Request for prayers

I am slated to head back to the USA tomorrow.  Alas, I have come down with an awful cold.

Please, dear readers, I ask your prayers for a sudden, complete and lasting recovery.  I dread the international flight, lay-over, second flight while feeling like this.

I am canceling most of what I was going to do today and will try to rest.  Happily, I have all my critical errands done but one.

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  1. Fool_for_Christ says:

    Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum…

    Our Lady, Health of the Sick, pray for us!

  2. Rachel K says:

    Praying for you Fr Z. The common cold is uncommonly unpleasant
    I recommend lemon juice, honey, dash of whiskey, top up with hot water.
    Or echinacea(coneflower) drops, this seems to shorten duration and lessen symptoms.
    Have a safe journey.

  3. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Alleve or Advil and toddies.

    Feel better, Father. Will pray for you.

  4. David Zampino says:

    Praying! A good hot toddy is my recommendation as well!

  5. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    But remember, Tylenol(TM) and alcoholic beverages should not be taken within same 24 hour period. (Can cause liver failure, which you don’t want.)

  6. Robbie says:

    Do as much as you can to limit nasal congestion. If your ears become clogged, prolonged exposure to high altitude air can cause damage to your ear drums. Airline cabins are generally pressurized to 8000 feet at cruise.

  7. lizaanne says:

    Prayers for a quick recovery!

    The husband made me two big mugs of mulled wine the other night for my cold, and I slept like a baby!! :-) Toddies are also highly recommended!

  8. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Traveling is hard. Being sick is hard. Traveling sick is awful. Prayers.

  9. lgreen515 says:

    I said a Memorare for you. I recommend that you stay another week if your ears are affected. My husband flew in that condition once and could not hear for a week.

  10. wanda says:

    Prayers for your recovery and safe travels. Rest and chicken soup today, if you are able.

  11. mamajen says:

    Prayers, Father. Our family has been dealing with the Cold Bug from Hell for a month now. I asked Mary to help me feel a little better so I could get through my mom duties, and she did.

  12. tianzhujiao says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery Father, you’ll be in my prayers.

  13. StWinefride says:

    Praying to St Raphael for you on this his Feast day!

  14. Ed the Roman says:


  15. Sonshine135 says:

    Father- may I suggest a healthy dose of Airborne and Coldeeze zinc. Also, a sinus rinse kit is very helpful in breaking up anything in the sinus. Also, inflammation of nasal passages can be reduced with Advil/ Motrin.

    Lots of prayers for your safe journey.

  16. Elizabeth D says:

    Prayers! Yes I added one to St Raphael!!!

  17. bernadette says:

    Prayers for you. The flight from Rome to USA seems interminable, even when one is well. Stay hydrated.

  18. Prayers to St. Camillus de Lellis! (Might have misspelled him, sorry!)

  19. robtbrown says:

    The obvious solution is Klosterfrau Melissengeist.

  20. Catholic Granny says:

    Lots of good advice, Father. Please use a decongestant nasal spray at least 30 min before flying (like Sudafed), stay well hydrated and 5o mg of zinc with food per day will help you battle the bug.

    The Mayo site ( asks you to reconsider your travel plans.

    Lots of prayers coming your way.

  21. Catholic Granny says:

    oops, forget the Sudafed unless OK with your doctor. use the nasal spray

  22. VexillaRegis says:

    Don’t fly if you have sinus- or ear problems! A friend of mine, who was an air hostess for fifteen years, did that a couple of times and now she can’t fly at all due to terrible sinus pains. Maybe you could stay for a week in some convent?

  23. marypatricia says:

    Decade of the Rosary on the way. Have a safe journey

  24. OrthodoxChick says:

    Prayers for you have been said. Lots of good advice above, but since you’re in Rome and might not have access to U.S. brands of cold remedies, try some homemade chicken soup from your favorite ristorante and a hot espresso with a healthy shot of brandy to clear the sinuses.

    Order yourself lots of Emergen C when you get home. It’s a great immune system booster and it works every time. Good to have some on hand before cold and flu season is in full swing.

  25. DanW says:

    Hope you are feeling well soon. Just an observation, but even after signing in I cannot see your post about the FFI.

  26. Clinton R. says:

    Father, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Please get plenty of rest and take it easy as long as you need to. May the Lord Bless you and Our Mother pray for you. Thank you, Father, for the images you posted from your travels. +JMJ+

  27. irish-italian mom says:

    I have a suggestion which I have not read above. It’s kind of a homespun type of thing to do, but if perhaps you are staying somewhere that will accommodate you in your need for some unusual things, then this remedy REALLY works. Place a large bowl of boiling water on a table in your room. Stir in some thyme leaves – dried works best. Put your head over the bowl and a towel over your head and the bowl. Breathe in the vapor for about 5-8 minutes – you will notice the medicinal smell of the thyme leaves. As you do the above, let whatever is in your nose drip into the bowl. After the time is up, blow your nose very gently. Your sinuses should be cleared up in one application, maybe two. Then, the hot toddy right before you get on the flight and Fr. Z might get some z’s!
    Praying to St. Raphael for healing of your cold and for safe travel.

  28. Mariana2 says:

    Pater, Ave, Gloria.

    If at all possible, try not to travel while ill, Father. I once caught a cold on a flight from New York to Paris, waited for several miserable hours at Charles de Gaulle, and had a purgatorial flight home, AND was ill for weeks afterwards!

  29. dianecee says:

    Hi Father!

    Praying for you. And I suggest you grab a pair of ear plugs to wear on the plane….at least the going up and coming down parts of the adventure. I’d also like to advise you to take “Umcka” at the first sign of a cold….but it sounds like you’re past that. It greatly shortens the life of a cold. Maybe I’ll have to send you a bottle of Umcka for “next” time! God Bless.

  30. benedetta says:

    I hope you are able to rest on your flights, Father.

  31. RJHighland says:

    I highly recommend you dry out your sinuses with some very serious decongestants Father. If your inner ear is congested it will be an excruciatingly painful flight. My prayers are with you and may you have a save and restful flight home. If the decongetants don’t work Captian Morgans works pretty good too!

  32. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Praying for return of good health! –
    Sub tuum praesidium confugimus, Sancta Dei Genetrix. Nostras deprecationes ne despicias in necessitatibus, sed a periculis cunctis libera nos semper, Virgo gloriosa et benedicta. Amen.

  33. Bea says:

    I sympathize.
    I have a 2 week lingering head cold, coughing and wheezing, gratefully, I don’t have to travel.
    Prayers for a comfortable ride. Sleep on the plane and bundle up so you won’t get a chill and relapse.
    God Bless
    May Mary watch over one of her favorite sons.

  34. Poor Father! Is there anything worse than traveling when sick? Arrgh! Yes prayers for you.

    Sugar, carbs, alcohol [sadly], non-raw dairy [so everything commonly available] worsen cold symptoms.

    Most illness starts in the liver when it gets sluggish with too much of something. A good dose of beets stimulates the flushing of the liver [and you love beets], or artichoke leaves or radishes, or anything bitter. Angostura Bitters are great too. A sluggish liver creates chronic depression and anxiety. Old medical wisdom taught the urgency of a healthy liver as the first step to any treatment, thus the once-popular ‘liver pills’. There’s another better first-step to take but due to delicacy and TMI here, I’ll forgo its mention LOL.

    I agree with the suggestion to reduce congestion – find a decongestant, a simple decongestant. Also the suggestions for caffeine, Airborne, Emergen-C, Zinc [Zicam swabs are downright miraculous too], and the Sinus rinse [if not available the old-fashioned American way was to put salt in the palm of the hand and snurf it up the nose – painful yea but the relief is almost immediate]. This cured, yes cured my mother’s chronic sinus she had for 20 years. Those with tiny or crooked sinuses are especially susceptible to congestion.
    Drink lots and lots of water, with Vitamin C to loosen phlegm. Mineral water is even better.

    Then, as y’know, if all else fails, as my mom would stoically remind me: Offer it up!
    Gritting my teeth remembering this but we work off so much more for ourselves and others by accepting penances that are God-allowed, than by those we choose ourselves.

    I’ll add a negatory on Aleve – the risk of stroke is high – check it out. And I can attest to this sad and permanent effect in a family member.

    Cool recommendation above for clearing the sinuses over thyme leaves in steaming water. I’m gonna check that out myself next time.

  35. Lin says:

    Prayers offered. Hope you are felling better today!

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