 years in Holyoke Ma but that ended about 2 years ago.(Then the only one)
    I have been in Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic Church, It is Beautiful.
    Deo Gratias

  7. doozer125 says:

    I remember stopping in that church for a quick afternoon prayer once when I was passing through town. Very beautiful church if I remember correctly. It is great they are offering the TLM there that weekend, but I’m curious if anyone can tell me how the FSSP got involved with it there?

  8. OrthodoxChick says:

    Figures. I only live about an hour from Springfield, but I’ll be in PA next weekend. Does anyone know if TLM Masses are going to become a regularly celebrated Mass at Our Lady of Czestochowa?

    @mpalardy: Which neighboring Diocese do you journey to for the TLM? I’m hoping it’s not too far from me. No TLM’s in my Diocese right now either and I’m still exploring to find one that I could get to more regularly.

  9. Gratias says:

    We were lucky enough to be at a Solemn High Mass at Thomas Aquinas College last year. It was an amazing experience:


    If you have never seen a Solemn Mass with three priests, there is a great video that can be found by googling: Easter Mass Fulton Sheen

  10. Gratias says:

    OrthodoxChick asked about the nearest TLM. The indispensable resource to find this is Wikkimissa :


  11. St. Louis IX says:

    @ orthodoxchick St Martha in Enfield Ct has a TLM low Mass every Sunday at 12 noon during the summer and a Sung High Mass TLM all the Rest of the Sundays through out the remainder of the year. Also Sung High Mass TLM for many Holy days Hartford Diocese Ct
    West Warren Ct also Has the TLM Father Becker offers it at St Paul every Sunday Worcester Diocese 10:30 AM

  12. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    Out here in the Palouse of E Washington, it’s about 5 hours to our nearest FSSP parish, N. A. Martyrs in Seattle. I only get to go 4 or 5 times a year, but thank God for Fr. Saguto! I assume that he’s typical of what the FSSP seminary ordains.

    Semi-off topic (I hope it’s not down a rabbit hole!) from our bulletin this morning:
    “The sisters of Mary the Mother of the Church may visit … The sisters were part of a group that maintained the old form of the Mass in Latin and did not receive the theology of Vatican II. When they came into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church they embraced the teachings of Vatican II…” Thank God these poor nuns don’t have to hear Mass in Latin any more! I’ve emailed our priest to ask about this but haven’t received an answer yet.

  13. everett says:

    Yow, what a poor characterization of the sisters. I was there when they returned to the Church, and I’ve never met a more joyous, faithful group of sisters. We’re very blessed to have had 2 of them come down here to Santa Rosa to start an order for our Diocese.

  14. Gratias says:

    The google address for the Solemn TLM narrated by Mgr. Fulton Sheen was incomplete. On should google : YouTube Easter Sunday Fulton Sheen

    It is almost an hour long but really worth watching. Had over 600,000 views.

    WWW. Youtube.com/watch?v=R6AOvStZS64

  15. JonPatrick says:

    There is a regular Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Paul the Apostle Warren MA which is in the Diocese of Worcester but is not far from Springfield.

    See www dot warrenmass dot org

  16. SGCOLC says:

    The distinction here is that this will be a Solemn High TLM. The TLM had been offered, as one reader mentioned, for about 10 years until about 2 years ago. That Priest also offered the TLM at this Parish, OLC in Turners Falls, a few times. The Pastor, Rev. Charles DiMascola, is very supportive of the TLM, and invited the other priest to offer the TLM the times when it was offered. In this case, I understand that it came about because a seminarian of the FSSP regularly worships at this parish, (OLC) and is very supportive of the Fr. DiMascola and the Parish. I believe this seminarian is the one who suggested the Solemn High Mass, and invited his fellow seminarians and the priests to come and offer it.

  17. mpalardy says:

    OrthodoxChick, I reside in the Berkshires and hear the TLM at St. Joseph’s Parish in Troy, N.Y. The priest is a Carmelite and throughout the month of July has been offering the Mass on Sunday according to the Carmelite Rite.

  18. Horatius says:

    For those of you within driving distance, the devout and reverential worship at Saint Mary’s Monastery in Petersham, MA, is a wonder: http://www.stmarysmonastery.org/

    They are Benedictines, and with Gregorian chant and Terce on Sundays, budget 1.5 hrs. Stay afterwards to speak with the Brothers, priests, and oblates.

  19. The Sicilian Woman says:

    If there’s any state that needs the TLM and massive rebuilding, it’s Massachusetts. The whole northeast is a bastion of liberalism, so I’m glad to hear this.

  20. Horatius says:

    The Sicilian Woman, true. That is why I posted the link to Saint Mary’s Monastery in Petersham, MA. But I would add that what MA needs is both forms, properly celebrated, and that will be to do only what the Pope wants. Saint Mary’s Monastery in Petersham, MA is doing his will, and has been for 20 years. http://www.stmarysmonastery.org/

  21. OrthodoxChick says:

    Thank you all for these suggestions. I don’t think that most of them will be much closer but I’m going to mapquest them to be sure. I’m closer to Worcester Co., although I don’t live in that Diocese either. My own Diocese (Norwich) has next to nothing in my area. There’s supposed to be an SSPX chapel about 50 miles from here in my Diocese so if they reconcile, perhaps that will become an option. What I know of in D. of Hartford is more than 50 miles from me. Same for D. of Providence.

  22. Saunders says:

    This was mentioned in passing, but I would like to recommend the Traditional Mass at St. Paul’s in Warren at 10:30 on Sundays. If you love the Latin Mass and live anywhere in the vicinity, you will be in rapture. The pastor, Fr. Daniel Becker, has been doing the High Mass for 3 years now, and it is done with the utmost reverence. No balloons, no puppets, no silken butterflies, no jokes, no Red Sox scores. All he delivers is the Faith of our Fathers. When he walked into the church some years ago, it was a Vatican II-Brady Bunch nightmare, having been wreckovated in 1973. The parish was moribund and the church likely would have been closed and sold off. Father Becker spent years restoring St. Paul’s to its original configuration and the church now is beautiful, altar rail and everything. The cardinal due east has famously stated “The Latin Mass is just for a few old people in Europe”. What a laugh! The church is bursting with children. The young families that worship there commonly have 4, 6, 8 kids. So much for the cardinal’s “old people in Europe”.The Latin Mass is a youth movement, baby!
    That’s St. Paul’s in Warren, Massachusetts. 10:30 AM Sunday Traditional Latin Mass.

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