Question for Readers: Again about Spanish resources for the Traditional Roman Rite

I posted HERE a question about Spanish language resources for the older forms of the Roman Rite.

A priest reader has written to ask if there is a Latin/Spanish version of a condensed Roman Ritual along the lines of the old Collectio Rituum.



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  1. Bob says:

    Fr. Z,
    I found this site for a Latin/Spanish Missal:

  2. BrEdmund says:

    Dear Fr. Z,
    This link may help… It´s completely in Spanish, but for the Latin prayers…

    I hope it may help Father.

  3. Bea says:

    We’ll probably have breakfast with our parish priest/pastor tomorrow (sunday).
    I’ll ask him. Since we have a Spanish/English parish he or our other parish priest (who is originally from Mexico) may help us locate one if you have not this located elsewhere.

  4. James Joseph says:

    Perhaps we should set out and produce a liturgical targum in Spanish and Latin. Shock the world.

  5. ALL: I am asking about the Collectio Rituum, which is a condensed version of the Rituale Romanum, for use by priests in blessing objects, celebrating sacraments other than Eucharist, etc. I am not asking, as I did in the other post, about aids for Mass in Spanish.

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