Portsmouth, England has a new bishop

Today I watched the live stream of the consecration of the new Bishop of Portsmouth, Most. Rev. Philip Egan.

At the end of the Mass, Bishop Egan gave a brief address which, to my hearing, sounded like a program for not only the Diocese of Portsmouth, but a program for all of England.  He made some clear and bold statements I think you will like.   I don’t have  a transcript yet and the video does not yet seem to be viewable on demand.  But they both will be, soon I hope.

It seems to me that this appointment and that of Most Rev. Mark Davies the Bishop of Shrewsbury, where Bp. Egan came from, suggests a trend.

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  1. Legisperitus says:

    Long live the Realm!

  2. Thepeug says:

    From the website of Diocese of Portsmouth:

    Message from Bishop-elect Philip

    “It is with trepidation and yet with profound trust in the loving mercy of the Sacred Heart of Christ, that I accept the Holy Father’s appointment as the new Bishop of Portsmouth, in succession to dear Bishop Crispian. I look forward with joy to working with my fellow priests and with all who minister in parishes, schools and other contexts, caring for the people of God. May we all together be in the closest communion of heart and mind with our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and faithful to his call to new evangelisation. The ministry of the Bishop, as the chief shepherd, priest and teacher of the flockentrusted to him, involves carrying the Lord’s Cross in a particular way. So as I begin this ministryand look to the years ahead, I sincerely ask you for your prayers, together with those of our brothers and sisters in the other Christian communities and indeed of every person of faith and goodwill. May Mary, Queen conceived without original sin, and St. Edmund of Abingdon, obtain for us a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that all may come to know, serve and love Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Inspiring words!

  3. StMalachy says:

    As one of Bishop Egan’s subjects, I was delighted with his closing address. I loved the bit which went, and I’m paraphrasing: ” May I be a humble, holy, orthodox and creative bishop.”


    Pray for Bishop Egan, he has a tough time ahead of him.

  4. Jim of Bowie says:

    Good News, but more important for us in the US, and overlooked in the blogisphere, is that Bishop Todd Brown has been replaced by Bishop Vann of Ft. Worth and that the Bishop of Rochester has been relieved without a replacement.

  5. jbosco88 says:

    I kept the online feed on to watch Vespers (not advertised). After which, the Bishop, replete with Biretta, consecrated himself and the Diocese to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He also invoked the help of Our Lady of Walsingham, that she may “help bring new ardour to the devout”.

    Portsmouth is in safe hands.

  6. pelerin says:

    I also watched the live stream – I had thought of attending as it is a neighbouring diocese but was told that it was by invitation only. I have been to Bishops’ ordinations in Notre Dame Paris which were open to everyone but perhaps Portsmouth is a small Cathedral.

    It was lovely to hear traditional Catholic hymns although I found the English Gloria dreadful. But then I am used to the Latin Gloria sung each Sunday in my parish! The altar looked so stark – where were the altar cloths and candles for Mass? I watched it with mixed feelings I have to admit but I was very impressed with the new Bishop’s address. Lets hope the ‘trend’ mentioned by Fr Z continues.

  7. Simon_GNR says:

    After the recent appointments of Bishop Davies and Bishop Davies, it will be interesting to see who we get as the new Bishop of Hallam, another English diocese whose bishop is retiring very soon. Bishop John Rawsthorne is quite liberal (though well-liked), I think it’s fair to say, but I don’t know whether he is or was counted as one of the “Magic Circle” within the England & Wales Bishops’ Conference that was once led by the South Coast triumvirate of Murphy-O’Connor, Hollis and Conry.

    I have high hopes that we’ll get someone as sound as Mark Davies but I’ve no idea who. I’m also hoping we’ll get someone comparatively young – say, under 55. One hopes the new bishop will make the implementation of Summorum Pontificum a priority. We have a growing shortage of priests in Hallam, though we do have two new ones to be ordained next summer. The trouble is we may well have rather more priests than that either dying or having to retire before the new men are ready to begin their ministry in the diocese.

  8. Chatto says:

    @ Simon_GNR – we’re going through a similar thing here in Leeds after Archbishop Roche was called to Rome. I’ve heard it said that we could ‘jump’ to the top of the pile since we were deprived of a bishop somewhat unexpectedly, and the ‘form’ is for Rome to replace him as soon as. Absolutely no idea of who we could get, or even who I’d want. Watch this space…

  9. mhazell says:

    @Simon_GNR: I too am hoping and praying that we get a good, holy, orthodox, young man to succeed Bishop Rawsthorne. If Bishop Egan is the model of bishops to come in England and Wales, I have renewed confidence!

    By the way, you might be interested in knowing that my parish – St Vincent’s in Crookes, Sheffield – is starting the Year of Faith with 40 hours exposition (Thurs 11 Oct, 8pm – Sat 13 Oct, 12pm). You’d be more than welcome to come and pray – though I appreciate Retford to Sheffield is a bit of a trek. Please pray that our parish seizes the opportunity to spend time with Our Lord to start the Year!

  10. Batfink says:

    @Simon_GNR: Be careful what you wish for! We had a young man in Bishop Kevin Dunn when I lived in Hexham and Newcastle, then he unexpectedly died. RIP. Someone older who still has the energy to take on the task would do me fine.

    Now I live in Brentwood and we’re waiting for a new bishop too. Oremus pro invicem.

  11. mibethda says:

    Rocco Palmo has printed the address of Bishop Egan in todays Whispers in the Loggia website. Quite stirring.

  12. amsjj1002 says:

    I woke up very early to see it. Very grateful that they planned it so late; I didn’t have to get up at two in the morning to watch!

    With regard to the new Bishop of Orange, anyone know how he is with the EF? I just know his name.

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