Z-CAM & RADIO SPTDV – Latin Rosary and Christmas music

You can reach the Ustream page of the Z-Cam & Radio SPTDV (olim Radio Sabina) here.

I don’t control the ads that pop up, alas. I have found that “Ad Block” works on them, however.

Right now I have some predominantly sacred Christmas music and Latin Prayers, including the Rosary, in Latin.  I’ll change the list around from time to time.  After the Christmas Octave, I will switch the list around.

I can’t keep it going all the time.  Check this blog’s sidebar for when Father Z TV is “Live”.

The webcam is aimed right now at one side of my smallish window feeder.  It’s not like the old days, alas, but new birds are finding it.  And there is a pair of Cardinals around.  You should see busy Chickadees, Nuthatches, various finches.

The Z-Cam is limited to one cam at the moment, since the “mothership” desktop (donated by a reader) died.  Hopefully soon I’ll get a couple more cams set up.

Live stream videos at Ustream

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  1. jenniphd says:

    Father, Do you have a playlist on iTunes? I would like to have your Rosary in Latin for my son and I to pray with, as they do not have a good version of it either on youtube or on iTunes. I’d happily buy it in podcast or mp3 form, depending on how you uploaded it.



    [Thanks for that suggestion!]

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