Wyoming Catholic College Summer Programs

The right side here is now sporting a spiffy ad from Wyoming Catholic College.  Go look!

They have Summer Programs and Outdoor Learning to explore.

Also, they have a Conventiculum Viomingense for Latin students.

A shot from the booth they had at the Legatus Summit in Phoenix.

(Yes, Fr. Z is taking ads – at his discretion.)


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  1. acardnal says:

    And they just recently got a new president!

  2. Choirgirl says:

    Some of the images on the right side aren’t showing even after I hit “show picture.” This ad is one of them, and also Mystic Monk. I am planning to order some of MM’s Columbian as a result of hitting your link. I love Columbian and I’m expecting that theirs is heavenly!

  3. You might have to disable your “adblock” for this domain


  4. MisterH says:

    For those who might be interested, the Cardinal Newman Society has recently published an updated and improved version of “The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.”

    The Guide provides extensive information to help parents and students choose a Catholic college that has a strong fidelity to the Faith.

    Wyoming Catholic College, of course, is one of the schools that is that is given the Cardinal Newman Society “seal of approval” as faithfully Catholic.


    The Guide makes for interesting reading.

  5. kristen says:

    My husband, daughters, and I were just looking over their summer programs the night before last. My youngest (10 year old) is so going here, she says. They have “Horsemanship” as a class. And offer the TLM daily! Only eight…. more….years…. of homeschooling her and she’ll be there.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    TAC (Thomas Aquina College in Santa Paula) people call Wyoming, ‘TAC with horses”…If I had a girl, she would have gone there!

  7. scholastica says:

    Kristen, my oldest daughter discovered WCC when it was merely a thought in Bishop Ricken’s mind. It didn’t even have a name, but a friend of hers sent her a clip from a Colorado newspaper with a small blurb about the school to be. She decided then that it would be her school, she was about 13 or 14. She graduated from their second class last spring. You will be suprised how quickly it comes.

  8. david s says:

    Also, they have a Conventiculum Viomingense for Latin students.

    …well bust my buttons, I can’t say I’ve ever wondered how to say Wyomingish in Latin, but I think I know now!

  9. mburduck says:

    You know, when the day comes for me to retire from my university position here in Tennessee, I’ve already determined that there’s no way I will return to my native city of New York. The state at the top of my list? Wyoming. This post from Father Z. helps me realize that I have made a good choice!



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