The tactics of the ‘c’atholic Left

I am sure that readers of the Fishwrap will leap to denounce the tactics employed by protesters such as those in Wisconsin (HERE) and also, once again, in Brussels.

They should denounce their tactics, but I doubt they will.

Once again, in Brussels, Archbishop Joseph Leonard was physically attacked.

From Katolisches Info via Eponymous Flower:

Hired Prostitutes Attack Archbishop of Brussels

(Brussels) Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Brussels-Malines was again attacked by pseudo-feminists of FEMEN. As of last April the disturbed, paid “political activists” came from the red light district to a meeting, in which Monsignor Leonard participated in as a speaker. The reaction of the Archbishop, now already familiar with the methods of the extremists, robbed FEMEN of some of the peak of their performance.

In the red light district hired “political activists” are hired to appear topless and again target the brave Archbishop of Brussels-Mechelen. There are probably lush cash payments for the FEMEN-strippers in the background in Belgium (see separate report Who’s behind FEMEN protest and their anti-Christian activities? Paid activists from the red light district). The incident occurred last Friday night in Brussels during a meeting of the Catholic St. Michael’s College.

Attack against Archbishop Leonard

While the former French minister and member of the Pontifical Family Council, Christine Boutin spoke, topless FEMEN stormed onto the stage and wrapped her with a rainbow flag. The FEMEN activists were accompanied by a bunch of left-wing extremists, which were meant to serve as a sort of bodyguard and extras in the stylized media appearance. After they had interrupted Madame Minister, they hurled a pie at Archbishop Leonard’s face. The Archbishop stole the show from the horde by tasting the cake with a subtle smile.


This is escalating.

First, they physically attacked him with water. The liquid could have been anything.

Then, they physically attacked him with something to his face. It could have been anything.

Next time, will they throw something corrosive? Something poisonous or otherwise harmful?

These protesters violate the dignity of every woman everywhere.

They need to be prosecuted severely and they need to be denounced by the catholic Left, especially by liberal women.

Attacks like this will eventually start up in other countries.  Your Excellencies, I’d start thinking about this now.

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  1. pannw says:

    Well, I am neither the catholic left, nor a liberal woman, but I definitely denounce them! God bless Archbishop Leonard.

    Of course, He promised He would. “Blessed are you when they persecute you…” All the same, may God grant him courage, wisdom and strength, and may He grant it to all our faithful shepherds. They are going to need it as this continues to intensify.

  2. Elizium23 says:

    If anyone should undergo such a violent attack, and may God forbid it please, but this Archbishop is strong and willing to suffer for the faith. He is a shining example of how Christians must be in the face of persecution. If these extremists chose to escalate then the Archbishop will only be more blessed than ever to undergo pain, not just embarrassment. I only pray that I could summon the courage from the Holy Spirit so that I could be as brave and stalwart in enduring attacks.

  3. Marcello says:

    Time for the good archbishop to assemble a coterie of bodyguards, intimidating in appearance to send a message that offenders will be roughed up should they physically attack him.

  4. Tom L says:

    They’ve thrown pies at him many times throughout the years. When asked about it, he always comments something similar to the pies tasting great. He has never pressed charges either, which is the smartest thing to do, I’m afraid. Pressing charges would victimize the attackers. Of course, the media here in Belgium think he got what he deserved.

  5. Lori Pieper says:

    Archbishop, please! You have no idea what might have been in that pie!

    Obviously he is a brave man, in more ways than one. God bless him. I’m sure he prays for his attackers, and so should we.

  6. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Extra food for though to read about this on the Feast of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez, and with his observations about “three grades of perfection in the bearing of suffering for God” in mind (something I seem to have been Providentially led to read, earlier today).

    “Et si mortiferum quid biberint, non wis nocebit” (St. Mark 16:18), yet is does seem properly prudent to avoid, as far as possible, tasting the pies, or ‘liquid’.

  7. The obama ‘c’atholic feels like they have the wind at their back, but their naivety will ultimately be theirs, the country’s, and the world’s undoing. Because they, knowingly, unknowingly, or apathetically, are working in concert with another self-righteous gang who likewise feel they have the wind at their back and would like nothing less than seeing America and the Christendom destroyed: none other than the ‘religion of peace’ whom the ‘c’atholic seems to always come to the defense for and who will ultimately turn on the ‘c’atholic eventually.

  8. Marcello, You write

    …”intimidating in appearance to send a message that offenders will be roughed up should they physically attack him.

    I suspect that may be just what they would like to see happen, after which they will simply point out to and through the media, to anyone who will listen, the lack of charity and respect for someone with a differing opinion (I know that is an irrational argument, but it will still be taken on board by some).

    I would humbly suggest that a better, yet similar, solution might be a team of bodyguards able simply to physically remove the protesters in a firm manner but without harming them (or “roughing them up”). If someone is going to attempt to physically disrupt (by sound, actions or both) our proceedings, they are going to be physically halted and removed without unnecessary force or injury from the vicinity of our proceedings, far enough so as not to be able to disrupt what we are legitimately about. Any number of former military members should be able to accomplish this with little or no difficulty. I know any of the SEALs I knew during my naval career would be quite capable of handling it without fuss, unnecessary ado, or bother. Roughing up demonstrators is counter-productive.

    Even at age 68, 6 ft in height and 240 pounds, there are very few women that I could not put on my shoulder and carry 50 or 100 feet without doing them physical injury, whether they wished to go or not. Under no circumstances should there be so much as the suggestion that undue force or violence would be offered to those presenting the problem.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  9. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Martial Artist Keith Töpfer raises very important issues here in a world where not only propaganda but ‘lawfare’ thrive. In any given (local, etc.) circumstances it is incumbant upon the ‘custodes’ to ascertain what they may legally do, what is considered ‘excessive force’, and so on. (There may be circumstances where carrying a woman without doing her physical harm would be successfully prosecuted as ‘battery’.) I have know situations where off-duty Christian police agents organize to provide ‘steward’ service. I have been physically attacked (an ‘athletic protector’ is never superfluous), and thereafter seen women civilly ejected go off, tear their clothes and otherwise rough up their appearance and then return with a police agent in tow to stop proceedings while pursuing a false accusation of battery. All of which also argues the need to discover what photo-recording-surveillance is legal, and pursue it rigorously, as well.

  10. Katylamb says:

    What am I missing? How is femen the “Catholic left?” Not that I’m defending the Catholic left but I really am wondering what I missed?

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