REVIEW: Norcia Benedictines’ cool new calendar

I think the Benedictine monks at Norcia are wonderful.

They revived the Benedictine tradition, in a traditional way, in the place where St. Benedict is said to have been born. They make available, on demand, recordings of some of their sung monastic hours. They are making beer! They Say The Black and Do The Red (not all Benedictines on the internet are so faithful). They have, therefore, vocations.

Today I received a nifty new calendar for 2013 which includes day by day liturgical information for both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Forms and some special Benedictine feasts!

A link to their calendar page is HERE.  The price varies according to where you live (US – $20).  You can pay by Paypal.

Buying a calendar will really help them out. 

Here is the front.


Here is the back.  It shows the images within.


Most of the photos concern the life of the monastery.


Here is an example of the information on both Forms: 27 January.




And, yes, they will figure out that whole resolution thing for their photos.  As in the following pic of a statue of St. Benedict. Ooops.




It is not a large, wide, calendar.  Open, it is only (in inches) 9 x 18 !  Being small, it could fit more easily in an office cubicle or other places where many calendars won’t fit.

I’ll be keeping my copy near at hand to help me keep track – at a glance – of the traditional and the post-Conciliar differences in the liturgical calendar.

You can DONATE to them.  They have 501-c-3, so your donation would be tax deductible:

Mailing Address
The Monks of Norcia Foundation
P.O. Box 3748
Des Moines, IA 50323 – USA
+1 (515) 974-4253 (office)

Or in Italy

Monastero di S. Benedetto
via Reguardari 22
I-06046 Norcia  (PG)

Christmas is coming soon.  Think about giving this useful calendar as a stocking stuffer, along with Fr. Z stuff and Mystic Monk Coffee and Tea and soap from the Dominicans!  Nice gifts which are also ways to help.

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  1. The actual calendar part looks identical to TAN’s regular series of calendars with both the ordinary and extraordinary form feast days. I guess TAN assisted the Benedictines in this effort.

  2. I just ordered one. It looks excellent, and I don’t have a calendar.

  3. Devo35 says:

    I received mine yesterday. It really is a great calendar.

  4. Titus says:

    What is the “(Hist.)” reference next to some of the commemorations?

  5. Bryan G says:

    @MatthewJoseph: Yes, we received the dates on the calendar from TAN, but (with their permission) added Benedictine and Norcian specific dates to make it more our own. If you look closely, in the bottom right hand corner of each month, there’s the copyright for TAN.

  6. Bryan G says:

    @Titus: Here is the explanation from TAN regarding the “Hist” references:

    “Also included here are many feast days which no longer appear on either the New or the Traditional calendar (as of 1962)—such as the feasts of St. Philomena, St. Dismas (the Good Thief), St. Tarcisius, St. Gemma Galgani and St. Dominic Savio; these Historical feasts are designated: (Hist.).”

    Hope that helps!

  7. Athelstan says:

    I’ve long wanted something like this – I attend both the TLM and an Ordinariate parish using the English Missal but forced to use the new lectionary. This will be useful. And thanks to your blog post, Fr. Z, the good monks have just sold another calendar.

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