Reconciled traditional Catholic groups has its first ordinations in union with Rome

Brick by brick!

The group called the Transalpine Redemptorists, founded in 1987 and once associated with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), were reconciled with the Church some time ago.  They had a big step forward recently with their first priestly ordinations in union with Rome. There is a CNA account HERE.

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  1. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Thanks be to God! May He bless these men with long, fruitful priesthoods in rebuilding His Church.

  2. Hank Igitur says:

    These men are formed at the FSSP seminary in Nebraska and these ordinations are at the Fraternity’s church in Rome. The FSSP Father General Rev John Berg is on the left kneeling at the altar in the photo. As stated at your link these men were ordained together with an FSSP ordinand now Fr Botta and they are now known as the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, based on Papa Stronsay, a most harsh place climatically. They produce a beautiful periodical on Catholicism (Traditional) which from experience is most highly recommended.

  3. Liz says:

    It looks so gloriously beautiful. All three of these men will be very good and holy priests. It is a great encouragement.

  4. gloriainexcelsis says:

    A subscription to “Catholic” which is published 4 times a year, is $40. It is well worth it. The publication is large, full of wonderful articles, news from around the world about traditional Catholicism, a center section of full color photos of events around the world. It is thick and wonderful to read. You can contact them by email at:, or check their blog at: Find out more about them. You’ll be so uplifted.

  5. Skeinster says:

    Another vote for ‘Catholic”. Just the photos will lift your heart.
    They also have a nice calendar.

  6. NBW says:

    @gloriainexcelsis- I don’t see a subscription button to their magazine on the website. Do they mail to the U.S.?

  7. gloriainexcelsis says:

    NBW – I thought their email ( would have subscription info. However the subscription address if you want to contact within the U.S. is at the FSSP seminary in Nebraska
    Transalpine Redemptorists
    OLGS Seminary
    7880 Denton Rd
    Denton, NE 68339

  8. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Sorry. I meant that by e-mailing them one could get the subscription information.
    You can send a check in the amount of $40 for a subscription to the FSSP seminary, made out to “Transalpine Redemptorists,” with your mailing information, etc.

  9. bwfackler says:

    you can order their newspaper from their website

  10. Sixupman says:

    Deo Gratias;

    BUT it is reported that the Papastronsay monks are banned from Celebrating the TLM within the Diocese of Aberdeen mainland, wherein they reside. They are restricted to celebrating the TLM upon the island itself.

  11. Robbie says:

    Pictures like these always give me hope the traditional Catholic Church is still alive and well.

  12. backtothefuture says:

    Another catholic news source getting their facts wrong calling the sspx schismatic, sigh

  13. Neil Addison says:

    Sixupman: I believe that the restrictions you mention no longer apply. When ‘The Sons’ originally reconciled they had no formal canonical status in the Church and so there were restrictions both on their right to say Mass outside their Monastery and their ability to have new Priests ordained from within their membership. They showed commendable patience for around 5 years and last year they were erected as a Religious Institute of Diocesa
    n Right within the Diocese of Aberdeen. That gave them the right to have new Priests ordained ( and many congratulations to those 2 Priests ) and they will have the same right to say Mass within the Diocese or outside as Priests of any other Religious Institute.

    Backtothefuture: sorry but the SSPX are schismatic. Only a separate Church ordain Bishops without Papal authorisation. In 1988 JP2 described the Econe consecrations as ‘schismatic’ in Ecclesia Dei Afflicta. The FSSP are not Schismatic the SSPX are

  14. backtothefuture says:

    Sorry Neil, the vatican itself doesn’t consider them schismatic. A little more homework on the subject. The consecrations, are not a simple as you may think. Canon law allows consecrations in a state of emergency. Was the church, and is the church now in the state of emergency? You can also thank the sspx for summorum, and of course pope Benedict.

  15. Neil Addison says:

    Backtothefuture: please don’t patronise me. I have done my homework and Pope John Paul 2 said that the Econe consecrations constituted a Schismatic act. As for the oft trotted out ‘state of emergency’ justifying the consecrations I am sorry but that is self serving legal gibberish by SSPX. All legal systems whether Canon or otherwise provide defences of emergency or immediacy however expressed however such defences have to be adjudicated upon by a proper legal process they cannot simply be a matter of an individuals personal justification. At the time of Econe and afterwards the Pope declared the consecrations to be unjustified and that was in Canon Law terms the view of the highest judicial authority.

    Furthermore a state of emergency is of definition a temporary situation and cannot justify a continuing act of schism. To the extent that there might have been a state of emergency that ended with Summorum Pontificum 6 years ago and yet the SSPX Bishops have not reconciled to Rome . That was what the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer realised and they reconciled and they and FSSP have my unreserved admiration. The respect I used to have for SSPX has completely disappeared over the past 6 years

  16. Imrahil says:

    Whatever canonical crimes were committed in 1988 (the general statement that “only a separate Church can ordain bishops without Papal authorisation is not true, can. 1382 creates an excommunicable offense of its own right distinct from can. 1364), the SSPX signed a declaration of adherence to the Catholic Church in 2008 and without seeing any problematicity, their excommunications were lifted in 2009.

    The remainder is “inner-Catholic stuff” and the term “schism” is not in place at least for as long a time as neither party officially declares it. Quoting the Catholic Encyclopedia, “However, not every disobedience is a schism; in order to possess this character it must include besides the transgression of the commands of superiors, denial of their Divine right to command.”

  17. Neil Addison says:

    Imrahil: the SSPX may claim adherence but their actions show the contrary. The excommunications were lifted as an act of Charity by Pope Benedict 16 and an act which they have treated with disdain. Pope John Paul 2 described the Econe consecrations as a Schismatic act. Frankly I am sick and tired of the SSPX and its childish will we, won’t’ we games. Either they should reconcile without demands and without preconditions or they should accept that they are in schism at the moment they seek to be both outside and inside at the same time and their stance is neither intellectually coherent nor morally defensible

  18. backtothefuture says:

    The problems that are blocking the sspx from being regularized is the issue of religious liberty. If the vatican didn’t ask for this, there wouldn’t be any problem. The church has always taught against that, until v2. I don’t attend an sspx chapel, but I really can’t blame the society, seeing the devastation in the church.

  19. robtbrown says:

    A few points:

    1. It was agreed during the SSPX-Rome meetings: 1.That there are certain VatII texts that can be interpreted in various ways. 2. In any inconsistency between Vat II texts and Traditional teaching, the latter is favored.

    2. There is little doubt that the episcopal consecrations were schismatic acts. Cardinal Castrillon, however, said to be in schism, a group must be structured that way. But the SSPX does not deny the primacy of the pope.

    3. Excommunications are always juridical but not always moral.

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