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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.  We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Finally, I have a serious personal petition and that is familial.

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  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    A good man in my parish named John has rapidly developing early-onset Alzheimer’s disease – he’s only about 55 years old.

    My wife’s cousin Thomas (at the other end of the USA from us) has been unable to find work and has even lost his house. He and his wife and youngest daughter are living with friends.

    My friend Bill (a widower with two teenaged sons) is still beset by habitual drunkenness.

  2. Lin says:

    Prayers sent. God bless all!

  3. Dcduo says:

    My friend has clyinical depression and is right now at a low point and doesn’t seem to want to talk. A couple of days ago we needed to call an ambulance to his home, please pray for him urgently and for us that we might say what’s good for him to hear if he does speak to us.

  4. Jeannie_C says:

    Will remember everyone in my prayers today.

  5. Dcduo says:

    Deo gratias. His wife and friends calmed him. He was only late getting back to us. Had received a text right when I hit “post”! Please pray for this man anyway, if you can, please remember him in your prayers.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    I have eye problems which need attention.Please pray for miracles. Thanks.

  7. StJude says:

    Praying for all.

    For my uncle who has some health problems and needs help.
    For my son and I.. .. God knows.

  8. RobW says:

    Please keep my children in your prayers. Thanks.

  9. Bea says:

    For my husband.
    That his prostate cancer will not advance.
    In thanksgiving for his growth in patience:
    He sliced his finger on the lawn mower last week and then a wasp stung another finger on the same hand. Tomorrow he gets a tooth pulled. He has not complained and grown angry, like he used to.
    May God and his Guardian Angel continue to protect him in his spiritual growth.

    Prayers have been done for the other posters above. God Bless.

  10. mamajen says:

    My cousin’s 11-year-old daughter Bryleigh had her appendix burst. She has been in the hospital for a while, and her recovery has been rough. Prayers greatly appreciated!

  11. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Please pray for me to get a job, and some of my friends too. Also, for me not to fall into sloth and counterproductive activity, because finding a job’s hard enough without fighting myself to do it.

    But I do want to thank God for helping my dad after he stepped on a rusty nail, and to provide a PSA. Just because you’re current on tetanus shots and cleaned out the wound with peroxide to normal standards doesn’t mean you don’t need to go see somebody about it! Talking on the phone to the doctor seemed like a time saver; but he ended up having a bad infection in his foot all the same, and it was very scary for a while with my dad in the hospital for several days and complications. So yeah, I really thank God that it turned out okay in the end.

  12. James Joseph says:

    Being from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, I can always offer a gem….

    This week’s gem comes from the Diocese of Worcester…. not once, twice, but thrice, and the word of the day is “nice”.

    Baptism day at the parish across town. Twice was mentioned the importance of Christian Baptism and dependence upon the ubiquitous blandly American ‘The Lord’ (note here: He did not preach ‘Our Lord’ as the Catholics do). Wherein, each instance Baptism is important because once you have been Baptised you are guaranteed to go to Heaven. To quote the priest, “Everyone here will o to Heaven because everybody here has been Baptised.”

    Number two: The ‘readings’ (That word drives me nuts) began with my favorite line in holy Scripture, “O vanity of vanities…” The good priest started his homily like so, “This week’s readings are a little strange and depressing. We have to do our best to make something ‘nice’ out of them.”

    Number three: (It is a bonus round) The Canon with Oscar Romero’s name included like so, “…Oscar Romero and all the saints…”

    I offer this comical interchange where I began with the every so taboo of calling someone’s baby ‘ugly’. To the nice lady next to me in the well-cushioned seat, auditorium style seating, “You know…. this is ugliest building I think I have ever been in… No, really. I think it is the ugliest. Nothing matches and nothing lines up. Yes, just remarkably ugly.” She quickly replied, “We wanted to create open space.” And without missing a beat, “Do you know the most effective way to create open space?” “No.” “Don’t have babies.” She was speechless. “Stalin was great at creating open space. Look at Eastern Europe for so many years… all the way into Siberia; open space. No the devil loves open space. Because the devil hates babies. That is a bit of syllogism if you didn’t notice. Let me explain ma’am. Have you ever heard of the Bread and Puppet Circus?” “No.” “Well that stained glass window with the woman in it (St. Rose of Lima… think this is a very white people place that just reeks of ‘El Pueblo’) is a picture perfect example of the Communist Bread and Puppet Circus art form.” The window makes Rose of Lima look like an oversized head on a stick. “And you know what Bread and Puppet means?” “No.” “They say that is just bread when in reality He is Our Lord. His flesh, soul, and divinity. And, you are nothing but a puppet. Nice isn’t it? That’s what the people who built this place probably thought… And that’s likely why Mary and Joseph are shoved in the corner…” Then, I glance at the Tabernacle which is also situated in the back of the building. She was bequizzled. I let her know that in order to graduate from the University of Massachusetts with a liberal arts degree I was required to study this stuff for entire semesters at a time.

    Fun day…

  13. Please keep my mother, Elizabeth Trigilio, in your prayers. She suffered a mini-stroke (TIA) last week that landed her in the hospital for ten days. She also had one quart of fluid removed from her left lung. This week I take her to the eye doctor (to check her glaucoma and cataracts) and to the cardiologist to evaluate her for possible transcatheter aortic valve replacement. She has aortic stenosis and three blocked arteries, 70% blockage in carotid artery and a possibly damaged mitral valve. I and my family would be most grateful.

  14. jflare says:

    For a friend of mine who died recently in an accidental drowning.
    For my understanding, he had been participating in a beloved underwater sport.
    I do hope that his lost conscious moments were peaceful and that he’s now smiling down on us from heaven.

  15. eiggam says:

    Pray for the repose of my cousin’s husband, Greg. He died Sunday, leaving behind his wife and 2 children.

    I am still looking for work since January. I seek prayers for guidance and productive use of time, such as mentioned by Suburbanbanchee above.

    Everyone on Fr. Z’s Special intentions list is in my prayers. Thanks.

  16. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Please pray for my dear friend, E., and her 11-year-old daughter who has been very pro-gay rights in the past year, and who has identified herself as being attracted to women. Both are Catholic. E. is very distressed but has told her daughter that she will always be there for her…you know what that means. The Faith will be kicked aside, by both. (E. has told her daughter that, “the Church is against gays” and me that she just wants her daughter “to be happy.” Terrible catechism and consequent ignorance.) Please pray that both E. and her daughter remain true to the Faith, regardless of the girl’s sexuality, and that I can help guide them in this matter. Thank you.

  17. Mariana2 says:

    Prayers offered for all the above intentions.


    “A good man in my parish named John has rapidly developing early-onset Alzheimer’s disease – he’s only about 55 years old. ”

    Please have the family look into a ketogenic diet for this gentleman, and check the book ‘The Brain Trust Program’ by Dr. Larry McCleary.

  18. PMK says:

    Will offer all intentions during my daily rosary.
    In your prayers will you please include my son who travels internationally today and for my husband to find a job. Thank you.

  19. Liz says:

    Please pray for our little two-year old, Kate, who has had fevers (some of which have been very high) and sickness for the past nine days. Today is day 10 and I am hoping and praying that it will be over. Please also pray that her oldest sister’s health issues are finally resolved and for her elder brother who is on a mission trip in Peru.

    We will be praying for the intentions of all on here and to come. God bless you, all, and thanks for praying!

  20. Shane says:

    I have a friend who is going through some emotional problems related to a specific trauma in her life. Vague, I know, but please pray for her.

  21. Torpedo1 says:

    i’ll add all intentions to my rosary today. Please pray for my fiancé. He is currently suffering from chronic pain. Pray that it either heals or that the doctors can figure out what is going on and successfully treat it? Thank you so much for all your prayers. Also, I pray for all marriages, especially my sister’s and my parents’

  22. Bosco says:

    I will remember all of your intentions in my daily rosary.

  23. Matt8006 says:

    Dear fellow readers:

    My wife is expecting our first child any day now. Please pray for a safe delivery for mother and child. Also, please pray that our child is very soon received into Holy Mother Church through the saving waters of Baptism, comes to truly know and love Our Lord and His Church, and is always counted among Our Lord’s flock in this life and the next. Thank you so much.

    I have read each and every prayer request, including Fr. Z’s, and will bring these intentions to Our Lady today by way of the Rosary.

    Pax Christi,


    Toronto, Canada

  24. MuchLikeMartha says:

    Please pray for Lisa. She is scheduled for bypass surgery tomorrow (?), and the doctors are very concerned that she might suffer a stroke during the surgery.

    I will continue to offer prayers for the previous intentions.

  25. Angie Mcs says:

    I will pray for all here, as I always do. I am so touched by all of you, how difficult things can be in this life and how prayer can help. I ask for your prayers for myself, please. For over five years I have had a very painful nerve condition, never really diagnosed properly by all the doctors I’ve seen, and have been unable to receive relief and which continues to get worse. Chronic pain is a terrible, insidious , evil thing -over time it changes your brain chemistry, how you interact with your loved ones, and how you lead your life. I have prayed so often for Gods help: if I can’t find relief, then help me accept this and deal with it. But it’s wearing me down after so long. I am losing my life, my family, my ability to take part in anything. I have a little granddaughter whom I can’t play with or spend time with the way I would love to. I ask for your prayers to help me find the strength to keep going, to find some joy, some hope. I feel so guilty that I cannot focus on the joy which I should feel from the tremendous gift and love we all have received from Our Lord. But I know I can’t give up. As I continue to pray, I ask for your prayers as well. Thank you all.

  26. demigh says:

    Prayers have been offered and will continue to be offered for all intentions here.

  27. That my family might sell the house we recently moved out of.

  28. LeighAnna says:

    Please pray that my husband (or I) can find a job soon. Thank you.

    We will pray for all the petitions here.

  29. Kathleen10 says:

    I will include all intentions here in my rosary today. The comments are a good reminder we all have something to contend with. May God help all here.
    I asked in another section of the blog, but if you would please pray for my sister Linda who’s cancer has spread to her lungs, that her surgery and treatment be effective. Thank you.

  30. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Glad to pray for Lisa as prayers from the readers of this blog helped me through the same surgery in 2010.

    Also please pray for the conversion of B, a lapsed protestant schoolteacher who is excited to be “best woman” at a (parody of a) wedding between two other women.

  31. priests wife says:

    We are trying to buy a house- please spare a prayer for us!

  32. HeatherH. says:

    My grandmother has an infection of flesh-eating bacteria on her leg, and as a consequence of it’s removal now has nearly no skin on her leg. For my mother, who is very stressed out about this, and for me and the little kids as we try to keep things normal while mom is away with grandma.

    also for some friends who have recently done bad things – soul threatening.

  33. Anne M. says:

    Praying for everyone’s intentions.

    Please pray for my niece, Lauren. My husband and I are going to court tomorrow morning to seek an emergency custody order to have her removed from her father’s home where she is in great danger of physical harm.

  34. Jack Hughes says:

    Prayers offered

    Request for a personal intention

  35. aragonjohn7 says:

    for intentions, for those that want to be close to God, for priests and vocations

  36. SKAY says:

    All will be remembered in my prayers.

  37. lizaanne says:

    Please pray for a woman I’ve known online for many years. She lives in Ireland, and her initials are JMC. J is Catholic by birth, and used to be very much in love with the Faith. She was married in the Church, and soon after the wedding her husband began to abuse her horribly, to the point of putting her in a mental institution. J divorced her husband, and received a Declaration of Nullity from the Church, which surprised no one.

    Living in a small Irish town, she was met with great hostility from those who sided with her ex. Including her parish priest. He refused to hear her confession because she left her “husband” and received a DofN. J received no compassion or help from her parish to grieve her failed “marriage”, or to recover from his abuse.

    Now she is studying to become a “priestess” in the Church of Ireland. My heart is broken. I’ve tried so very hard to stop her from this horrible mistake, and have been extremely outspoken about this with her, and have pulled no punches.

    Please pray for J – that someday she will realize that what she seeks is a sham – and that the Fullness of Truth is there for her, if she can only humble her heart and seek forgiveness.

    Thank you.

  38. Marc says:

    Please pray for our good and faithful priest, Fr Reese. He has lost his ability to speak and has been diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s).

    You can read his letter to the parish here:

    I’m sorry it’s a couple days late, but here is his request for prayers:
    “So, I invite you to pray a novena to Ven. Pius XII from the Transfiguration (August 6th ) until the Vigil of the Assumption (Aug. 14th). He was the Pope that declared the dogma of the Assumption. Simply say a Rosary every day and then conclude with his official prayer if you feel so inspired:

    O Jesus, eternal High Priest, Who didst deign to raise Thy faithful servant, Pius XII, to the supreme dignity of Thy Vicar on earth and to grant him the grace to be a fearless defender of the faith, a valiant champion of justice and peace, zealous in proclaiming the glory of Thy most holy Mother, a shining example of charity and all virtues, deign now to grant us, in view of his merits, the graces we ask of Thee; so that, made certain of his efficacious intercession with Thee, we may one day see him raised to the honors of our altars.

  39. Palladio says:

    Wife with high cholesterol and obesity, worried about her father, away from home. Husband must inform her she is to take medication, first such dr.’s order in her life.

  40. Lily says:

    For my husband’s conversion, for my brother to return to the faith and have his baby baptized, for my dad, for my youngest sister’s vocation, and everyone in my and my husband’s families who are far from God. Also for the soul of Deacon Selsor’s father, who was buried today.

    Thank you so much. Prayers for all other intentions, as well.

  41. FloridaJoan says:

    I will pray for all the above in my daily rosary and night prayers tonight

    pax et bonum

  42. Supertradmum says:

    For three members of my family who are either agnostic or atheists.

  43. joan ellen says:

    Please pray for a friend who needs and wants prayers. He does much work for Our Blessed Lord and His Church.

    I will offer my Rosary for all of the intentions here.

  44. lmo1968 says:

    Please pray for my needs that God continues to provide for me as I go through this period of waiting to get on disability, and that I learn to love God truly.

  45. StJude says:

    For R.. her husband (after 20+ years of marriage ) decided ‘he doesnt want to be married anymore”… R is a devout Catholic who has led many back to the Catholic Church.

  46. RafkasRoad says:

    I will uphold your prayer intentions in my Rosary this evening. May I ask prayer for my father and step mother ‘N and S’, brother and sister in law ‘S and K’, my little unbaptised nieces ‘S and L’, my dear family friend LC, her adult children, their spouses and their children, my husband L, and his best friend plus best friend’s wife ‘B and L’, their adult children, along with said childrens’ respective spouse, fiancé, and ‘boyfriend’, that

    they are brought to Holy Mother Church and freed from the tyranny of hard Dawkinsesque atheism combined with love of the post-modern liberal agenda (you know the big issues), hard feminism etc that revels in the throwing off of ‘God’s chains’ as in psalm 2 and 14 who, by and large, wholely support the Australian ‘Greens’ ideology etc.

    They have all rejected the need for salvation and a saviour, ‘the four last things’ e.g. the reality of judgement heaven and hell after death, and view Catholic Christianity as patriarchal oppression of (insert minority here). This breaks my heart, especially in those whose rejection is laced with hatred and visseral ‘flick-switch’ aggression. Most of them are boomers or ‘war babies’ who drank the coolaid of the 60’s and 70’s to their fill.

    Additionally, my own spiritual path from Anglicanism from birth to 13, through SDA’ism from 13-34, six years detoxing in Evangelical Anglicanism through to Catholic Christianity is seen as mere ‘fad’ or as evidence of non-committal attitude or faith instability. they don’t understand the journey of faith into Truth.

    My brother S, step mother S, father N, friend L and husband’s friends B and wife L are the most aggressive and hostile, bitter and outright angry.

    It is heartbreaking, utterly heartbreaking as they see no need, do not believe for one moment that any of the negative eternal outcomes for their decisions exist but are control and oppression fabrications by a totalitarian church of bygone times etc. only my late mother went to her grave with a love for Jesus Christ and faithfulness to him grounded in Evangelical Anglicanism and this was back in 1989 after she herself escaped the destructive clutches of SDA’ism.

    I do not know what it will take for their hearts to be transformed. All I can do is pray without ceasing for them, petitioning the Lord and Our Lady to somehow get through to them past their rebellious, post-modern, morally relative (insert ‘ist of choice), bitter hearts and minds.

    I noted that several here also battle with this in their own families; I call it ‘white martyrdom’ as we are forced to see those we love wantonly run headlong into the gates of hell thrilled to bits about it. So sad, so very sad.

    St. Theresa Benedicta (Dr. Edith Stein), pray for them, and pray for all here whose families are hardened atheists, agnostics or lapsed.

    Please pray for them, and pray for me to be strong in what will be a hard church wilderness when my husband and I move later this year.

    Maronite Soul (Aussie Maronite).

  47. mrsmontoya says:

    Prayers offered for your intentions. Also prayers for all students starting a new school year, especially my two who will be freshmen and in public school for the first time since kindergarten.

  48. PhxIrish says:

    Please pray for a sucessful ankle fusion surgery on Friday, August 9th.
    I have been fighting a battle for four and a half years as a ryesult of an injury from a CFL lightbulb. (compact flourescent lightbulb – issues with mercury poisoning) Am trying to avoid amputation. Please, God this is the final surgery. Thank you.
    Prayers for all intentions listed here, including Fr. Z.

  49. PhxIrish says:

    Please pray for my successful ankle fusion surgery, on Friday, August 9th.
    I have had quite a battle over the past four and a half years, resulting from a CFL (compact fluorescent lightbulb)
    injury. (The government mandated “safe” ones.) Please God, this is my final surgery – am trying to avoid amputation. Thank you.
    Prayers said for all intentions here.

  50. KAS says:

    First off, my prayers for everyone who has posted, for all the intentions.

    Second, thanksgiving for all that is right in my life.

    Third, please pray for my husband who is active agnostic that he be friendlier to the faith. Please pray for the little company he is with that they get funding because right now I’d love for us to have health insurance but that isn’t going to happen unless they get funding. Baring that, I’d love for him to get a job offer somewhere else.

    Prayers for my efforts to teach Faith to my children so that they can love science like both parents and love Jesus even better than mommy does!

    And for my vocation, I’m a writer and struggling right now to get my act together with small kids and financial pressures.

    And prayers for a friend who is struggling to find a job, that the nearly perfect job for her that she applied for recently would be offered to her. And that her health issues would stay stable enough for her to keep it once she gets it. Disability turned her down with the judge being so rude to her and writing such nasty things that her lawyer told her with that in the record he didn’t see any chance of her getting disability, so it is either get a job she might be able to do, or end up in the street. She is living with friends while job hunting, but she is feeling like a burden, which doesn’t help her health, and another friend is paying for her doctor visits and medication to keep her health stable– she just needs a low stress librarian job with enough hours to get a little place to live and pay her own bills. The job she applied for would be full time, graveyard shift at a large library. Hardly anyone else applied because it is, well, graveyard shift.

    Thank you and God bless all of you who are praying too!

  51. Phil_NL says:

    Going to hear the diagnosis from the doc next week. Prayers that it is a favorable one 9or better yet, that there’s really nothing there) would be highly appreciated by this sinner.

  52. Bob B. says:

    For my sister-in-law’s spreading cancer and a friend who recently found that he has a large cancer in his stomach, please say prayers for them both. I also ask for success in finding a Catholic teaching or principal position soon.

  53. JKnott says:

    For a friend who suffered a serious bacterial infection after prior knee surgery and will now be undergoing both knee replacements on August 13. She fears the worst but is trusting of the Lord’s help.
    I keep all these intentions in my rosary as well.

  54. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    I will pray for all the intentions above. Let me offer one as well: That Our Lord allows Padre Pio to come down and hit my son upside the head with a 2 by 4, since that seems the only thing that might get him at change his life, so far from the church, and so bitter at the Faith.

    Also, in times of need I send donations to the missions for a novena of Masses. I then go to daily Mass for the nine days and join my participation to those Masses along with a Rosary novena. It helps. And a reminder, we can receive Holy Communion two times in one day in the context of attending two Masses. I do this when I am storming heaven.

  55. discipulus says:

    That I may soon find my first employment, which can be difficult, since I have no job record and I am a student. Also for another personal petition.

  56. Tim says:

    For my uncle Nick who has suffered from an aggressive onset of Parkinson’s for several years. Still in his 50’s, he was a very strong man who has physically been reduced to a shell of what he one was, may we all accept God’s will be done.

  57. Tim says:

    Asking also for prayers for my brother Steve who has fallen away from the Faith, he is very lost right now.

  58. VexillaRegis says:

    For Fr. M whose mood swings and anger soon will cause the break down of our parish. Please pray for a miracle or that he is offered to move. It’s so sad.

  59. demigh says:

    I have just learned that an elderly uncle is very sick with cancer. They are waiting until he recovers a bit from surgery before deciding what to do. Also just learned that the brother of a friend has had a stroke and is in surgery today. Thanks for your prayers, and know that I continue to pray for all intentions here as well.

  60. 8latinfans says:

    For a dear friend who, at this moment, is at her dying sister’s bedside. For another friend’s brother who has advanced cancer. (He is only in his 40s.) For my husband’s job situation. Thank you for your prayers.

  61. JabbaPapa says:

    I am being asked to provide my “unique” “talents” for the education of readers of the Fishwrap, in terms that I cannot refuse. (Women !!! “second-class Catholics” indeed !!!)

    I understand that it is a snakepit, and that I am liable to be face-to-face with Satan personally in there, so that I am in serious need of your sincerest prayers of protection and support against the Enemy that is to be found in there.

    My real name is Julian Lord, and I am a Catholic Christian, Faithful to the Revelation of Almighty God.

    Please pray for me, against the slaves of Satan that infest that place, and for the souls of those that he is spreading his lies towards.

    Please pray that God Himself, His Blessed Mother Saint Mary, and the dearest Apostle Saint James (and Saint Michael and all Archangels and all other Saints of your knowledge) may support me and give me both guidance and protection, and please pray for the forgiveness of any sins that I may commit in that place by comission or omission, in my Original imperfection.

    Please pray for my future and ongoing forgiveness in the Eucharist for this deliberate engagement with the forces of Hell, and for the Eucharistic Reconciliation of all ignorantly sinful collaborators of that satanic enterprise that is promoting the devices of the Enemy.

    I beg you — please pray for the protection of my immortal soul from Satan and from his slaves.

  62. Supertradmum says:

    Please pray for Rosie, a lovely young woman and friend of Supertradson, who has had many operations for cancer in the past year, and who had complications in her operation last week. Thank you.

    Also, do not forget to pray for Thom Peters.

  63. Phil_NL says:

    Prayers answered, nothing bad found on the scan! (rather contrary to my expectations) Deo Gratias!! And thanks to all who did pray!

  64. cjp says:

    Please pray for Msgr. Joseph Funaro, a very good and holy priest. He was my pastor for 5 years while I lived in New York city. He is gravely ill, and needs all of our prayers.

  65. Palladio says:

    Prayers answered: DEO gratias! And more thanks to you, who had prayed.

  66. For my father, David, who will be undergoing coronary bypass within two weeks.

    Thank you, all.

  67. I will add all the above intentions, and Fr. Z’s to my rosary.
    Please help me give thanks to Our Lord for recent events re. vocation; and that He may guide me to where He wants me to serve Him; and that I do not deceive myself and follow something that might be my dream but not His will. Thank you.

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