Pope Francis’ new Motu Proprio

His Holiness Pope Francis issued an Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio “For the Prevention and Countering of Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

I am delighted that the Holy See is not going to be involved with Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Someone finally had to rein in the liturgists.

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  1. .. Mass Destruction…?

  2. Salvelinus says:

    One of the greatest weapons of Mass destruction….. Felt Banners. Here’s hoping the monies arent diverted to those unholy places where those are glues together with doves and loaves of bread.

  3. Cantor says:

    Salvelinus –

    We made paste out of bread flour when I was a kid, but how does one make glue out of a dove?

  4. Martlet says:

    Cantor – Boil the carcass, of course!

  5. scratches head and wonders why Pope Francis found this necessary? That concerned?

  6. Tim says:

    Hopefully this helps rein in CRS, CCHD, and other Catholic organizations that apparently support for abortion and contraception….that is a real crime / mass destruction.

  7. Jim R says:

    Presumably it’s to prevent investment (something all banks do) in companies involved in nuclear and chemical warfare armaments. Perhaps a little weird to see in print, but certainly any such investments should be prevented. However, that’s probably easier said than done.

    As to funding abortion, other than investing in pharmaceutical companies, certain medical instrument companies and certain healthcare companies, I don’t see much that a bank would do toward direct or indirect funding of abortion. I don’t know, but my guess is that those companies are already on the verboten investment list.

  8. Tim Ferguson says:

    no more funding of large orange fish?

  9. HyacinthClare says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Father.

  10. Sol says:

    Yeah… right. Because THAT’S the biggest problem for the Church right now. Never mind empty seminaries, wholesale secularisation of nations, axing God from public policies, aggressive promotion of homosexual lifestyles, abortion… Oh and did I mention the Liturgy?

    Look, as a political scientist and trained historian I just see this sort of stuff as the STATE’S responsibility. I do not see the Pope, as educated as He is, to be in a position to authoritatively talk about these things. His energy would probably be better spent elsewhere, where He DOES have power to change things around. Which cannot be said of the subject he speaks about in the MP. Plus it all smacks to me of the new kind of ‘liberation theology’, pretty much like all the talk about the Church having to be ‘poor’ or help ‘the poor’. Seriously, give me a break. Let the Church be the Church be the Church, not just another branch of Caritas Internationalis or solution to all the world’s problems. I do appreciate the Holy Father’s desire to engage the world and its affairs, but… but, but.

    Pardon the little rant.

  11. Charles E Flynn says:

    Pope expands role, reach of Vatican Financial Intelligence Authority, by Cindy Wooden, for the Catholic News Service.

  12. george says:

    Seems like this will really play well to the Social Justice crowd: “See! See! The Holy Father thinks *these* things are the problems of our day! Not that other mean stuff like abortion and gay marriage!”

    Good point @Tim. Abortionists’ tools are seriously weapons of mass destruction!

  13. Giuseppe says:

    Mass Destruction! I love it.
    Father Z has earned his own star of the day with that post.

  14. APX says:

    I recently ordered Church Militant TV’s DVD, “CIA Weapons of Mass Destruction”. After I ordered it I noticed a very strange address added to my PayPal account, so I called their security department. The lady was going through my most recent purchases she had on file since that address appeared and when she got to the, “And then there’s a purch…ase… from Church Mil…itant TVee?? C.I.A… Weap…pons… of Mass de…struction…?? Is that you’re too??” LOL! Had to explain that one.

  15. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Reverend and Dear Father:
    When you later find convents and monasteries selling gifts for Christmas, can you let us know which religious will be selling a “sense of humor”? Some of your readers could use one for Christmas, or even any time of the year for that matter.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  16. Will Elliott says:

    I think we can all agree that “Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction” are all bad things. That being said, I don’t read this as being an action of the Catholic Church (the religious entity) and much as it is an action of the Vatican City State (the temporal state ruled by the Pope).

  17. jhayes says:

    The Motu Proprio is here:


    It sets up a “Committee of Financial Security” to oversee operations of the Vatican State and the Holy See (inluding dicasteries and other operations) to assure that they are not involved in money-laundering or other operations that would facilitate the things noted in the title.

    “È istituito il Comitato di Sicurezza Finanziaria con il fine di coordinare le Autorità competenti della Santa Sede e dello Stato della Città del Vaticano in materia di prevenzione e di contrasto del riciclaggio, del finanziamento del terrorismo e della proliferazione di armi di distruzione di massa.”

  18. Faith says:

    Wow! So it’s true. The Vatican bank was financing the Mafia. It would be devastating to find out that Al Quaeda was using the Vatican to launder its monies. Nevermind, the Vatican bank financing questionable bio-ethics, revolutionaries, and abortifacient drug companies. This Motu Proprio is a statement of intention for the Vatican’s own house, first and foremost.

  19. lucy says:

    Spot on, Fr. Sotelo!

  20. Athelstan says:

    Hello Sol,

    Look, as a political scientist and trained historian I just see this sort of stuff as the STATE’S responsibility.

    In fairness, this motu proprio seems to be a case of “internal housekeeping,” reforming how the Vatican City State, and perhaps other parts of the Church, conduct their finances. Think of the recent revelations about the Vatican Bank, and dubious investments of some dioceses and charitable organizations.

    P.S. Thanks for the laugh, Fr. Z. “Mass destruction” indeed.

  21. daveams says:

    Wonder if His Holiness’ motu proprio mentions disposable plastic cups? Should they be considered a weapon of Mass destruction?

  22. mariafitz1127 says:

    I opened this link because I was looking for good information regarding this Moto Proprio…can we be expecting that?

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