Bugatti by Bugatti

Remember that Veyron I was supposed to have won?  Never did get it.

Still want it, though!



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  1. Bryan Boyle says:

    I have enough spare parts to build a couple more Lotuses if you’re willing to take a step down…;)

  2. rcg says:

    Bryan is ahead of me. You can pop for an Elise for under $50K or do as my old roommate did and fix up tiny Europa for nearly nothing…

  3. I’d have to deal with parking it. Hmmm…

  4. Katheryn says:

    It’s your birfday, and a lovely wish. God bless!

  5. Mike Morrow says:

    Is a Bugatti better than a Bugnini?

  6. Mike Morrow says: Is a Bugatti better than a Bugnini?

    Oh, yes.

  7. wmeyer says:

    But getting a Veyron as a gift would create new problems:
    – how to pay for the gas?
    – how to pay for the tires?
    – hot to pay for the insurance???? That one has to be a whopper!

    But all fall into that category where “if you have to ask….”

  8. Kelvin Dock says:

    Is a Bugatti better than a Bugnini?

    Well, Bugatti was the name of the long-serving executioner in the last years of the “temporal power”. He lived in Trastevere, and the firt indication of a public execution coming off was Bugatti crossing the bridge to Rome with all his executioner kit.

    One of the methods of execution was a mallet blow to the skull – the “hermeneutic of rupture”, you might say.

  9. Kypapist says:

    This looks rather like a red biretta with black trimmings. A perfect birthday present!

  10. jflare says:

    Honestly, if we want that vintage of speed and splash, how about a Mooney Bravo? It’s probably not too different in price, flies faster, offers a better view of the overall area (from 3,500 ft AGL or higher), and may offer a somewhat larger luggage compartment.

    Speed, cool looks, AND utility. Tough to beat.

    ..Well, that might be my aviation fantasy anyway!

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