Fit to be “Untied”

Now people in the USA can all the more easily read about Homer Simpson:

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  1. iowapapist says:

    If I want Catholic dissidence, disobedience and obtuseness, I’ll subscribe to the Archdiocesan (Dubuque) newspaper “The Witness” (or is it “Witless”?).

  2. pseudomodo says:

    A perfect example of why running ‘Spellcheck’ does not alway save the day!

  3. The real question will be the cost. This appears to be a new distribution deal of the same weekly English edition they’ve been publishing for many years, not a new edition. Until 2011, it had been distributed in the U.S. by the Cathedral Foundation, which I believe is the publishing arm of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. They’d done that for more than a decade. It was very expensive from the Cathedral Foundation, but I don’t remember the precise numbers. In 2011, they started handling and mailing subscriptions directly from the Vatican, which I don’t imagine made it any less expensive. The current subscription cost for the U.S. is $240.00/year, or almost $5.00 an issue.

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    “Ossundayvisitore Romano”

    There, fixed the spelling.

  5. acardnal says:

    OSV is selling subscriptions for $74.95 for 25 issues (weeks). $149 for 50 issues.

  6. acardnal. That’s good news. Here’s a link to where you can “subscribe today” :) on the OSV web site.

  7. fvhale says:

    This might be good for some folks. But I very rarely have any interest in looking at the weekly English print edition of LOR, founded in 1968. Most of the content that I would find useful (“the full texts of the Pontiff’s discourses, the documents of the Roman Curia, and other texts”) is available in multiple languages on the Vatican website, eventually; and it is much easier for repeated reference (online is so much easier than a stack of newspapers).

    There are so many online news sources available, such as from the Vatican,, and the NCRs each have online distribution channels. Even L’Osservatore Romano itself has an online English portal (, as well as (for now, at least) free download of PDF of the daily Italian edition.

    If I want an Italian journalistic perspective on church and cultural news, my personal choice is Avvenire, either in print if I am in Italy, or online,, either online or downloadable PDF, if I am not in Italy.

  8. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Here’s hoping the first states to be untied from the union are California, Delaware, Illinois and Vermont. This would have the added bonus of making folks from those states ineligible for federal office.

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