What is your good news?

If you have some good news in your lives, let us know. We can all use good news.

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  1. yatzer says:

    We just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.

  2. frjim4321 says:

    First summer in a long time without a major capital project. Hooray! Enjoying the hiatus.

  3. iPadre says:

    We had an awesome celebration of the 100th Anniversary of my parish yesterday. Bishop Tobin celebrated the Mass, five concelebrants including myself, parish deacon and many parishioners. Followed by a great dinner at a local restaurant. http://www.HolyGhostCC.org

  4. Bosco says:

    Good news from County Cork, Ireland:
    There will be a Pontifical High Mass celebrated on Sunday 07 July 2013 at 11.30am by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke at SS. Peter & Paul’s Church, Paul Street, Cork City.

    Cardinal Burke will also preside at Vespers (Evening Prayer) at 7.30 pm on Saturday 06 July 2013.

    Cardinal Burke was interviewed by ‘The Irish Catholic’ recently and expressed some important thoughts on the state of Irish politics.

    The link is http://www.irishcatholic.ie/20130620/news/taoiseachs-not-a-catholic-politician-statement-is-nonsense-vatican-cardinal-S34658.html

    my heartiest congratulations on your 46th wedding anniversary. May God bless you abundantly.

  5. Father,

    Yesterday was my 32nd birthday and I’m just weeks away from receiving my 90 day review at work. Since I left religious life 1.9 yrs ago, I have struggled to find a footing in the workplace, that is at least, until 2 months ago when I found a job in the IT field working for a real estate company, it has been one of the most fantastic places I have worked in years. I’ve only had one semi-bad day, the rest have been great and I am so looking forward to my review and getting on with my new job.

    The other good news is that it has been 7 yrs now since my last open heart surgery (9th). I have never made it more than 7 yrs without having to undergo another surgery, so while I am nervous for this year, I am quite happy to have made it this long without having to go under the knife again. God is so good!

  6. As I mentioned in the Sunday Sermon thread, I found some good Jesuits! The Hearts on Fire retreat team is a group of young Jesuit priests and seminarians with the Apostleship of Prayer. They gave an amazing retreat. I learned more about Ignatian contemplation, which is quite possibly the best kind of prayer for me. They were able to make Ignatian spirituality, an introduction to consolation and desolation, and the discernment of spirits, accessible without dumbing it down. Generally I avoid “young adult” activities, because frankly it’s usually stuff I already know. This, however, was informative, useful, and very rewarding. Just what I needed!

  7. Charivari Rob says:

    I met several excellent religious sisters one night last week. They’re from an Order I hadn’t personally encountered before. The Order is from Vietnam, and the name was translated into English as “Sisters of the Congregation of the Lovers of the Holy Cross”

  8. wanda says:

    Yay, it’s good news day! Our son and his wife are expecting their first child in December. This is our very first grandchild. I have to say it’s hard to describe what that feels like. I’m still trying to take in the news, mostly I’m on cloud 9. Our kids gave us a sonogram picture of our little grand-baby. It’s a stunning feeling. Thanks be to God for this precious gift of new life.

  9. Servant of the Liturgy says:

    After nearly 2 years, mom has a job. (Thanks all for the prayers)

    After a brief scare, I still remain employed.

    Leaking roof is repaired.

    The summer is still young!

  10. alexandra88 says:

    A friend, who is in religious life, will be celebrating her solemn vows this October. Deo gratias!

  11. after 3 trips to the er, nights without sleep and one hellish week of vertigo finally coming out of it. Evidently had sinus infection (among other things)and it really set it off. Days of anti biotic and am finally coming around. So thankful. Deo Gratias!
    Other good news. Had small windfall and on Tues the Divine Mercy Bible from EWTN will be here! this is just too good to be true but it is.I didn’t think i’d ever be able to get this book. :)
    Small miracles everywhere in life,every day. We get knocked down(illness, unemployment)and He raises us back up. Hang in everyone. It’s all good :)

  12. tjg says:

    My wife and sons attended a great presentation on the Rich Gift of Love by the Domincan Sisters of Aquinas College at St Pat’s in Iowa City. Sister Jane Dominic’s talk is available on line (4 hours of material divided up into 20 minute segments).

    See http://www.newmanconnection.com/institute/courses/rich-gift-of-love

  13. majuscule says:

    No TV here but I was able to watch my archbishop receiving the pallium at the Mass on the Feast of Sts Peter and Paul. With the iPad on my lap it was much closer than watching on TV. I sometimes feel guilty about all the technology that I use, but not this time.

    As a side note–not to be taken as good or bad news–Pope Francis was not using Pope JP II’s ferula.

  14. tealady24 says:

    We finally closed on our house in NJ and are a mere 20 minutes from my son and dil. Just last weekend we found out that our second grandchild will be another girl! She will be named for her late aunt Marisa, who passed into eternal life at the age of 32, last July 20 after battling a brain infection. God has His ways.

  15. maryh says:

    Last weekend was our 29th wedding anniversary, but we just celebrated it Saturday.

  16. thefeds says:

    God and Bishop Michael Barber SJ willing, I hope to be ordained to the Order of Deacon in just about 4 months. My 17 classmates and I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers offered.

  17. PA mom says:

    Due to the intercession of St Joseph, and many thanks to a priest who was willing to travel and give of his Saturday afternoon, we were able to celebrate the Catholic blessing of my grandmother’s (previously justice of the peace) marriage. After many years, God has answered her prayers with great generosity and I could not be happier for them both.

  18. Lucy C says:

    What an amazing weekend!!!!!
    On Saturday, we attended an Ordination at Assumption Grotto in Detroit! This brand new priest is the grandson of one of our deacons! What a huge blessing it was to be there!
    Then on Sunday, “Fr. Francisco” offered his first Holy Mass of Thanksgiving at our parish,
    SS. Cyril & Methodius. Words cannot describe the joy at seeing both Grandson and Grandfather on the altar together! After Mass, we individually received Father Francisco’s blessing.
    God is so good!

  19. a catechist says:

    Attended an Ordination on Saturday at Sioux City’s Cathedral of the Epiphany. One priest and one (transitional) deacon received Holy Orders! The Mass was bilingual and had both English and Spanish choirs, which can sometimes be awkward but went very well in this Mass. When it was our turn to receive a blessing from our new Father, he asked my husband and I, “Would you like the blessing in Latin, English, or Spanish?” Deo gratias!

  20. Suburbanbanshee says:

    The CMAA (Church Music Association of America – the Catholic organization over at musicasacra.com) is going to have its next couple colloquiums (a week of music workshops and classes and Masses and Hours, sorta like boot camp for church musicians) in Indianapolis. This is only an hour from my town, so I can lean on people I know to attend either the Colloquium or at least the beautiful Masses, which are of course open to the public.

    This is going to be beautiful….

  21. Cricket says:

    We managed to find a new director for our Tridentine Mass Schola. He is young, very well-formed in the faith & ON FIRE with his love for traditional Catholic liturgy. And it didn’t take months of searching & screening, or a boatload of money, either. We prayed for +Msgr. Schuler’s intercession…

  22. Priam1184 says:

    The high temperature in my town yesterday was 117 degrees; but it is a dry heat…

  23. theroamingroman says:

    Found out that I get to go to Italy in October with a couple who are taking me along on their first trip to Rome! All expenses paid! <3 God bless them!!! :)

  24. Mari Kate says:

    St. Michael the Archangel-congratulations on your healthy year. You have known suffering. May God Bless your new way of serving Him in the workplace. Your post was a pleasure to read and I rejoice and pray for you.

    My good news is that I did not have to have a root canal today at the dentist (at least for now) .

  25. dianecee says:

    My Good News is: My daughter just got a new job which will take her out of a very poisoned, atheistic atmosphere. Thank You Lord!

  26. gregorianchant says:

    Our son – who is an aspirant to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate will be coming for a “home visit” on July 4 – coinciding with our daughter’s visit from California and our brothers’ visit from Oregon ( he is a priest)….I am soooooooo happy.

  27. rcg says:

    Wife and I went to confession, then Mass, went home and built a fire in the back garden to get rid of limbs that fell in the storm the night before. Our eldest daughter came by to visit with her husband, when it began to rain we went inside and played violin. An excellent day.

  28. Over the weekend I was blessed to be able to attend the priestly ordination (Saturday) and 1st holy Mass (Sunday) of the grandson of one of our deacons. The newly ordained priest, Fr. Francisco, is a member of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross. Everything was so, so, so beautiful! After the Mass on Sunday, I was able to receive Father’s blessing and kiss his hands. God is so good!!!!

  29. Precentrix says:

    Within the last few weeks:

    Two new deacons ordained in our parish, and 168 (I think) confirmed over the following two days.

    Orthodox priest friend is daddy to a lovely baby girl. This is hugely good news as the couple had had two miscarriages previously.

    A friend I met at World Youth Day in 2005 (Juventutem) was ordained priest in Wigratzbad. And someone on a well-known social networking site provided a link to the photographs.

    Another friend is packing for entrance to religion.

  30. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Several pieces of good news.

    1) My son’s 14th birthday is in a week.
    2) Our wedding anniversary (22 yrs!) is three days later.
    3) The choir of which I am a member is learning a 4-part setting of Unus Militum which I have written to be sung at our monthly celebration of the Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart on First Friday.
    4) On my parish’s patronal feast, Our Lady answered prayers for her intercession to bring home a wayward sheep. (The lamb in question isn’t all the way home, but she hasn’t darkened the door of a church in almost a decade, so I’m giving Our Lady more time to finish the job.)
    5) My royalty cheque arrived about a week ago, for the one piece I have had published.
    6) My family and I remembered to pray a novena to the Infant of Prague. (I intend often, I remember not nearly as frequently as I would like.)

  31. Jeannie_C says:

    Our home was not flooded though we had only two feet of riverbank before the river would have crested. Calgary and portions of southern Alberta were devastated by a flood 11 days ago, lives lost, homes destroyed. The entire downtown core flooded and closed down. Our community was on evacuation standby but we were spared.

  32. HighMass says:

    According to one Catholic website….Papa Francesco has no intention of removing S.P. and keeping Msgr. Guido Marini as Papal Master of Ceremonies! If this is indeed true, Thanks Be To GOD…..
    Guess some Italian Bishops complained in there ad Limina to Papa Francesco and he called the Mass in the E.F. a “Treasure Tradition” Brick by Brick Fr. Z.

    HOpe this is all True….Fr. Z????

  33. JMody says:

    This week marks 21 years since I met my wife.
    A friend was found to be free of cancer.

  34. Orlandu84 says:

    This weekend I was privileged to be at a Steubenville Youth Conference. 2200 youths attended; 1400 went to Confession! If the only thing the conference facilitated were those celebrations of Reconciliation, it is an unqualified success. Blessed be God for His great mercy!

  35. lmo1968 says:

    I have a job interview tomorrow. Please pray for me.

  36. Art says:

    Going through some paperwork before I can start my first full-time position in 5 years. Thanks be to God!

  37. Nan says:

    I arrived home this evening from an expedition to my mom’s 60th high school class reunion which went well. She had a stroke a couple of years ago and is now paralyzed on the left, confined to a wheelchair and in longterm care; nevertheless, it didn’t occur to her that she couldn’t go to the reunion. We needed a wheelchair van, home health aide, hospital bed and lift in the hotel room and it took many phone calls to arrange our expedition. She did way too many things and will be exhausted this week but is glad she went.

  38. MaryofSharon says:

    Here in Ohio, historic pro-life amendments were officially signed by Governor John Kasich, including reprioritization of funding away from Planned Parenthood and new funding for pregnancy centers!

  39. Gratias says:

    The Camarillo Latin Mass community (10:00 am every Sunday at St. Mary Magdalen Chapel) had 170 attendees last Sunday, including many new people.

    As you may know, we were expelled from the Mission San Juan Buenaventura by the new Pastor, Fr. Tom Elewaut. Fortunately Archbishop José Gómez secured this new location for us to hold the EF mass in Ventura County. Our attendance has greatly increased. Today, July 1, 2013 is the 100 anniversary of the building of this magnificent chapel that keeps the crypts of the Adolfo Camarillo Family right under the main altar. I never would have thought this move forced by a self-acknowledged Vatican Council II priest would have been an improvement for our persecuted Roman liturgy community. Come join us if you are in the region.

  40. Supertradmum says:

    A couple who are friends of mine are now pregnant after many sterile years, after making the novena to St. Gianna Molla. I know two other couples who had babies after praying this novena. Thanks be to God.

    Also, I am still praying about the Adoration chapel for Walsingham and a TLM Mass centre there. I have one person who is willing to give some money if more comes forth, but someone is buying a small place for her own use now and then, and for me to pray in for next summer as a foothold. All in God’s time.

  41. Supertradmum says:

    PS novena is on my blog and other places on line

  42. mike cliffson says:

    Sat,feast of Saints Peter and Paul,we were at ordination two priests and five deacons, Sunday at first mass ofone of them, a young man mmy eldest went round with not so long ago on another continent. and handkissingfollowing, which I had tears in eyes.
    God is very good. Would that my boys be ready should they hear his call.
    We need priests, you wouldnt think it the way we treat them and don,t pray enough for them, but praise God there are young, and not so young, men coming along.

  43. Liz says:

    After 3+ months of being really sick and having lots of procedures, seeing a host of doctors etc., and after ultimately having her gallbladder out last week my 20-year old daughter *seems* to be getting better finally. She is looking ahead to her summer job and Rome semester of college with a positive outlook now. Thank you for prayers. God bless you all!

  44. AvantiBev says:

    Father Sirico at Sacred Heart parish, Grand Rapids has as his assistant Fr. Pietro Damien from Italy. Two paesani priests and the Latin Mass in one parish only 45 minutes from our summer cottage!

    No show to perform in for the first summer in 4 years so I am enjoying the weekends in Michigan, getting my garden in shape after 4 years looking like a “hot mess” as one landscaper put it. And I may have hit on the right deer repellant for my cottage garden.

  45. Phil_NL says:

    Well, by all accounts a second miracle for John Paul II has been confirmed and signed off on. Sancto subito!


  46. momoften says:

    Beginning in the fall of 2009, our Diocese had 5 seminarians. Beginning the fall of 2013, our
    Diocese may have 15! Deo gratias

  47. mrsmontoya says:

    Changes coming to St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, CA: habit-wearing Benedictine priest to teach liturgy, habit-wearing Franciscan sister to teach Marriage, and Gregorian Chant-appreciating priest (East Coast Dominican I think) as Academic Dean. In addition, the Archdiocese just completed week-long Clergy Study Days on Catholic Marriage; from all appearances it was very thorough and academic. The Archbishop clearly wants his clergy to know their faith. Prayers for him and the West Coast, that we may be strengthened in a solid Faith!

  48. eiggam says:

    Three priests were ordained for the Diocese of Kalamazoo. I was able to attend one of the First Masses offered on Sunday. It has been a great experience watching boys grow to men as their vocation was nurtured and encouraged by their parents as well as the local parish.

  49. Bea says:

    For my husband and I , at our ages our good news is that we have no bad news.

  50. Giuseppe says:

    @Phil_NL — I am heartened to see that the canonization of Pope John Paul II is proceeding. But ‘Santo subito?’ Not really. Eight years, while swift for canonization, is long ‘subito’. During this ‘subito’, we are already on our second papcay and fifth Italian government!

  51. Yesterday I had an appointment and a good talk with a priest to whom I believe the Lord has sent me. Deo Gratias, as I have been without spiritual direction for a long time now.

    AvantiBev, I’m intrigued by the deer-repellent :) . I don’t have a garden but would be thrilled if I had one and deer came to it! I’m in England and you can catch a glimpse of them now and then, mostly when driving… they look so graceful and delicate.

  52. PMK says:

    My son who has not been home in over a year travels on Monday to be with us for a month. He has been studying in Belgium and is starting his PhD program. If I may, prayers please for a safe journey.

  53. Phil_NL says:


    In my experience, Italian has two meanings for ‘subito’. One is related to traffic, in which case it means ’20 seconds ago’ and is accompagnied by lots of honking, the other is related to the Vatican, which means any period under 10 years. (and anything under 25 qualifies as ‘fast’, anything under 100 as ‘on time’).

  54. MouseTemplar says:

    Good News from Grand Rapids, MI:

    Last night got to listen to Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute give a talk called “Religious and Economic Liberty: Twin Guarantees of Freedom”. It was part of the Fortnight for Freedom series hosted by our Parish. Awesome. Articulate. Well reasoned.

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