Note to parents, etc: back packs and bags with built in alarms

Click the "iSafe" link at the end of this entry.

I saw a commercial for a type of back-pack which may be of interest to parents with children in school and even for some of you ladies and gentlemen out there.

The pack, made by iSafe, has a built in loud alarm which sounds when you pull a cord.

There are back packs for children, like school bags, and also full-sized adult packs, messenger bags, fanny packs, slings, etc. There are lots of styles.

For adults with the right skills and temperament, there is the CCW option. Some of you eschew that option and it is, of course, out of the question for children. It is not for everyone.

Having at least some sort of loud alarm, already built into a pack you are going to use anyway in your daily routine, could be a good personal safety option.

I’d hate to read about something awful that happened in your lives.

There is no harm in taking a look. It might make a difference in a moment of need.

Being prepared gives you or your kids an advantage when that moment of need arrives.

iSafe Packs

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  1. mamajen says:

    Wish these existed when I was in college. Sometimes walking back to the dorm alone at night was unavoidable. I had pepper spray, but it seemed like it would be fiddly to use in an emergency.

  2. Cantor says:

    Perhaps if it triggered a simultaneous 9-1-1 call, maybe. But as it is… how much attention did you pay to the last car alarm you heard?

  3. JohnE says:

    I was thinking a GPS locator would be helpful in finding abducted kids.

  4. kimberley jean says:

    It won’t do any good. We’re all so used to brats screaming in public that nobody is going to pay any attention to noise coming from a kid.

  5. AnnAsher says:

    These are really nifty and I appreciate your sharing them. As an additional note regarding our familiarity with the happy sounds which evidence the lives of children around us – I teach my children to scream “fire” or for any danger that befalls them because adults do not ignore that term. The backpacks settle that problem probably better as we do also look in response to screeching alarms just in case it is our vehicle (selfish materialists that we are).

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