1st Sunday of October: Plenary Indulgence – Supplication to the Madonna of Pompeii

The first Sunday of October is one of the two days of the year for the plenary indulgence by reciting the Supplication to the Madonna of Pompeii. The other day for this is 8 May.

For more about the indulgence and prayers go HERE.

Brief background:

This devotion was started by Bl. Bartolo Longo, who had once been a Satanist “priest”.  He converted, did penance, and became a lay Dominican. In 1872, Longo, a lawyer, went to Pompeii see to the affairs of Countess Marianna Farnararo De Fusco. He started there a Confraternity of the Rosary.  They obtained a picture of the Blessed Virgin from a monastery, which before that was in a second hand store, before which they could recite the Rosary every day.  It showed Mary with Sts. Dominic and Catherine of Siena.  In 1875 Longo received permission to build a church.  Miracles were reported and pilgrimages began.  The picture has been restored several times since then.  Longo also saw to the building of complex for works of mercy with orphans and prisoners.  Pope John Paul II beatified Bartolo Longo in 1980.  Some of his writings form the basis of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.

You reach the sanctuary easily by walking just a few minutes out the back gate of the ancient ruins of Pompeii, famously destroyed  by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79.

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  1. Blue Henn says:

    Father, in your other post you cite that there is no longer a plenary indulgence attached to this particular devotion, but in this post you say there is. Could we have some clarification? Thanks!

  2. mike cliffson says:

    Fr :
    Missed your May post.
    Strong stuff:
    That line :
    “O Mother, keep back the arm of justice of thy indignant Son”
    Sobering, staggering and penitential.Golly!

  3. Ed the Roman says:

    The linked article says that the indulgence is partial. Not that I didn’t apply for it.

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