ROME: Day 2 – lunch, stroll, pilgrimage starts







We gathered for our opening of the pilgrimage which was Holy Mass at Santa Maria sopra Minerva. A you may remember the interior from the movie The Cardinal.



From the movie The Cardinal an excerpt.

Just now, listening to the texts of the consecration (in Latin, which I follow with ease), I had the first inkling I have ever had of wanting to be a bishop.  Believe me: I DON’T want that.  But…  but… but… the ideal expressed… the beautiful ideal and the sacramental graces to go with it?  I would probably be a total disaster. But, given those ancient texts ringing my ears….

Imponimus, Domine, capiti hujus Antistitis et agonistae tui galeam munitionis et salutis, quatenus decorata facie, et armato capite, cornibus utriusque Testamenti terribilis appareat adversariis veritatis; et, te ei largiente gratiam, impugnator eorum robustus exsistat, qui Moysi famuli tui faciem ex tui sermonis consortio decoratam, lucidissimis tuae claritatis ac veritatis cornibus insignisti: et capiti Aaron Pontificis tui tiaram imponi jussisti. Per Christum Dominum? nostrum. R. Amen.

Can you hear the texts that move me?


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  1. Fr AJ says:

    Mmmmmmm what wonderful food you’re having over there! ….very jealous!

  2. jameeka says:

    Thank you very much for the photos. I would like to know what is your recurring dream when you are in Rome?

  3. Salvelinus says:

    I would love to be there!

  4. mamajen says:

    That lunch looks delicious! I’ll have to try making that sometime.

  5. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Glad that things are going well, Father!

  6. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    I also love that painting by Reni, and I go to that church every time when I’m in Rome to see it.

  7. JonPatrick says:

    According to Wikipedia (so it must be true!):

    In the Papal States, the Papal States scudo was the currency until 1866. It was divided into 100 baiocchi (sing. baiocco), each of 5 quattrini. It was replaced by the lira, equal to the Italian lira.

    I think the Vatican should go back to the Scudo! Be countercultural! Make a mess! :)

  8. OrthodoxChick says:

    Fr. Z,,

    Thank you for posting the time of your Mass and inviting us to unite our prayers. What a wonderful gift! Praying for a safe and enriching pilgrimage for you and all of the pilgrims. Will you all be at the Wednesday audience domani? Hope so.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    Hearing the Latin makes me feel something I can hardly describe. It defies description, but it speaks not to the ear, the mind, but rather the soul, yet it passes though all those. I will never understand those who do not love the Latin, and I know all of ten or so words.
    The beauty and majesty of it all, the significance, the Latin, makes me almost understand the nuns on the bus a bit. Who wouldn’t be attracted and want something so wonderful? But for them it could never, never be. Even if they mimic it, it would only be a sad imitation, as their “ordinations” are and must be. But to be part of something so beautiful! I see why you love it, Fr. Z.

  10. Per Signum Crucis says:

    The other cinematic exposition of the ideal career trajectory in the Church is, of course, the one demonstrated by the erstwhile Fr. Ralph de Bricassart in ‘The Thorn Birds’: not only a red hat but, um, a few temporal perks along the way.


    Don’t give in to the siren voices, Fr. Z !!!

  11. Fr. Pius, OP says:

    Now, Father, I think you failed to mention which religious order has the custody of Rome’s great Gothic church…

  12. milano_rossonero says:

    “…decorata facie et armato capite cornibus utriusque Testamenti terribilis appareat adversariis veritatis…” would that all bishops today have that Apostolic ferocity!

  13. mamajen says:

    The part in the video when the singing begins made me think of Aragorn singing Elendil’s Oath in Return of the King (the movie). Beautiful in both cases. And to think, people of all ages will flock to see a movie like ROTK, but there are those who think Latin and beauty in the mass is too old fashioned and a turn-off.

  14. rbbadger says:

    Back in 1998, I witnessed Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua ordain men to the priesthood for the first time. It is an absolutely amazing thing. I can’t imagine the joy it must be for a bishop to be able to do that.

    While the revised rites of Ordination are absolutely and unquestionably valid, I wish that more of those old prayers had been maintained. Perhaps they should be brought back, as we need be more and more bishops to “appear fearsome to the enemies of truth”. There is another feature of the revised rites I’m not fond of.

    If you attend an ordination of a bishop in the Byzantine Rite, or you had to the good fortune to be in Campos, Brazil when Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos consecrated Bishop Rifan to the episcopacy, you would see the open book of the gospels placed on the bishop-elect’s back. This symbolises his taking on the yoke of Christ. The symbolism is lost by holding it open over his head.

  15. James Joseph says:

    The chant after the consecration and enthronement sounds like those French monks.

  16. Gaz says:

    Dalmatic. Oops. Tunicle… I’ll stop now.

  17. Rouxfus says:

    “Can you hear the texts that move me?”

    The reference to Aaron’s holy headgear?

  18. Rouxfus says:

    “Can you hear the texts that move me?”

    Here is a translation from a site which discusses the development of the mitre:

    We place, O Lord, the helmet of your fortification and salvation, upon the head of this Bishop, your combatant, with beauty adorned, and head armored, so that with the horns of each Testament he might appear terrible to the adversaries of truth; and, with You having lavished grace upon him, that he stand out as their valiant attacker, You who marked the face of Your servant Moses, embellished from the partnership of Your word, with the most shining horns (trumpets) of your clarity and truth: and You ordered a crown be placed (lit. ‘Phrygian bonnet w/ lappets) on the head of Aaron your high priest. Through Christ Our Lord.

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