WISCONSIN: Bill for Ultrasound Before Abortion PASSED and SIGNED

Baby by baby.

Talk about a new way of thinking about “emanations from penumbras”!

From LifeSite:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Signs Bill for Ultrasound Before Abortion
by Steven Ertelt

Today, Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 206 (Sonya’s Law) into law. This important new law requires that women seeking abortions in Wisconsin be given the opportunity to see their unborn children through ultrasound.

Just hours before Walker signed the law, the Planned Parenthood abortion business announced it would file a lawsuit seeking to stop women from seeing these ultrasounds.


Know the truth and the truth will cut into your profits.

Notice that this is about giving an “opportunity”.  It still terrifies big-business abortion.

I wonder where Sr. Carol Keehan and the Catholic Health Ass. stands on this Wisconsin bill.

What does Sr. Simone Campbell have to say about it?  Surely someone has a mobile phone on that bus.

Do The Zittelle of the LCWR have an official reaction?

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  1. ray from mn says:

    Which Minnesota legislators will be introducing “Sonja’s Law” next January here in St. Paul? That will give Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and the Dakotas the opportunity to show their bloody colors to the voters.

  2. SKAY says:

    Someone has already said they will sue. Predictable that Satan’s helpers would get busy.

    It must be so dangerous for a woman to understand that she is killing a living human being with a beating heart that is part of her-not a blob of cells..

    Of course we know this is about money now. Innocent lives must be sacrificed on the alter of donations and votes.

  3. StJude says:

    An ultrasound changed my mind on abortion… been pro life ever since. Good for Wisconsin.

  4. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Why would a “pro-choice” organization, whose biggest supporter wants to cleave to “the overwhelming consensus of science” not want to share this great tool of science with obviously uninformed women?

    I’m not trying to open a rabbit hole, but I think the comparison is apt: some years ago, I went to daily Mass, at which the congregation numbered 6. Somehow we still needed an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who just happened to be an elderly woman. That day I thought “the whole campaign is based on a lie.” I began to see angry feminism within the Church for what it is.

    Is there anyone in broadcasting who could simply run a 30-second spot of a distressed pregnant woman seeing an ultrasound?

  5. Lepidus says:

    I didn’t catch that “opportunity” when they were debating it. So another words, Dr. Abortionmill can say “we’ve got the sonogram in the other room if you REALLY want to see it, but you don’t do you?”

  6. wanda says:

    On, Wisonsin! Bravo! No one in their right mind can honestly deny it is a child when they see that ultrasound. No one. Our son & his wife gifted us with a sonogram picture of our first grandchild. Even at barely 3 mo.’s – it’s a child! A human being, all parts very visible! PP and pro-aborts – stop the lies!

  7. funny how Planned Parenthood claims they are providing health care to women-remember the big deal about mammograms-and now they object to ultrasound.

  8. Indulgentiam says:

    Q:”What does Sr. Simone Campbell have to say about it? Surely someone has a mobile phone on that bus.”

    A: Catholic Nun & DNC Speaker Simone Campbell on Abortion: ‘That’s Beyond My Pay Grade’

    Disgraceful SCANDAL . Good grief when will some, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope gag this broad!?!!!!
    Canon 915 PLEASE!

    PP does not care about womens health. They only care about the health of their bottom line.

  9. DisturbedMary says:

    Imagine if PP was forced to turn on the sound. At 6 weeks you can hear the baby’s heart.

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