‘c’atholics for Free Choice? Quislings in our midst.

From CNA about the quislings in our midst:

Catholics for a Free Choice spends millions in Latin American abortion support

Lima, Peru, Nov 26, 2012 / 04:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The abortion advocacy group Catholics For a Free Choice has invested more than $13 million over the last decade in pushing the legalization of abortion in Latin America.

IRS documents show that between 2002 and 2010 – the last year of tax filings available for review – the organization spent $13,716,679 to promote the procedure in Central and South America.

Founded in 1973, the group has an annual budget of $3 million, which it obtains through organizations that openly finance abortion, such as the Ford Foundation, which donated $300,000 in 2011.

Additional funding has been attributed to the MacArthur Foundation, which donated $275,000 between 2009 and 2012, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which gave over $600,000 thousand in November of 2011 during a period of 24 months.

The Playboy Foundation is also among the group’s financial backers.

In October of this year, the spokesperson for the U.S. Bishops’ Conference, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, told The Washington Times that Catholics For a Free Choice “is not a Catholic organization.”

It never has been, and it was created to oppose the Catholic position on abortion,” Walsh emphasized.

The main offices for the group are in Washington, D.C., but the organization has outposts in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Spain.

Its average annual budget for abortion advocacy campaigns in Latin America is estimated at $1.2 million.

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  1. Southern Catholic says:

    It is sad to think that money could have gone to building houses or medical facilities in the poor areas of Latin America, instead it goes to promote evil.

  2. Supertradmum says:

    The contraception and abortion mentality in those countries has affected some priests and seminarians from these countries. I know this from experience, having met both. Sadly, some of these men work in dioceses in the States, and carry their errors with them. What concerns me are all those souls lost to abortion and contraception “ideals” and encouraged by this group. The Ford Foundation and Hewletts also give lots of money to PBS tv. From phone.

  3. mysticalrose says:

    This is just diabolical.

  4. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    It is, mysticalrose, it is.

  5. jameeka says:

    Can someone please tell me why this organization is allowed to be labelled Catholic?

  6. acardnal says:

    jameeka, I was wondering the same thing. Then I noticed that they use the term “Catholics” not
    “Catholic.” I think that is why they can get away with it and not be sued by USCCB or a bishop for misappropriating the term “Catholic” because they don’t use it. Just a guess on my part. Having said that, I would love to see them stop using the term because they are not “Catholics.”

  7. Athelstan says:

    At the very least, Canon 915 has to be invoked against all of cFFC officers and employees. Immediately and explicitly by all ordinaries involved.

    To the extent that this campaign can be tied to any specific abortion(s), excommunications would seem to be in order. Otherwise, I agree with Dr. Peters’ past comments that it’s time to toughen the code of canon law to make it easier to deal out stern medicine to these . . . “quislings” seems like a fitting term.

  8. frater sejunctus parvulus says:

    Thanks for the information re the financial backers of this wicked organisation, which should clearly be named “Enemies of the RC Church in favour of murder and other forms of immorality.”

    Even terminologically, “Catholics for Free Choice” is as incongrous as “Anglicans against the Book of Common Prayer,” “Calvinists against the Sovereignty of God,” or “Lutherans for Pelagius.”

    Historic Christendom’s stand on the Life issues goes all the way back to the Didache, a document written when apostles still walked on the earth.

  9. Johnno says:

    ‘Catholics for a Free Choice ‘ is most likely another Soros funded front group. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow some of that money was funnelled to them through other numerous splinter groups receiving Catholic money from the collection basket for social justice initiatives. I think with secular billionaires and powerful organizations doing the social justice thing, Catholics can leave the ‘social justice’ to them, and provide our money to maintain our churches, rebuild altars to accomodate the Tridentine Mass, pro-life organizations, and private orthodox Catholic Schools. I’m through giving money to the ‘poor.’ Let men like Obama take care of that since he loves them so much. If I see a starving man on the street, I’ll buy him a meal myself.

  10. Rich says:

    I say that Catholics for a Free Choice be tracked down by the diocese in which their home office is based and made to give up the word “Catholics” from their title, just as was done with who was formerly RealCatholic TV. They can say they are by no means a Catholic organization all they want, but with a name like that, they know that that is now how people see it when they hear or see their name. They most likely say they are by no means a Catholic organization when it suits them, and then call themselves “Catholics for a Free Choice” when it suits them.

  11. Joseph-Mary says:

    We just had all those quotes about the FEW number of souls that are saved: these souls are in grave peril as the continue in dissent and give great scandal thus leading others from salvation.

    These are ones that we must keep in prayer as Our Lady asked at Fatima.

  12. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Guys, hold up here, I blogged about CFF several times, esp here: http://www.canonlaw.info/2007/05/memo-to-frances-kissling-find-new.html. As for civilly suing them for the word “Catholic”, well, easier said than done.

  13. wmeyer says:

    Dr. Peters, the argument you make in the closing of that blog piece is at the core of it. That Kissling can even make the argument that she could still present for communion after excommunication is an utterly complete statement that she is not Catholic; she does not believe what the Church teaches, else she would believe that in receiving in a state of grave sin, she damned herself.

  14. Michelle F says:

    Even if the Bishops can’t stop people and groups from using the word “Catholics” in the way they can control the use of the word “Catholic,” every diocese could, with the help of the USCCB, at least maintain a list of non-Catholic “Catholic” groups on their diocesan websites, with a prominent link to the list on the home page.

    For people who do not have Internet access, dioceses could also publish the list in their diocesan newspaper if they have one, and/or publish a list to be inserted into parish bulletins on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    I know it may not be possible to list every non-Catholic “Catholic” group that exists, but that doesn’t mean that keeping such a list is impossible or a wasted effort. Laymen and clergymen alike need this information so we can avoid supporting groups that work against the Church.

    Also, setting up and maintaining the list for distribution to the dioceses would give the USCCB something constructive to do.

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