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I’ll be off to Rome in a bit. I ran into a pair of becassocked clerics who greeted me. One if them is going to Rome for the first time.



The is a dog… at least one dog on board.

I wonder how this is going to work.

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  1. acardnal says:

    Is that a review copy of the Pope’s book? It won’t be released in USA until November – and in hardback – according to Amazon.

  2. paul_leone says:

    Have a nice flight, Father!

  3. Margaret says:

    At least you know about the dog. My husband and I once took a (thankfully short) flight with, unbeknowst to us, someone’s pet rat in a very small cage underneath my husband’s seat. He had an unbelievable allergy attack and couldn’t figure out what on earth was triggering it until we were deplaning. Lucky thing he isn’t asthmatic…

  4. Faith says:

    Probably a service dog. If so, you won’t know he’s even there…unless he has travel sickness, or the air pressure bothers his ears. God speed.

  5. Cascade_Catholic says:

    Praying for your fair weather and safe travels and you accomplish all you’ve set out to.

  6. Giuseppe says:

    Buon volo!

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Amen to what Cascade said!

  8. Charivari Rob says:

    The is a dog… at least one dog on board.

    I wonder how this is going to work.

    If it’s in the cabin, it’s probably a service dog – the vast majority of which are better behaved and have better hygiene than some of your human cabinmates.

  9. OrthodoxChick says:

    Dear Fr. Z.,
    I pray that you have a safe, bite-free, bark-free flight and that your technology treats you better on this trip than it did the last time.

  10. NBW says:

    Have a safe flight Fr. Z. God Bless!

  11. iPadre says:

    I pray your flight is not ruff!

  12. hope that you have a safe flight Father Z

  13. SPWang says:

    An Aussie yarn for your flight –

    TURBULENCE (Murray Hartin)
    Video Version

    (subtitles below for those who have trouble with the accent)

    Here’s a tale of Billy Hays from out near Alice Springs
    A wild young ringer, he’d done some crazy things
    He’d bucked bulls over fences, rode a colt up Ayres Rock
    See his legs weren’t made for walking they were made for riding stock

    A legend round the rodeo from Allaroon to Broome
    An untried horse at 6am was saddle broke by noon
    No form of equine foolery he wasn’t game to try
    Only one thing ever spooked him,
    He was way too scared to fly.

    Well if I was meant to fly he said
    I’d have feathers and a beak,
    You fly and waste a day and I’ll drive and waste a week
    I hear they’re safe as houses and mechanically they’re sound
    But I don’t see no rope or bridle so aye, I’m staying on the ground

    One day Bill got a call from his mate in Adelaide,
    He’d got his girl in trouble and the wedding cards were played
    He said, Mate I don’t care how you do it you can beg or steel or borrow
    But Mate you’re gunna have to catch the plane, coz the big day is tomorrow.

    Billy cursed and spat it “That dopey bloody coot!
    He knows I’ll jump on anything that’s coming out a chute
    I’ve caught stallions that’d kill you, caught bulls gone off their brain
    But I never thought there’d come a day I’d have to catch a plane!”

    Bill legged it to the airport and thought “Well this is it”
    The lady at the counter asked “Where would you like to sit?”
    He said “You know that black box thing they always seem to find
    “Well you can stick me right in side it if you wouldn’t bloody mind”

    She gave a friendly smile and “Sir I’ll just take your bag”
    He said “I don’t bloody think so, ‘n by the way it’s called a swag.”
    Bill was sweatin’ buckets when they finally cleared the strip
    He had his seatbelt on that tight he was bleedin’ from the hip

    But when they levelled out he stopped shakin at the knees
    Looked around , relaxed ‘n thought “This flyin’ game’s a breeze”
    We clipped his belt undone, stretched out in his seat
    Well he couldn’t stretch that much ’cause his swag was at his feet.

    Then the captain crackled something, Bill asked the hostess what was said
    “Sir you’d better buckle up there’s some turbulence ahead:
    Turbulence – what’s that?” “Sir it’s pockets caused by heat
    “And when it gets severe it can throw you from your seat.”

    “Throw me, I’ll be buggered,” Bill pushed his seat right back,
    Wrapped his legs around his swag and stuck his left hand through the strap
    He jammed down his Akubra, he was ready now to ride
    Then things got pretty bumpy and Billy yelled “Outside!”

    The plane she dropped a thousand feet, bounced up five hundred more
    When his head hit the roof, his backside hit the floor!
    “I’ve rode all through the Territory and never come unstuck
    So give me all you’ve got big bird – buck you bastard buck!”

    And while the passengers were screaming in fear of certain death
    Billy whooped and hollered ’til he near ran out of breath
    You’d have thought that canvas swag was welded to his ass
    And before the ringer knew it he’s bucked up to business class

    There seemed no way to tame this creature, it had ten gears and reverse
    But that didn’t worry Billy, he just bucked on through to first
    He did somersaults with twists on this mongrel mount from hell
    He yelled out to the pilot “for Pete’s sake ring the bell!”

    Bill was bleeding from the bugle, he had cuts above both eyes
    If you weren’t there on the spot ya probably think I’m tellin’ lies
    He’d been upside down and inside out, done flips and triple spins
    Ya might a’ seen some great rides in your time but hands down Billy wins

    The flight returned to normal, Bill was flat out on the deck
    Still stuck to his swag but he looked a bloody wreck
    He pulled himself together, stood up straight and raised his hat
    He said “I’ve had some tough trips in me day but never one like that.”

    “an eight-second spin in Alice proves your made of sturdy stuff
    But I was on there a near a minute and I reckon that’s enough.”
    The first class folk were dumbstruck at this crazy ringer’s feat
    but Bill just grabbed a crownie and walked back to his seat.

    Now years have passed and Bill’s long give the buckin’ game away
    Too many breaks and dusty miles for far too little pay
    Now plane’s are not a worry, in fact he’d rather fly than ride
    “N when you talk about his maiden voyage his chest puffs out with pride

    “You can talk about your Rocky Neds or that old Chainsaw bloke
    I’d ride ’em both without a rope and roll a bloody smoke
    There’s cowboys ’round who think they’re hot, well they aint tasted heat
    “Til they’ve ridden time on Turbulence at 30,000 feet!

  14. ghp95134 says:

    Fr.Z: “…The[re] is a dog… at least one dog on board.

    Remedy: …….. a little bit of “the hair of the dog….” [hopefully it didn’t bite you].

    On my last flight someone had a small dog in a soft carry case. Not a service dog … one of those tiny dogs that men are embarrassed to walk unless they carry a sign saying “My Wife’s/Girlfriend’s Dog … Do Not Laugh.”

  15. Liz says:

    God bless you, Father. Have a safe trip! A few years ago, I was so touched that you were praying for our intentions in Rome. I realized that, with small children, I would not likely get there anytime soon, but I was touched that you prayed for your benefactors and it gave me great comfort! Now I’m heading there next week and I am planning to make sure to pray for your intentions!

  16. Sonshine135 says:

    Safe travels Father. May the wind be at your back and the angels there to protect you. Pax Vobiscum

  17. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Good pilgrimage in Rome! And tell us where you ate.

  18. SophiaGrace says:


    Prayers for a wonderful trip with safe travels (and no more flying dogs!)!

  19. Fr. Pius, OP says:

    Benvenuto a Roma!

    I’m afraid, however, that you’re in for a rather rainy Rome. It’s been raining buckets here all day, and there’s some more on the way. On the bright side, it means a bit cooler weather for the next few days.

  20. Andy Lucy says:

    @Margaret… I am afraid you were mistaken. That wasn’t a rat… it was a Siberian hamster.

  21. ljc says:

    I think the real significance of this pic is that Father is reading a book that isn’t due to be released until Nov. 18th.

  22. AvantiBev says:

    Dear Dog,
    There is a priest on board. Like you, he is wearing a collar. No cause for alarm. He will behave himself and is potty trained. He needs to read the Book of Tobit again. I bet he thinks Tobias was accompanied on his journey by ONE angel while you and I KNOW there were TWO with young Toby.
    Woof, woof. “Bone” viaggio, caro canino!
    The One who should be on that flight

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