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From a reader:

I do not have any question to ask you, but I just wanted to say thank you for your promotion and education on your blog of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. I have only been to Latin Mass twice so far, but right away I knew I had discovered a hidden gem of the Catholic Church. The Latin Mass is not difficult to understand and foreign as some make it out to be. It is so filled with reverence and rich in history- I can say with certainty that it made me proud to be a Catholic! Thank you for introducing it to me!

You are welcome.

The New Evangelization continues.

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  1. Trad Dad says:

    A very common comment is that ” It`s just like coming home ” .
    Pax et bonum .
    From Our Lady`s Land of the Southern Cross .

  2. Michelle F says:

    I also want to thank you for your blog, Fr. Z. I use it to learn how to discern secular news events from a faithfully Catholic perspective as well as to find out what is happening in the Church. I think you are providing us with a valuable and much-needed service, and I hope that you are able to keep your blog going for many more years. Thanks again!

  3. Mrs.Abingdon says:

    Many thanks from me as well. Without your blog I wouldn’t know that the Extraordinary Form existed, but thanks to you I am very happy to be attending my first EF Mass on the 21st (a birthday present from my husband)! Can you direct me to the EF Lectionary readings for next Sunday, and also please pray for me: that he and I will get to Confession ASAP? Gratias, gratias, gratias!

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks from me as well. You, Father, and another priest, are responsible for how I view the Mass today.

  5. Vox Laudis says:

    What a lovely present! I will pray for you, both for your assisting at that Mass and for being able to find a confessor beforehand.

    A decent EF calendar can be found at or you can look at The Latin Mass Society’s ordo (England-Wales-Ireland-Scotland) at

    21 October is the 21st Sunday after Pentecost.

    The Order of the Mass and the readings and translations for each Sunday and feast are published in handout form by The Saint John Fisher Missale Project hosted by the Church Music Association of America at (scroll down the page). The Order of the Mass is the “Ordo Missae”, and you find the propers for each Sunday and feast by clicking on the correct season and then on the correct Sunday/feast.

    Our pastor (who offers the EF as the principal Sunday Mass at our parish) says that, at one’s first EF, one should not try so very hard to follow along, but enter into the sacred mystery of the Mass by letting the beauty and the silence still your soul and bring you into the Presence of Our Lord.

    —But if you are type A (as I am) you can print out the Ordo Missae and the day’s propers and therefore have some clue what is happening (although much of it will look very familiar) and when to sit/stand/kneel and so on. It is also helpful if you sit partway back so that you can be guided by worshippers who are experienced–and you don’t feel on display.

    (Also, be prepared for random things to happen to attempt to keep you from the EF. The Enemy hates the EF.)

    I think most readers of Fr. Z’s blog would join me in hoping that you will let us know about your experience. May it be a great blessing for you and your husband!

  6. JonPatrick says:

    Another useful liturgical calendar is one maintained by AirMaria which is run by the Franciscans of the Immaculate which is an orthodox Franciscan order here in Massachusetts.

  7. Mrs.Abingdon says:

    Thank you, Vox Laudis and JonPatrick. Updates to follow! :)

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