Card. George (Archd. Chicago) seems to be cancer free

From the Chicago Tribune:

Cardinal George: Doctors ‘couldn’t find any evidence of cancer’

By Manya A. Brachear
Tribune reporter
7:39 a.m. CST, December 12, 2012

Medical tests have shown that Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George appears to be free of cancer, he said in a wide-ranging interview, though doctors have advised the Roman Catholic archbishop to skip two Christmas Day traditions dear to him.
Because months of treatment have taken a toll on his immune system, George will miss celebrating Mass with inmates at the Cook County Jail and visiting Lurie Children’s Hospital to comfort young patients who can’t be home on Christmas Day. Instead he will celebrate midnight Mass at Holy Name Cathedral downtown, followed by a quiet day at home with family.

“The first tests they did halfway through were quite successful,” George, 75, said during an interview this week at his residence. He has been undergoing chemotherapy since September, shortly after doctors discovered cancerous cells on his liver and a kidney. He expects to be finished with chemotherapy in early January.


In other news

The cardinal, who hasn’t told the personally told the pope yet, said he would like to retire as archbishop and, health permitting, spend his remaining years in the role of a priest– hearing confessions and ministering to the poor.

“It’s a question of the coordinating my resignation with the demands of the archdiocese and then uh, I hope being able to greet my successor,” he said.

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  1. ATT says:

    Thanks be to God!

    “The cardinal . . . said he would like to retire as archbishop and, health permitting, spend his remaining years in the role of a priest– hearing confessions and ministering to the poor.”

    A good and holy priest. All of us discerning the priesthood should follow his example.

  2. Laura98 says:

    This is wonderful news!!! Thank you Lord Jesus! I hope and pray his wishes to retire to the role of simple priest are granted. What a wonderful example for all all those in high positions within the Church to follow. I shall continue to pray for Cardinal George.

  3. Jim of Bowie says:

    Praise God. I have been praying for him.

  4. pmullane says:

    Thank you Jesus for this wonderful news. May God Blass Cardinal George. I second ATT’s comments, his humility in wishing to dedicate the rest of his life in service of the poor and to sinners is a true example of Christ.

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  6. joan ellen says:

    Thanks be to God.
    Good for you ATT.
    “All of us discerning the priesthood should follow his example.” And for appreciating what the Cardinal hopes to do. I shall remember you in my prayers.

  7. rbrady19 says:

    I would like to share a short story about the holiness of Cardinal George. Tragically in 2001 my elderly uncle shot and killed my aunt in a mercy killing then turned the gun on himself. He survived. At the time I was a first year seminarian at the minor seminary for the Archdiocese of Chicago. I was encouraged to reach out to my bishop by priests of the diocese. He prayed with me and encouraged me to seek comfort in Eucharistic Adoration and prayer. I asked Cardinal George, months later at Midnight (Christmas) Mass, to pray for my uncle who was at Cook County Jail when he celebrated Mass there the next morning. He asked my uncles name and said he would pray for him. A week later I went to visit my elderly uncle and he told me not only had Cardinal George prayed for him, he sought him out among the thousands of prisoners and stayed with him for a short while in the infirmary and encouraged him to ask for forgiveness from God and offered to hear his confession. Cardinal George continued pulled me aside and asked about my uncle every time we ran into each other. His gentle words and kind thoughts helped my entire family throughout this tragedy. This is just one tale from one man. I’m sure Catholic and non-Catholic Chicagoans by the thousands could share gentle stories of holiness just like this one. This is an extraordinary man! Since the first time we met, he has not only been my bishop and leader but my friend also. God bless you Your Eminence.

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