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Moving away for a moment from the less important issues, such as the fate of the USA, nay rather, the world and the American election, let’s turn our attention to use of the biretta.

The other day I was in the procession from San Salvatore in Lauro to San Pietro.  We priests wore our birettas in procession, since the Blessed Sacrament, etc., was not involved.

This is a point of birettaquette, how to use the biretta properly.

I was glad to get a note from the fellow who runs Romanitas Press about the proper use of the biretta.  I think my moniker might be getting around.

The post has some information about the proper use of a biretta at grave-side.  Priests will want to review this.


Let the New Evangelization continue biretta by biretta!

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  1. Andy Milam says:

    Ugh…yet another reason to simply hate the Kennedy’s. I digress.

    If every priest understood the importance of being properly vested from head to foot, then there would be much more symbolism in the Church. While it may seem like a petty thing or even a small thing, the use of the biretta is awe-inspiring when done as an entire body. About the only time it is seen anymore is by bishops in Rome or by the random traddy group.

    However, it has long been my contention that had priests not abandoned the use of the biretta, there would be just that much more of a fulfillment of ceremony and understanding of roles. With minor clergy not wearing biretta and with clergy wearing and doffing at various points, it lends itself to publicly showing proper respect to fellow clergy, ministers of Holy Mass, and the Blessed Sacrament.

    I have taken it upon myself to buy several birettas for priests. Some wear it, some don’t. But it is important to understand the reasoning for it; the practical, the ceremonial, and the symbolic.

    Thank you, Fr. Z for never abandoning the use of yours. You are a role model for many young priests and clerics.

  2. Matt R says:

    Can a priest wear a biretta in celebrations according to the new rites, and would the same rules apply?

  3. pelerin says:

    My Bishop does not even wear his zucchetto. He is easily recognised when in a group of Bishops as he will be the only one bare headed.

  4. AnnAsher says:

    Where does one purchase a Biretta to give as a gift? I think it would be well received by the priest recipient I have in mind.

  5. Consilio et Impetu says:

    Thank you, Father, for encouraging the use of the biretta. I do have a question. I recently saw a few photos of Fr. John Trigilio wearing a biretta during a Solemn Pontifical Mass (EF) wearing a biretta that was trimmed in red and had a crimson tuft. Is this correct or is he privileged to wear this style?(Canon?) I thought academic birettas (four horns with proper doctoral colors) were only to be worn at academic functions and the black biretta (three or four horns) were to be worn at liturgical functions or for everyday use by priests. Can you clarify this for me?

    Thank you!

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