A plug for some British news and analysis sources

I had a note from a friend in London who is the media coordinator for Westminster Cathedral.  Of late he has set up some new social media opportunities for the great church.


Take a look at those. Pretty interesting.

It is a good idea for those of us in these USA to follow what is going on across the pond.  To that end I also recommend digital subscriptions to the UK’s best Catholic weekly The Catholic Herald.

They have dealt with anti-Catholicism there in a way we haven’t yet experienced.  They are farther along in the culture war than we are.  There are lessons to be learned  (including what to avoid and what not to neglect).

I will also give a plug to the blog of my friend Fr. Finigan HERE.  Shall we forget Fr. Blake?  No, we shall not.  HERE

Pay attention to the pro-life group SPUC, as well as the blog of the LMS Chairman (an Oxford prof who does not suffer liberal fools gladly.  His vivisections of the northern loon Basil Loftus, described by Damien Thompson as a “world-class bore”, are a hoot).

Finally, I am contemplating a trip to Ol’ Blighty perhaps in January.  I may try to get a couple gigs for talks while I am there.  I’m just sayin’


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  1. James C says:

    Oh please come Father! I’m one of the Harvard council Knights of Columbus, and I would have been there for the great privilege of welcoming you to Boston if I hadn’t moved to England a month before. The weather’s looking lovely here on the Sceptered Isle, now that the storm has passed.

    You might want to pop over to St. Patrick’s in Soho Square or up to Oxford to check out the new Ordinariate Mass (being introduced the First Sunday of Advent).

  2. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    John Smeaton’s SPUC blog is excellent!

  3. Rachel K says:

    You would be very welcome here Fr, and I would love to be able to hear you speak.
    Thanks for flagging up some excellent links. I really admire John Smeaton (SPUC chairman) who constantly puts his head above the parapet and is shot down…..for speaking the truth.

  4. vetusta ecclesia says:

    Please come before Jan. 18 – I am going away then!

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