A Prayer For Vocations

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Here is a prayer that perhaps parish priests will pick up and use at all Sunday and Holy Day Masses, perhaps immediately after the Gospel:

LEADER: Please kneel for our prayer for vocations.

ALL: O God, we earnestly beseech Thee to bless this (arch)diocese with many priests, brothers and sisters, who will gladly spend their entire lives to serve Thy Church and to make Thee known and loved.

LEADER: Bless our families. Bless our children.

ALL: Choose from our homes those who are needed for Thy work.

LEADER: Mary, Queen of the Clergy.

ALL: Pray for us. Pray for our priests and religious. Obtain for us many more.

This prayer – which if memory serves was penned by the late Archbishop Brady of St. Paul and Minneapolis – was said by the congregation at my home parish, St. Agnes in St. Paul, for decades at every Sunday Mass. Hearing and saying the prayer every Sunday played a role in my own vocation. During the time of the late pastor Msgr. Schuler, a First Mass was celebrated at that parish every year for over 30 years.

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  1. GregH says:

    Monsignor Schuler rules the world. [Ummm…. no.] I pray for the repose of his eternal soul every single day and I never attended one single Mass of his but only heard about him on this blog

  2. APX says:

    Not that I’m against this, but I’m curious why it’s permissible to add this prayer to Mass if we’re not supposed to add to or take away from the Mass ourselves?

  3. GregH says:

    Father Z…it is my way of saying i am an admirer of the late, great monsignor

  4. Clinton says:

    “… a First Mass was celebrated at that parish every year for over 30 years.”

    Years ago, I read a half-serious suggestion that one good way to encourage parishes to
    do everything possible to promote vocations might be to treat them like the fig tree in
    the Gospel. If a parish does not produce a vocation within a certain period, it is closed.
    I know, I know, that’s extreme– but I imagine that it would do wonders to focus the efforts
    of everyone concerned.

  5. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Re: adding — During homily time (ie, between the Gospel and the Creed), the priest can throw in all sorts of things, including prayers. That’s the time when he’s allowed to be creative.

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