I don’t like the UN.   They push an evil agenda and they are an accomplice also for the Obama Administration’s evil agenda.

The UN is also now on my bullies list.

From IOL though it seems to be from always Catholic-friendly Reuters:

GENEVA – A United Nations human rights panel has posed a list of tough questions [Watch the language: rather than say “invasive” or “aggressive” the writer seeks to make the UN sound concerned and responsible.  Just picture a UN rep putting these questions to the rep from the Holy See.  She has a little concerned frown as she reviews her notes.] to the Vatican about child abuse by Catholic priests, a potential embarrassment for Pope Francis a few months into his papacy. [Like a school yard bully does when a new kid comes to the school?]

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) asked for “detailed information on all cases of child sexual abuse committed by members of the clergy, brothers or nuns” since the Holy See last reported to it some 15 years ago, and set Nov. 1 as a deadline for a reply. [Oooo! The Holy See might respond: “That’s the feast of All Saints.  We’ll be busy that day.”]

The request [not to say “demand”] was included in a “list of issues”, [“issues” is such a thoughtful word.  You can tell by “issues” that ever point was deeply studied, perhaps even by a committee!  Of experts!] posted on the CRC’s website, to be taken up when the Vatican appears before it [They had better have a really big room if “the Vatican” is coming.  Moreover, “appears before it”. Sounds pretty pretty, no? As if this panel of the big ol’ UN has anything really to do with anything.] next January to report on the Church’s performance under the 1990 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. [And here we open another can of worms.  When some entity like the UN starts talking about “rights”, your antennae and sirens should be twirling.  The UN, in UNese, has a different understanding of the word “rights”.  ]

It will be the first time the Holy See has been publicly questioned by an international panel [Oooo.  And you the reader are supposed to be saying “The FIRST TIME?!? That’s outrageous!  They should be accountable.  To the UN!] over the child abuse scandal which severely damaged the standing of the Roman Catholic Church in many countries around the world. [And now, you see, the “the Vatican” needs the UN to rebuild its damaged status.  And the school yard bully extracts the smaller kids lunch money.]

[Watch this bait and switch…] The CRC has no enforcement powers, but [they are nobody … BUT…] a negative report after the hearing would be a blow to the Church whose leader, Pope Francis, is striving to put a number of scandals behind him since succeeding Benedict XVI who resigned in February. [And clearly the scandals are the fault of BENEDICT who, as you will recall, during his speech to the UN explained what “human rights” really means.]

By issuing its questions, [with a little frown of enlightened concern] the Geneva-based CRC brushed aside a Vatican warning that it might pull out of the Convention on the Rights of the Child if pushed too hard on the issue. [That’s what bullies do. They brush aside their victim’s protest.  I had an image of Voldemort not even bothering to raise his wand as poor Harry tried to zap him.  He just slaps it away with a contemptuous wave of his hand.  Or, maybe you don’t like Harry.  How about the Witchking’s contempt for Eowyn?]

In a report of its own in late 2011, posted on the UN website last October, the Holy See reminded the CRC of reservations on legal jurisdiction and other issues it made when it signed the global pact. [But the UN’s CRC is feeling its oats, ain’t it?  They will press and press and press and invade just as far as they are permitted.]

It said any new “interpretation” would give it grounds “for terminating or withdrawing” from the treaty.

In its request for information, [and now its just a benign “request for information”… so reasonable… so concerned… [insert Clintonian lip-bite] because its “for the children!”] the CRC asked how the Vatican was ensuring that abuser priests have no more contact with children and what instructions it has issued to ensure that cases known to the Church are reported to the police. [CRC! Defender of children… those who aren’t either aborted or contracepted out of life through a UN driven program, that is.]

In several countries, including the United States and Ireland, the Church has been accused of simply moving suspect priests from one diocese to another, and of handling cases secretly. [Sly, no?  “Moving priests” WHEN?  In the last decade?]

The committee also asked if the Church had investigated the Magdalene Laundries run by nuns in Ireland over several decades until they were closed in 1996, where former female inmates say they were treated as slaves. [Ho ho! Who ran those “laundries”?  The Good Shepherd SISTERS.]

There was no immediate comment from the Vatican on Wednesday.

Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of Britain’s National Secular Society who gave evidence to the committee in June, said he hoped for a new line from Pope Francis. [What exactly did Keith Porteous Wood give evidence about? Abuse of children by secularists?  Let’s think about this.  Let’s imagine stats for different groups who abuse children: priests v people who don’t believe in God.]

“He has expressed the Catholic Church’s determination to act decisively against pedophiles,” said Wood. “This gives room for optimism that these issues will at last be tackled. [At last?  But here is the take away message:]His papacy will be judged on his success in doing so.” – Reuters

I don’t like bullies.

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  1. robtbrown says:

    This of course raises the question of Church jurisdiction. For many years civil govts respected Ecclesial jurisdiction–the Church dealt with problem priests and religious according to her own code of law. That has ended.

    Actually, it’s just an extension of what was already happening. US law does not recognize Church annulments. My understanding is that a US tribunal won’t consider an annulment unless a civil divorce has already been granted. In certain Catholic countries (S America) there are lawyers with degrees in both Civil and Ecclesial law (utriusque) who deal with divorce/annulment cases at the same time.

  2. Darren says:

    Oh how I would love to kick the UN out of NYC. That building could be put to much better use, like turning it into a pile of rubble and doing nothing there ever again!

    Re: ROtbrown: My understanding is that a US tribunal won’t consider an annulment unless a civil divorce has already been granted.
    That is correct.

  3. pj_houston says:

    Perhaps this would be a great opportunity for the Church hierarchy to reiterate the findings of the John Jay College study that clearly showed over 80% of the sex abuse cases were of homosexual men preying on young teenage boys. Of course, this would not sit well with the PC types at the UN (or the lavender mafia), but then maybe FINALLY the truth would come out about the nature of the crisis, and the steps the Church has taken to prevent this from happening again. It has always upset me that the findings of the JJC study were essentially swept under the rug by our bishops, leaving the vast majority of our good priests to be hung out to dry.

  4. Legisperitus says:

    Oooo, and what’s the UN going to do? Revoke the Vatican’s permanent observer status? Oh please, don’t throw us into that briar patch!

  5. Ben Kenobi says:

    Oooh! They could invade the Vatican. Again. How well did that work out for them last time they tried that?

  6. mrshopey says:

    This isn’t the first time, if this is a ploy to do away with status, they have been targeted. Francis Kissling headed one in ’10, Catholics for Free Choice. I wonder if she is in the details? http://www.projectcensored.org/top-stories/articles/21-the-vaticans-u-n-status-challenged/

  7. mrshopey says:

    I wonder if it will also bring to light how countries differ in how they treat child abuse, and define it? Meaning, not all countries prosecute those that prey on adolescents/used as prostitutes. That is how they, officials, find those that are true pedophiles now; they have a need to “visit” those countries. IOW, because a priest wasn’t convicted of a crime doesn’t mean crime didn’t happen. It could look really bad for some countries where a priest was removed from ministry, only thing the church officials could do, with no charges brought against them. This could be embarrassing….for some…

  8. Clinton says:

    2003: 6 UN peacekeeper troops are accused of sexual abuse of children in DR Congo.

    2004: 2 UN peacekeeper troops are repatriated after being accused of sexual abuse of
    children in Burundi.

    2005: UN troops are accused of rape and sexual abuse in Sudan.

    2006: UN personnel accused of rape and sexual exploitation (“sex for aid”) in missions
    in Haiti and Liberia.

    2007: UN launches a probe into reports of sexual abuse of 100s of children by aid workers
    in Ivory Coast.

    2008: BBC reports that the UK branch of the charity Save the Children issues a report
    that children as young as six years old are being sexually abused by UN peacekeepers and
    UN aid workers. “The UN says it welcomes the charity report, which it will study closely”…

    (insert pithy remark about UN’s hypocrisy here).

  9. wmeyer says:

    Well, of course, “requests” don’t have “deadlines”. The notion is contradictory.

    “… the Vatican appears before it…” As a supplicant? LOL!

    Hmmm… was this request put to the Vatican as a state? Or to the Church?

    “It will be the first time the Holy See has been publicly questioned by an international panel….” Presumptious. It may be, if the Vatican sends a representative to the panel. But it was only a request, no?

    One must wonder how many member states have conducted their own internal investigations and purges–of public schools, foe example–as the Church has done. One suspects the answer would be: None. In how many of those member states are children being abused by teachers, ministers, and others in positions of relative power over the child.

    Oh, and the U.N., of course, casts this stone because it is without sin???

    We should finally pull out, dispossess them from the NYC real estate, raze the building, and exorcise the demons from the plot.

  10. Papabile says:

    And today, in the explanatory note to the motu proprio, it offers that they have incorporated the Convention on the rights of the Child and it’s 2000 codicile into Vatican law.

  11. jaykay says:

    “The committee also asked if the Church had investigated the Magdalene Laundries run by nuns in Ireland over several decades until they were closed in 1996, where former female inmates say they were treated as slaves.”

    It seems to have totally bypassed the notice of these dingbats that the Irish State carried out an investigation into this, with the full co-operation of the Irish Church. And the widely-reported allegations of “slavery” were seen, in the cold light of day, to be so much over-hyped BS. All this has been fully available to the public for some time, of course, but then why should a bunch of overpaid, inter-bred and not on average very intelligent zealots bother with small things like facts when they get in the way of the Agenda?

    Funny how their cliched worldview of of the evil spider-like Vatican (shudder) controlling every activity of every national Church worldwide from its sinsister Roman lair, doubtless with the aid of its Inquisition enforcers (double shudder), is so much like that of 19th century fundamentalist bigots. Yes, very funny…

  12. Clinton says:

    2009: Wikileaks releases a confidential UN internal report listing 217 allegations of sexual
    abuse of children and women by members of the UN mission in Congo. The report says that
    evidence suggests “frequent and ongoing” sexual exploitation by members of the UN mission
    in the region.

    2011: In April, two UN peacekeeper troops are repatriated from Ivory Coast, over a year after
    Save the Children UK had reported the soldiers for trading food for sex with poor, underage

    2012: In Haiti, 2 cases of sexual exploitation and abuse involving minors are traced to UN
    police serving with the UN mission in Haiti. It is the 3rd such scandal in Haiti in 5 years.

    (Insert sarcastic remarks about the UN’s commitment to stamping out the sexual abuse of
    children by its own personnel).

  13. Cathy says:

    Has anyone ever asked the UN how it’s doing with that “never again” thingy in regards to human genocide and atrocities against citizens over the past 45 years? I give them an “F” considering that more people have been executed by their governments in the last 45 years than in any other time in human history. I honestly don’t understand why this organization exists other than to look at the executions in progress, then collectively ignore them, fan the flames, or convince other to buy in, most poignantly in their support for killing citizens by force in the womb. I agree, the entire UN should be kicked off our soil, the only result of its existence is to hold back sovereign nations from direct intervention in the face of such atrocities.

  14. msokeefe says:

    It serves the Church right for ever going to bed with the UN. It all began with the modernist Pope Paul VI, why he ever entered that den of degenerates I will never know. The Church should be the ultimate authority on how people are treated. Yet for decades they have ceded their authority to secular governments. Take the US Bishops Conference. For years they have railed for government health care. Be careful what you wish for, now the Church will have to pay for healthcare that provides abortions, sterilization, birth control and euthanasia. We won’t get into the fact that for the last 10 years the NY Arch Diocese has been providing this healthcare w/o their arms being twisted at all. Now the US Bishops Conference is wading into illegal immigration and gun control. Years ago they allowed the government to take over for the care of the poor. Now the government pays for voters, instead of loving, caring Catholics helping to provide and maybe saving a few souls along the way. In the name of ecumenism, the Church itself denies Jesus and the Holy Ghost, by saying muslims and jews worship the same God. Why convert to the True Church? We’re all good right? Pope Francis met with 30 jews who recommended that the Church hold off the canonization process for Pope Pius XII, until they get access to Vatican records to determine if he did anything for or against jews. Maybe if the UN gets into Vatican records we might discover records of Blessed Pope John Paul II covering sexual abuse? Is it far fetched? We just learned that Cardinal Dolan moved funds around to avoid paying damages to sex abuse victims. Here is Blessed Pope John Paul II and his endorsement of a NWO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRX-KEXBvYY

  15. Darren says:

    oopsss… sorry robtbrown… didn’t mean to error in pasting your name as ROTbrown… many pardons!

  16. rodin says:

    As a friend of mine used to say: “Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.”

  17. pannw says:

    “This gives room for optimism that these issues will at last be tackled.”

    As infuriating as this whole UN thing is, that sentence just does something to me. I take it as a personal attack on my beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, as if he did nothing to stop the ‘filth’ in the Church. GRRRR….

    And I’m sure it is because I’ve only just finished reading a couple of weeks ago, but things like this just sound so like Fr. Benson’s Lord of the World with the isolation of the Church and all. It really seems prophetic.

  18. Hidden One says:

    Some things more obviously deserve lengthy and elaborate strongly-worded official replies in Latin than others.

  19. Johnno says:

    Really? The U.N.?

    The same U.N. looking to destroy parental rights?

    The same U.N. working with Planned Parenthood to legitimize Pedophilia?

    The same U.N. decriminalizing Child Prostitution to fight aids?

    You’d think they actually want the Church to keep on abusing children, because it’s healthy and the right of the child to their privacy away from the tyranny of its parents.

  20. rodin says:

    P.S. It really sounds like this is a continuation of the “disinformation” program of the Soviets that is attempting to weaken the position of the Holy Father whether he is Francis or any of his predecessors or successors. This word is fully explained in the book “Disinformation” written by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa. Interesting reading.

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