“My wife returned to confession last night for the first time in over a decade…”

From a reader:

I wanted to share with you my great joys. My wife returned to
confession last night for the first time in over a decade, and only the third time ever. On Saturday evening, I will be baptized and received into Christ’s Church. Praise God! Please pray for us. Your blog has been a tremendous help for me in learning about the faith and keeping up with recent events in the Church.

Congratulations!  Really good news on both fronts.

Everyone: Go to confession!

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  1. Ceile De says:

    That’s great.
    My wife and I were privileged to meet an old lady this week who went to confession that day for first time in 60 plus years and saw her receive Holy Communion for first time in as long next day at Mass, with the support of a holy priest who encouraged her. We saw something so special and yet if one didn’t know it looked so normal to we her in the line to receive. Deo gratias.

  2. mamajen says:

    Congratulations to both of you! Wonderful news.

  3. Lucas Whittaker says:

    What great news! Whenever I hear stories of people coming back to the folr of Christ I cannot help but to “see” the near-miraculous influx of grace that people receive just as they choose to turn their life over to God. An old friend used to say, “Go God!” whenever she heard these fantastic stories: “Go God!”. I converted to the faith when I was 13 years old from a family of atheists. But because my family problems weighed heavily upon me I fell away from the faith for a few years in my late teens. I remember trying to work out in my mind–even as I would sit before the tabernacle in our small country parish–just how I could turn my then apparently complicated life back to God. But on the day that it dawned on me that I simply had to go back to confession and then leave every difficult life choice in Gods hands I know that I was moved by a strong grace from God. I often think about that passage in sacred scripture where Jesus says, “I will not leave you orphans” (Jn 14:18). It is a wonder how God never stops calling us to a deeper relationship with him even when we find occasion to turn away from him. May he be praised!

    Whoever shared this story with Father Z, thank you for it. What you are doing is quite generous, but God is never outdone in generosity; you can expect to receive blessing upon blessing this Easter and I am excited for you.

  4. lana says:

    What great news! Thank you for sharing!

  5. JabbaPapa says:

    Welcome !! And welcome back !!!

    The Adult Baptism is a great joy, you’ll find, and may be both give strength to each other in the fullness of our Faith

  6. Mariana says:


  7. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Hurray hurray hurray!

  8. cornelius74 says:

    Congratulations! May the Lord give you strength to carry on and follow him all the way. Let me share a similar joy with you: today I celebrate my 8th birthday in Christ, eight great years will have passed from my entry into the flock of the Good Shepherd. And behold, I am to be a godfather to my friend tonight! She comes from an atheist family, as I do, and she had to put up quite a struggle to reach this evening. Please pray for her and for me and rest assured that we pray for you too.

  9. The Cobbler says:

    Random Confession schedule tip (because we’ve all dealt with a parish Confession schedule being wacky): If you work downtown see what sort of stuff the old downtown parishes have scheduled for lunch hour. Actually, that can work for daily Mass too, depending how much spare time you can squeeze out of your lunch break.

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