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  1. acardnal says:

    Thank you for these clips, Fr. Z. I saw some on “Rome Reports.”

    I notice that Benedict is not wearing his pellegrina or fascia. Just his white cassock as he said he would after retiring. May God bless him.

  2. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    God bless Pope Benedict, he looks so frail now. Like a father and son.

  3. Touches ones heart! What a way to celebrate Lazarus Saturday! God protect them both and grant them long life!

  4. Ann Roth says:

    So sweet. How good of them to share the moment with us. It is reassuring and so very touching. I miss Papa Benedict very much. Pope Francis has a way of touching my heart. God bless them both. Thank you Father Z.

  5. B.C.M. says:

    It makes me both sad to see how frail Benedetto is and how genuinely happy he is to see Francisco. I lost it at “Padre! Bongiorno!”… Genuine happiness. See: Aristotle’s definitions of Happy and Friend.

  6. Ceile De says:

    Very reassurig, thanks, especially as I had been quite unsettled reading some very unplaesant and false contrasts between the two by a priest (SJ) whome, until then, I had admired greatly.

  7. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    I am amazed at how “young” a 76 year old man can seem.

    On another note, I can see the weight loss in Benedict XVI. I think time will tell us a lot about his decision to step down.

  8. GAK says:

    Note that despite his less formal ways, Pope Francis addresses the Holy Father Emeritus (is that an okay way to phrase it?) as “Lei” not “te.”

  9. rhhenry says:

    [My apologies if this gets posted twice — when I first typed it, I clicked on “Preview” and then everything disappeared.]

    Thank you for posting these videos.

    Could someone please explain to me the significance (if any) of some of the clerics wearing all-black cassocks (despite colored skull-caps) and no “waistbands” (my apologies for not knowing, much less attempting, to use / spell the appropriate terms)?


  10. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    Bob Moynihan of Inside the Vatican has the story behind the icon Pope Francis gave to Pope Benedict XVI, and it is an amazing one at that. See it here in his e-letter. I isolated it into a new post at my own blog, but here is the original. What he has in his post is an exclusive, really.

    I recommend signing up for his e-letters. He gets some interesting back ground now and then. He likes to explain things in story form, which some will like, and others won’t.

  11. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Those videos did me in.

    Perhaps because I’ve seen BXVI on video only once recently (at his last Papal Mass), but I am struck by his infirmity.

    Reflecting on what was said in an earlier post about the meeting today, about how Pope emeritus Benedict could be useful as a “consigliere” of sorts, perhaps that was part of the wisdom (and the Holy Spirit’s guidance) in his decision to step down. Just thinking out loud here…Maybe his reasons for stepping down were twofold: 1) He knew he was fast approaching a time when his mental and physical abilities to govern as best he could would be lost (remembering JPII’s long, slow descent), a dangerous situation for his beloved Church in this world that is growing rapidly more hostile and aggressive towards it; and 2) it was best for the Church to have him in a position to advise the new pope, as needed and as long as he had the mental faculties. Who better to advise the new pope on friends, enemies and those in between, than him? For all that many were and remain shocked, disappointed and alarmed at BXVI’s stepping down, God’s ways are not ours, and He does work in mysterious ways.

    St. Mary the Blessed Virgin, pray for us.
    St. Joseph, pray for us.
    St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

  12. anna 6 says:

    Can anyone tell us what Benedict was saying to Francis? Francis’ Italian is fairly easy to translate, but Benedict’s voice is so soft.

  13. TLM says:

    Thank you so much for these video’s! My heart is full. It seems Pope Emeritus Benedict has grown more fragile in such a short time and his voice is raspy. Pope Francis is so warm and obviously loves him.

  14. Sandy says:

    It brought tears to my eyes, what a touching and spiritually powerful sight! Still feel such love for Papa Benedict. We don’t know what he has gone through. I agree with Diane, Moynihan’s letters have been very informative throughout this whole process.

  15. Lori Pieper says:

    I really adored seeing the video of these two holy men together, though at moments I almost had to rub my eyes as though I were seeing double — two Popes at once! in What an extraordinary moment seeing him kneel together in prayer.

    Even so, I almost wish they could have been left alone to meet in privacy without the photographers and video cameras; of course Benedict is so used to it, and Papa Francis must be getting used to it now. Maybe when they meet in the future it can be alone for a real heart-to-heart, which must be difficult now.

  16. Lori Pieper says:

    Oh, of course, I know that they did have time alone apart from the cameras. (I also know that it was “seeing them kneel” but my fingers slipped!).

  17. Melody says:

    Not sure, but I think that Benedict was gesturing for Francis to sit in the center chair while he would use the stool, but Francis had them both use the pew instead.
    Also, Pope Benedict is not well. The extra coat for warmth against poor circulation, the cane, that walk, I’m glad he doesn’t have the Easter workload.

  18. david s says:

    Thanks so much for these videos. It’s touching to see the two Popes together.
    In Friday’s address to the diplomatic corps, I noticed that Pope Francis mentioned that he chose his name partly because of St Francis’ work for peace. It reminded me that Pope Benedict also chose his name partly for a worker for peace, Pope Benedict XV, who worked hard–but unsuccessfully– to prevent World War I. (The name was also chosen for St Benedict, of course).

  19. anna 6 says:

    The visual artist in me couldn’t help wondering if Benedict had intentionally planned it so that there would have been a photo and video of Benedict in prayer with Pope Francis, with the Holy Father on the papal kneeler, and Benedict behind him and not as an equal. As if to illustrate the supportive role that he would like to play “in the service of prayer”.

    Instead, the take-away was “we are brothers”.

    Fascinating stuff.

  20. Septima says:

    Poor Papa Ratzi, he has grown very frail… but I suspect he’s more at peace now that he can be left alone to pray and reflect. God bless him.

    The warmth and joy and consideration for one another was most obvious. Very, very encouraging.

    What’s discouraging is the garbage being produced by the MSM, hoping to their version of a god that there will be an internal war and, therefore, journalistic fodder. The article I read before coming here was pure garbage. What a bunch of jackals.

  21. StJude says:

    Well… now the tears are flowing. I love Pope Benedict.
    God bless them both.

  22. jhayes says:

    EWTN will broadcast Francis’s Palm Sunday Mass from St. Peters

    Starts at 4:30 AM Eastern Time.. I’ve just set my DVR

    Get the Booklet for the Mass:

  23. phlogiston says:

    So sad. News reports indicated that B XVI was nearly blind in one eye. After viewing that video, I wonder if he’s completely blind in the other. In spite of the fact that his health was the reason given for his resignation, I found that video surprising and saddening.

  24. jhayes says:

    EWTN has posted the video of heir intviewwith Pope Francis about sx monhs ago. It’s the first time I have seen him in an extended one-on-one conversation.

    Worth watching.


  25. Miriam says:

    When Pope Benedict XVI first announced his resignation there were so many surprised Catholics in my parish. I asked them, Have you not noticed, have you not seen how very frail he has become?

    It wasn’t a secret. You only had to watch any Mass or audience he had to see the physical deterioration.

    I came into the Church in 2008, he has been my only Holy Father and I love and miss him so very much.

    It was wonderful to see them together. Thanks for posting the videos Father Z.

  26. Catholic Granny says:

    Thank you for posting these touching videos, Fr. Z. While out skiing, this thought came to me: Due to his respect and reverence for Benedict, maybe Pope Francis has decided not to wear the normal papal attire while Benedict is still here with us. They both look so much alike and Pope Francis decided that as brothers they should pray side by side rather than where Benedict directed him to pray. Just another possibility we can add to our list of why we think Pope Francis is making the choices he is. Only he and the good Lord really know of course.

  27. Juergensen says:

    Benedict XVI looks startlingly weak and frail. I’d like to hear from those who upon his resignation promptly wrote that it was unjustified and wrong.

  28. mamajen says:

    This is so touching. Pope Francis looks overjoyed to be in the presence of Pope Benedict. What a blessing that he could have this time with him.

    I have noticed through my internet travels that many who have been critical of Pope Francis are reporting that the video and pictures from this meeting have given them a sense of peace for the first time since the election. I’m happy for them.

    @Catholic Granny – that is an interesting hypothesis! Perhaps Pope Francis is struggling with the idea of the resignation as much as many of us have.

  29. TNCath says:

    I was very touched by the meeting. It did give me a sense of hope that Pope Francis will build upon what Pope Benedict started. Seeing two Popes together is something we may not ever see again in our lifetimes. I was truly distressed at how frail Pope Benedict looked less than a month from his departure on February 28. Perhaps Pope Benedict didn’t want the Church to have to go through what we went through with Pope John Paul II. Regardless, it was extremely gratifying to see today’s historical moment.

  30. cheezwiz says:

    Benedict XVI’s current posture reminds me of my parents near the end of their lives. It is possible that he has compression fractures in his spine, which are very painful and contribute to an impression of frailty, due to the “bent-over” appearance. My guess is that Pope Francis will care for Benedict as any of us would care for any elderly parent or sibling: with great care & concern, as well as respect for the wisdom of an elder.
    May God bless them both!

  31. Lora says:

    Beautiful holiness and humility-what an honor and blessing to be Catholic and have these wonderful Papa’s. May they receive abundant blessings from the Lord!

  32. Catholictothecore says:

    It was truly moving watching the two of them. Beautiful! Benedict XVI does look frail physically but still has it together in other ways I’m sure. God Bless them both.

  33. majuscule says:


    I did not know that Benedict XVI was nearly blind in one eye but my first impression seeing him in the video was that he is going blind. (I live with a blind person.)

    I am praying for both these dear men. We need them both!

  34. Marcello says:

    My wife got very choked up seeing the both of them, as did I. Benedict’s decline has been precipitous. God bless them both. Hopefully the Lord will give Benedict enough time to offer much needed counsel and advice to Francis.

  35. boxerpaws1952 says:


  36. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    Look at this picture Msgr. Guido Marini posted on his Facebook page

  37. GAK says:

    Loved this:

    1 minute 57 seconds

    1 minute 57 seconds

    Pope Francis (showing him the icon): “They call this “The Madonna of Humility.”

    Our Pope Emeritus: “Humility. That’s beautiful.”

    Pope Francis: “And, permit me to say something, I thought of you.

    Our Pope Emeritus grabs his hands and says “thank you.”

    Francis continues: “So much humility during your pontificate.”

    [Benedict presses his hands and says thank you again and something else I can’t catch.] Francis continues but I can’t catch it all over the camera clicking.

  38. StJude says:

    @ GAK Oh my.. that is so sweet. More tears from me.

  39. albinus1 says:

    Even so, I almost wish they could have been left alone to meet in privacy without the photographers and video cameras; of course Benedict is so used to it, and Papa Francis must be getting used to it now.

    Lori, it’s not a matter of “leaving them alone”. Do you think the photographers forced their way into Castel Gandolfo? If Frances and Benedict hadn’t wanted their meeting (or at least part of it) to be filmed, it wouldn’t have been.

  40. GAK says:

    Gosh, sorry for all of the typos. I should refrain from multitasking.

    Had I better audio on my computer I would translate more for you. Maybe one of the news outlets has done a transcript?

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  42. Paddy says:

    I noticed something else too – why wasn’t Francis wearing his fischerman’s ring when he when to visit Benedict XVI.??
    He did have it on this morning for Mass though.

    Any ideas??

  43. boxerpaws1952 says:

    i didn’t notice but if he didn’t wear it i have this thought in mind:
    His Holiness Benedict the XVI had just stepped down.Pope Francis was recently elected.I’m sure His Holiness Benedict did not want to step down but did so for the good of the Church(his health).Perhaps Pope Francis took into consideration how our Pope Emeritus MIGHT feel and did not want to make the Pope Emeritus feel small by coming into the meeting as Pope but rather as brother. I’m not sure i’m saying this well;but my thoughts about it are along those lines.Other than that he had no real reason to not wear it and this seems likely. I know most of us would care and be sensitive to His Holiness.

  44. Katylamb says:

    The pope is wearing his ring when he greets Benedict. You can see it when they are about to embrace.

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