New book about women religious!

If you want to understanding something about how many of the women religious in these USA have gone completely off their rockers, here is the book to get.

I have the first book, from 1997.  Now there is an updated, second version.

This book is now available for PRE-ORDER at a reduced price. Based on my reading of her first version, I’ll recommend this sight not-yet-seen.  In the new book Carey drills into the “doctrinal assessment” and the LCWR, as well as the rise of new communities which are more traditional (read: not crazy).

Sisters in Crisis Revisited: From Unraveling to Reform and Renewal by Anne Carey


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  1. TNCath says:

    Ann Carey nailed it back in 1997 with her first book. I’m sure she pulls no punches in this one as well.

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    I already pre-ordered! I concur the first book is very excellent. It really documents what actually happened. Much has happened since then. This is really needed.

  3. Matthew the Wayfarer says:

    Didn’t grow up Catholic but respected nuns, religious, priests…….
    Then came the Second Protestant Revolution in the Roman Catholic Church. I went on to become Byzantine Catholic and fortunately the Mission Parish I belonged to was near a Dominican school. The nuns/sisters still wore mostly traditional habits. Don’t know about now, probably not. The Byzantine and other eastern rites have gone over to the dark side. I have no respect for any of them. Those few that have returned to tradition, yes I respect them but as far as I’m concerned if you look secular and sound secular and act secular well………you know what they say about the duck?

  4. jbas says:

    It seems to be available already on the publisher’s site, including an e-version. This publisher, however, does not list publication years on their site, so I’m not certain it’s the right book.

  5. Glen M says:

    If the problems in religious communities and orders are so obvious then why have they been allowed to fester? The solutions are equally clear. As a member of a religious order Pope Francis should take action. The communities and orders are dying; who knows how many souls are being lost?

  6. Charles E Flynn says:

    An interview with author Ann Carey:

    Women Religious in the U.S.: The Past Fifty Years, by Catherine Harmon, for the Catholic World Report.

  7. avalon-rose says:

    Matthew the Wayfarer —

    I must admit to being confused by this which you said:

    “The Byzantine and other eastern rites have gone over to the dark side. I have no respect for any of them. ”

    Excuse me? The Eastern Rites have, on the whole, not been subject to the kind of nuttiness and secularism that proliferates currently in the Latin Rite. Their liturgies live up to their name (Divine) and their religious communities, as far as I am aware, remain faithful and habited. They are not the ones who ditched the habit and took up political activism and strayed from Christ en masse. Those are all Latin Rite religious communities. If you are going to make such negative claims about the Eastern rites having “gone over to the dark side”, please offer some proof of this.

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