New NYC Mayor pledges to expand abortion, wipe out crisis pregnancy centers

From Breitbart:


The city in which 41 percent of pregnancies end in abortion has elected a new mayor who is pledging to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to expand their businesses even further by providing them with “city-sponsored” space to set up shop.
Bill de Blasio, who was elected Tuesday with 73 percent of the vote, [!] also pledged to help abortionists wipe out their main competition – pro-life crisis pregnancy centers – which he refers to as “sham” clinics. These centers offer women financial and logistical assistance to either keep their babies or place them with adoptive families.
LifeSiteNews reported that de Blasio expressed his view that since crisis pregnancy centers refuse to perform abortions, they do not offer “legitimate health care.” He has promised to continue the city’s appeal of a court order striking down a law aimed at closing down these centers.
Should the court appeal fail, however, de Blasio states he will “craft new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers.”
De Blasio said that, in order to ensure a sufficient number of abortionists to meet the high demand, he will also continue to force doctors who train in city hospitals to perform abortions as a routine part of their training. The mandate is a NARAL-backed program that began under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and which de Blasio referred to as “groundbreaking.”
To make sure women can pay to have abortions, de Blasio has pledged to use ObamaCare to expand state-funded abortion coverage to more New York City women. [Get that?  No matter where you live, this wicked man will try to force you to pay for this evil program.  I hope you catholic Dems are happy.]
A self-described “democratic socialist,” [Or just Democrat?] de Blasio traveled to the Soviet Union as a student and honeymooned with his wife, in violation of the travel ban, in Cuba.
The mayor-elect spent many of his early adult years traveling to Nicaragua, where he supplied the Communist Sandinistas – whom he called “really inspirational” – and their allies with funds and food while working with the Quixote Center, a Maryland-based leftist Catholic group that once referred to American opposition to Communist leadership in Nicaragua as “spreading terrorism.”

What do you think about this?

I am waiting for Fishwrap to endorse de Blasio.

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  1. pmullane says:

    “de Blasio states he will “craft new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers.”

    In the land of the free and the home of the brave eh? Got to say the time for continuing to co-operate with these people has got to be ended, evil of this magnitude will have consequences.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    It appears with this vote New Yorkers have decided to turn the clock back to the 1970’s and early 80’s when the city was bankrupt and it was unsafe to walk the streets or ride the subway. Will Obama be there to bail them out or (given the constraints on the Federal budget now) will we see the headline “Obama to city: drop dead”? I wonder how many Catholics voted for this man, aware of his stands on issues such as abortion.

  3. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    “new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers.”

    Abortion isn’t health care. Most abortions kill babies of mothers who are already in reasonably good health, and whose pregnancy would not jeopardize her health as long as she received routine medical care, (that is, if she felt that she actually wanted the baby and could either provide for him or her or could face making an adoption plan.)

    This is what crisis pregnancy centers are all about, and what they do – assist women who are facing pregnancy but lacking in resources to care for themselves and their babies. Because the crisis pregnancy centers function so successfully as resource providers, but are not medical in nature, their existence highlights the reality that abortion is rarely medically “necessary,” but that with the right assistance, mothers and their babies can face a hopeful future without resorting to medically-assisted violence or death as a “solution.”

    This is the last message that the abortion industry wants to have get out there. The myth that legal abortion is the only option that stands between millions of women and horrific disability or death must be promulgated, and must not be contradicted.

    The reality: in the cases of physically healthy women with healthy pregnancies, abortion is not “health care.”

  4. Jean Marie says:

    I live just 25 miles outside of NYC. Something tells me I should get much, much further away!

  5. catholictrad says:

    There is a cardinal and head of USCCB there who could have/should have been shouting from the roof tops. I pray he understands that communist serfs cannot contribute to Catholic Charities.

    “But, when necessity compels, not those only who are invested with power of rule are bound to safeguard the integrity of faith, but, as St. Thomas maintains: ‘Each one is under obligation to show forth his faith, either to instruct and encourage others of the faithful, or to repel the attacks of unbelievers.’”
    Pope Leo XIII

    In shorter terms, grab an oar and start paddling, or get off the boat!

  6. incredulous says:

    Satan speaks directly through the mouth of the NYC Mayor.

  7. Lin says:

    Where are the Catholics? We keep sinking lower and lower! Much prayer and fasting is required!

  8. romanrevert says:

    That’s it. I am burning my Yankees hat. Pains me to do it, but it must be done. Go Rangers!

  9. Eliane says:

    Given that he is a self-declared admirer of Pope Francis, perhaps the Holy Father could counsel him that killing babies in their mothers’ wombs is not really admirable policy, even for a socialist. (“And BOY am I a fan of Pope Francis!,” says the mayor.) The pope could do this privately, so as not to seem too doctrinal in a public forum.
    The entire article being referenced can be found here:

  10. benedetta says:

    Here is Bill DiBlasio a self proclaimed ‘catholic’, advocating that 41% of NYC’s population slaughtered isn’t enough. He wants to go all the way. Under his regime, which of his constituents will be permitted to live?

    Sounds like the falsehoods of Naral got to his head. Only Naral/big abortion extremists deny that crisis pregnancy centers help women. The Archdiocese of NY, acting on Cardinal O’Connor’s promise to aid any woman feeling coerced into abortion, is one such crisis pregnancy center. Once again one sees the bigoted anti catholic, anti life agenda rear its ugly head.

  11. Darren says:

    I shudder as I imagine New York City four years from now.

  12. The Masked Chicken says:

    This man is Catholic?? Bill Donohue is not certain. In any case, he is not worthy of the office by virtue of his stance on life issues which shows extreme prejudice. It appears that 73% of voting New Yorkers are either deranged, too darn concerned about money, or spiritually dead.

    The Chicken

  13. Rachel K says:

    Appalling! I am not sure even Boris Johnson ( amoral Mayer of London) would stoop this low. How can the mayor be so tied up in this? Does he not just organise transport and stuff? Has he got shares in Planned Parenthood?

  14. pannw says:

    I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

    New York City has chosen poorly. I only wonder how long the Lord will allow them to suffer the consequences. Of course, the entire US chose poorly when we elected the rabidly pro-abortion antichrist to the presidency, not once but twice. We are Romans 1. A year ago, I was convinced God was going to be swift in His chastisement for our choices, but now, I fear it could drag on and on. I hate living in Sodom.

    God have mercy.

  15. Devo35 says:

    de Blasio even identifies himself as a Democratic Socialist so it is up to voters to wake up and pay attention for whom they are voting. As always, many Catholic voters simply stepped into the voting booth and punched the “D.”

  16. Sonshine135 says:

    And the response to this guy from the Catholics in New York City and in the Archdiocese…….

    *crickets chirping

    That, my friends, is why the devil gains a foothold. Good men refuse to do anything. That is the reason why abortion grows, liturgical abuse occurs, and any myriad number of issues continue to plague the church.

    ….but we don’t want to rock the boat now do we.

  17. wolfeken says:

    So how long will it be before the country sees a photo of the new mayor with a happy, smiling Cardinal Dolan, arms wrapped around each other?

    Or is this finally going to be the situation where the cardinal only holds private meetings with the mayor and puts an end to all of the photo ops that imply friendship and endorsement?

    Over to you, Your Eminence.

  18. Anchorite says:

    Why would Card. Dolan say anything against the “admirer of Pope Francis?”
    That would mean no invitations to all those awesome dinners with de Blasio and Obama, all those wonderful laughs. No, no way.
    But, think about it, a “Compassionate-Catholic” Sandinista-Funding Soviet-visiting Italian-named Socialist “Democrat” on the payroll of Big Abortion, married to a Black lesbian poet-activist – hey, if that person didn’t gather more that 70%, I’d be surprised. In fact, he appears nearly identical to the Nuns on the Bus (change his gender only), and, sadly, to the majority of “catholics.”
    Makes me sick.

  19. LarryW2LJ says:

    I live just 25 miles southwest of NYC, so I was able to see all the campaign propaganda that was being broadcast. I could tell just from the commercials what a disaster in the making this was, but it was inevitable. It was like watching a train wreck happening in slow motion.To explain to the rest of the country and the world …….

    Up here in the Northeast, with a few rare exceptions, if you put that (D) after your name, you’re basically guaranteed to win elections up here. You could be a rattlesnake, a skunk, or Ol’ Scratch himself, and as long as you have that (D) after your name in the election booth, people will go in blindly and joyfully pull the lever for you. Sometimes, I think it’s a hereditary thing. ” Great Grampa voted (D), Grampa voted (D), Mom and Dad voted (D) – so I’M gonna vote (D)”

    It doesn’t matter if your party has almost bankrupted your municipality, doesn’t matter if the crime rate under your party is a gazillion percent, doesn’t matter how miserable you’ve been under them before, doesn’t matter how high your taxes are and how lousy your provided services are. They continue to sing a siren song of free stuff, pander to the unions, and promise the moon, stars and sun to everyone. Add to that, the fact that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is immediately labeled a “racist” “extremist” “backward” “redneck” “homophobe”, or “hater”. These folks, for the most part, are filled with hate, rage and are just not nice. Oh, they also think they’re better than everyone else, too.

    That being said, there ARE people in the Democrat party who are moral, upstanding and decent, and truly religious human beings (I even know some). It seems they are in the minority, however. I feel sorry for them, as they try to buck the trend of their party. For them, it’s like shoveling sand against the tide. And just so I don’t get accused of favoritism, the other parties aren’t much better. Republican, Libertarian, Green …… whatever. Political parties may be an necessary evil, but they are all BAD news.

    However, it is often said that you get what you deserve. The people of New York voted Mr. De Blasio in, and (at the risk of being uncharitable) I truly hope they enjoy where they are four years from now. It’s NOT going to be pretty.

    I used to be a Democrat, then I called myself a Republican. These days, I just call myself a Catholic – that REALLY gets the undies of the pollsters tied up in knots when they call!

    Voting is a hard thing. What most people don’t do is try to educate themselves. In the end, I try to vote for the person (regardless of party) who will do their best to:

    Protect Life from beginning to NATURAL end.
    Help the poor and disadvantaged (and that does NOT mean just give away stuff)
    Protect that little ol’ document we call “The Constitution of the United States”.

    Sorry for the rant, sometimes I just need to vent. Being a Catholic ain’t easy, sometimes, but I refuse to become a catholic. God and Country!

  20. inexcels says:

    “New York City. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Well, except maybe Detroit and Los Angeles. But NYC is giving them a run for the money!”

  21. Salvelinus says:

    This is another problem with the “social justice” Catholics in Central and South America, when de Blasio went to work in a “Catholic Social Justice Group” – Of course, this was the Sandinista! A communist murderous band of thugs. But they hid under the veil of “Catholic group” so de Blasio got away with it.

    If there is one thing that I admire (tongue in cheek) its that de Blasio doesn’t even try to hide his Progressiveness (read communism). He is “out and proud” with it!

    The bigger problem is why do Catholics continue to vote for super liberal clowns like this???

    Father Frank Pavone has a recent video on his You Tube channel that puts to rest the fake concerns of loss of tax exempt status in churches if pastors talk about “political issues”. Check it out.

  22. Jon says:

    I’ve worked in Manhattan. Despite the presence of Father Rutler, the place is the locus of evil.

    Ever see the clouds billowing from those manholes? That ain’t just steam.

  23. frahobbit says:

    It seems as if we are getting to where individual Catholics must not rely on central locations to do what is necessary. One by one, each must pick up the gauntlet, the cross, the gift of getting out there. Not Catholic ccd programs, but individual persons teaching in their homes. Not Catholic hospitals, but persons going out to pick up a sick one, bring him to the home and have a Catholic doctor on call go to their home to give medical care. All free; no insurance please. That just brings in government.

  24. Dundonianski says:

    To my mind, to grasp the full horror of this mayor’s declared policy is almost beyond my reason; but then again, perhaps I am not giving due regard and weight to good Bishop Francis’ expressed view that we Catholics ( restorationists?) obsess to much on such matters. Given that the greatest evils in the world today are youth unemployment and lonely old folk perhaps we should not presume to judge. Then again, I struggle to read Francis through Benedict, I must leave such fine tuning to Fr Z

  25. av8er says:

    catholictrad says “There is a cardinal and head of USCCB there who could have/should have been shouting from the roof tops.”
    I agree 100%. What a failure. What the heck is he there for if not for speaking out against a man that wants to increase the slaughter of babies!
    I was born and raised on Long Island. I presently have a bumper sticker that reads “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could”

  26. CAR says:

    Very upsetting to me. While I will still continue to pray for him, it’s now time to bring in the inspection troops on these cafeteria “catholics.”

  27. zama202 says:

    Silence from Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio (Brooklyn) and Archbishop Timothy Dolan (New York), our “Princes” of New York City – so everything must be peachy-keen.


  28. Quanah says:

    Despite the good progress that has been made elsewhere, it is because of things like this that I believe the pro-life movement will ultimately fail. If it can happen in New York, it can happen elsewhere.

  29. Acanthaster says:

    Two things come to mind when reading this:

    1) That the relativism plague of “this is what I believe, respect it” has now led to the population legitimately voting someone into office who is all of these things this article describes…”It’s cool to be a socialist!”

    and 2) That the 600,000 March for Life attendees need to swing by NYC this year too…

  30. JKnott says:

    Well he can’t run the Sisters of Life out of business.
    Those of us who have worked directly with the crisis pregnancy centers know that it is very dear to the heart of the Lord and he doesn’t his his Divine Providence. Miracles happen all the time. This mayor may have a harder time than he thinks.
    One of many such instances in my experience occurred many years ago as we were opening a Catholic crisis pregnancy center near the NY state line in CT. It was important to place the yellow pages ad discreetly up by the A’s. In the past others had trouble with being forced to advertise under more explicit terms. During my meeting over coffee, with the rep about the ad, he told me that his pregnant wife was going to have an amniocentesis test. !!!!! So right there and then was the test. Is he probing? Do I remain silent or do the work of trying to save a baby, which was our whole reason for being, at the risk of losing our ad and perhaps future babies? No contest, each baby is precious. His expression was unforgettable when I plainly asked him to keep his baby. He confided that he wanted the baby very much but everyone of his friends and family were encouraging them to abort. God gave us our ad and several months later when the baby was born the rep called with touching gratitude to say that either way they decided not to abort and had named their healthy son Joseph.
    Things like this, and much more, happen all the time in pro-life work.
    The NY diocese gave us substantial monetary support because of our location. (CT did not!) Even though crisis pregnancy centers which are placed near the abortion mills are more effective, perhaps the Lord will provide more centers on the periphery of NYC as one antidote to this evil. What is needed however are many generous souls to volunteer to do the work.

  31. AGA says:

    Psychosis is the explanation for men like DeBlasio. And if you look at his childhood, that may be the case. The child is indeed the father of the man.

    …but how about in Virginia, where another deeply disturbed Catholic, McCaulif, ran against the most Catholic politician this country may ever see. Where were the bishops? If in the 19th and early 20th Century Catholic bishops could secure electoral victories for their favorites, why can’t they now? Or, are they?

  32. rhetor says:

    I live in New York. I have also lived in the South, in California, and in the Pacific Northwest. Believe me, you could do worse than NYC if you are truly Catholic. NYC is the home of many true-to-the-Magisterium and even traditionalist Catholics. If you want to go to confession here, you can, any day of the week. But you will have to wait on line. If you want to go to a Tridentine Mass, you can. But you should arrive early if you want a choice of pews.

    However, NYC also has lots of every other kind of person, including a great many in-name-only Catholics like de Blasio. As in most other parts of the U.S., faithful Catholics are heavily outvoted by the in-name-only Catholics, other nominally religious people, atheists, hedonists, greedheads, and the simply clueless. De Blasio was not elected because he’s a Democrat; the city hasn’t had a Democrat as mayor since 1993. Instead, he was elected because people of faith are as heavily outvoted here as they are in most parts of the country and because he ran against a weak opponent.

    Heed Quanah’s warning: if de Blasio can make it here, he can make it anywhere.

  33. Priam1184 says:

    Terrible but it is what it is Father. These are evil days. And Hyde Amendment or no Hyde Amendment nobody can convince me that we haven’t been paying for all of this stuff, in one way or another, right along.

  34. Eliane says:

    “New York City. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Well, except maybe Detroit and Los Angeles. But NYC is giving them a run for the money!”

    I don’t know about Los Angeles, but Detroit has not had a mayor go out aggressively touting abortion, let alone attempt to shut down abortion-alternative charities — not even the mayor who is currently in prison for a few decades.

  35. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    There’s an interesting story linked on some other Catholic sites about the mayor’s wife, an African-American woman and former lesbian. It’s here: This seems to contradict the liberal orthodoxy of “Born That Way,” doesn’t it? And yet it didn’t harm him any. In fact, his wife was apparently a factor in his win, as De Blasio made his mixed-race family an important part of his campaign.

  36. Franko says:

    I’m sure Catholics voted for this man overwhelmingly. How does that make even the remotest sense?

  37. mr_anthony says:

    I live in NYC. Parishes like St. Agnes on E 42nd St. are a real gift.

    As was said above, you can find every sort of person in the city. I’m a libertarian-leaning Catholic with traditionalist sympathies, and unlike the suburbia of Texas where I grew up, I find richer alternatives here. You just need to know where to look.

    As for voting? I don’t vote. Voting is a joke at this point, not only because of the “choosing the lesser of two evils” fallacy, but also because the-powers-that-be will always get whatever they want, even if by some chance an election doesn’t go their way.

    I do think the question, “Where are the bishops and cardinals?” is a completely valid one. I’m beyond sick of “Catholic” politicians basically screwing over the Church out in the open, either through double-talk or outright lies.

    At what point does the silence of Catholic leadership cease to be charity towards politicians, and become a failure to perform the basic functions of office?

    I don’t dislike Cardinal Dolan, but thank heavens he was not elected Pope. Bullet dodged. For now.

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  39. Must… self-edit… must… self-moderate… must control… uncharitable initial reaction…

  40. kelleyb says:

    Four years from now will we recognize New York City? Will it be any different than it is now? Lots of people voted for this fellow and his “way”. Abortion is the holy grail, the great sacrament of the left. No one but Jesus and His Mother can stand in its destructive path. Each one of us has to stand against this evil with their help.
    This article is posted under “The Coming Storm”. The clouds continue to gather. Will I, as a Catholic-a lover of Christ be strong enough to brave the destructive anti-Catholic, anti-Christian derecho that seems hell sent to envelope our nation? Will my faith be strong enough to stand up to the onslaught? Or will I, as countless others be washed away. Looking at my interior mirror I recognize how flawed I am-a sinner. If I daily embrace the life giving Love and Mercy of the Cross. He will embrace me, and through the Sacraments, fortify me to embrace all my crosses, including the coming storm.

  41. Kathleen10 says:

    I’m concerned, because after the meteor that God permits hits the city, the jet stream will bring that plume right up here over Connecticut, and we didn’t elect that horror story. New Yorkers are certifiable. I mean, really.
    And Catholics voted this Communist pro-abort in? Catholicism is losing it’s brand thanks to these people.
    All the poor babies…
    Why should God put up with us one minute more. There must be a few righteous people around, thank God.

  42. Arele says:

    This is really scary stuff!

    I live in Oregon, and we fought laws that would force the shutdown of pregnancy resource centers in our legislature last session. Fortunately, we won – this time.

    As far as forcing all of us to pay for abortions, Oregon taxpayers are forced to pay for nearly 50% of all abortions in Oregon already, and abortion is the number one cause of death in Oregon. With the state funded Oregon Health Plan, you can get an abortion with no copay. It’s free – on the taxpayer’s dime. And the blood is on all of us, willing or not.

    Oregon is the only state that has made NO amendments or restrictions to the original Roe v Wade. We are as bad as it gets.

    It’s horrible. I pray for NYC, AND for Oregon! We need it! Badly!

    Here is a taxpayer funded ad for Oregon’s Obamacare. It looks like We All Live in a Yellow Submarine here!
    “Long live Oregonians” it proclaims. That is, if you’re lucky enough to be born in the first place! And don’t even get me started on Oregon’s legal euthanasia and soon-to-be death panels…

    Lastly, our former archbishop pretty much took a hands-off (at best) approach to all of this. We are very hopeful that our new archbishop, Alexander Sample, will be much more outspoken and active on fighting all of these issues. He was very outspoken concerning parishes that marched with their church banners in the gay pride parade last spring, strictly forbidding them to do so. Parishoners, emboldened by past leniency, fought the archbishop and marched anyway. Those parish priests who operated with impunity under the former archbishop didn’t fare so well – they are now gone!

  43. Marcus de Alameda says:

    “There is a cardinal and head of USCCB there who could have/should have been shouting from the roof tops.”
    Yes, but shouting is no longer accepted as good social behaviour now that the rude boys and girls (bullies) are in power. “Dissent is Patriotic” is not cool anymore as it was a few years ago. Now anyone who speaks out against the state/gov. is targeted as mentally deranged. The Dems to the USCCB social justice dept. — ‘don’t rock the boat, or you’ll be kicked off the Gov. perks bandwagon ($$$).’ The threat of loosing Gov. funds is dominant with the USCCB decision making as is evident from the past 40 years. From recent past experience, the response sincere Catholics can expect from their good jovial NYC Cardinal is another kitch appearance on the Colbert Report or slapstick humor at Fordham U. It’s a tired act with low ratings.
    Cardinal O’Connor, pray for us.

  44. Mojoron says:

    Now that Billy DeCommie is in office, it will be interesting to hear what Billy has to say (and do) while in office. I thought Doomberg was a joke with his Nanny Government, but Billy will bring the weight of social justice on New Yorkers for the next four years. I’m not sure what New Yorkers were thinking when they voted for this guy? They got this just because they hate conservatives? Hmmmm. Dolan had better get Billy’s number on speed dial.

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  46. markomalley says:


    You were asking for an embrace photo? (can’t post a pic, but…)

  47. I made my first trip to New York in 1980, in the dark heart of the David Dinkins administration. New York was a national byword for petty crime, and there was a garbage strike on when I first hit the streets of Manhattan. Huge stinking piles of trash on every corner.
    And yet, in spite of that and everything else, I was fascinated by New York City and I’ve been under its spell ever since.
    I never thought I’d see those days again. But here they come.

  48. dominic1955 says:

    “A self-described “democratic socialist,” [Or just Democrat?] de Blasio traveled to the Soviet Union as a student and honeymooned with his wife, in violation of the travel ban, in Cuba.
    The mayor-elect spent many of his early adult years traveling to Nicaragua, where he supplied the Communist Sandinistas – whom he called “really inspirational” – and their allies with funds and food while working with the Quixote Center, a Maryland-based leftist Catholic group that once referred to American opposition to Communist leadership in Nicaragua as “spreading terrorism.””

    How’d a pinko get elected as mayor of a major American city? With this sort of rap sheet, he shouldn’t have even been able to run.

  49. lana says:

    Like St. Bernadette said: I do not fear the German soldiers…. I only fear bad Catholics.

  50. UncleBlobb says:

    Isn’t wonderful that there are still 23% of active voters in New York who won’t fall for this? God be praised! AMDG

  51. UncleBlobb says:

    27% I meant.

  52. Montenegro says:

    What do I think about this? I think: “So long, NYC! It’s been nice knowing ya!” NYC will return to the bad old days of the 1970s. You know – the years of the famous headline, “Ford to city: Drop dead.”

  53. bookworm says:

    “NYC is the home of many true-to-the-Magisterium and even traditionalist Catholics. If you want to go to confession here, you can, any day of the week. But you will have to wait on line. If you want to go to a Tridentine Mass, you can. But you should arrive early if you want a choice of pews.”

    True enough; but how many of those people flocking to confession, the TLM, etc. actually LIVE in the city itself? If they are living in New Jersey, Connecticut or the outlying suburbs then they would not have been able to vote in the mayoral election. I would suspect that in NYC as elsewhere, the conservative pro-family types tend to move out of the city once they have children.

  54. philosoph0123 says:

    I live in NYC and I didn’t vote in this election. The Republican in the election, Joe Lhota, ran commercials noting how similar he was to DiBlasio with respect to gay marriage, abortion rights, etc. Perhaps I should have gone and made a protest vote for another party…but there was no way that I would ever vote for a culture-of-death Republican, even if it means that the city goes downhill. (We) New Yorkers will get what we deserve…good and hard, as H.L. Mencken wrote.

  55. Kathleen10 says:

    Marcus de Alameda, spot on. The Left has the Right convinced that anything said that confronts their belief system, is rude, aggressive, and uncivilized, however the Right can be vilified nonstop. Being “polite” and avoiding saying anything remotely inflammatory has reached the status of virtue. If a cardinal or bishop came out swinging on a topic, abortion, same-sex “marriage”, consent laws, as they certainly should have in New York, of course they are going to be instantly attacked by all media and talking heads. The barrage will include stinging rhetoric about how “hateful” or “unfair” or “backwards” he is, and use words like “antiquated” and so on to describe their viewpoints. It’s terrible! It’s hard! No one would say it isn’t. But it is necessary, very, very necessary. We aren’t going to make inroads on these issues unless we can say the hard truths, and relentlessly, despite the uproar that will definitely come! It isn’t going to be “politeness” that wins the day. St. Paul did not concern himself with ratings, popularity, and other silliness. He stated TRUTH. When cardinals and bishops do not state biblical truth, they are useless. They are truly as “salt that has lost it’s flavor”. Regardless of shrinking offertories, fewer in the pews, eggs thrown at the church, whatever, if they don’t speak out against outrage and educate, who will? God did not put that responsibility on laypeople, but his clergy! They are the shepherds. They are morally responsible for educating we the laity, who should be able to look to our pastors and clergy as spiritual and moral leaders. We have only a few, courageous enough to state truth without blinking. Too few. Too few real spines, or too many who have fallen into their own moral confusion on these topics and demonstrate misplaced compassion. The blind leading the blind.
    We have to really resist the temptation to make getting along with others, the avoidance of ruffling feathers, so important that we can’t state the truth. I do not mean in any way, bashing people over the head with words, impervious to environment. That is just not wise. But watch out for that tiny voice that warns you to avoid saying what you know to be true when it needs to be said, despite the fallout. We can see in our culture where that has left us, in a profoundly confused and lost populace. It makes me wonder if they have no fear of God, since they have abdicated their great responsibility.

  56. HeatherPA says:

    Donate to the Sisters of Life.
    Be a Coworker of Life or a Prayer Guardian.
    They will need our support now more than ever before.
    A very wise person I know opined that New York perhaps may be under very weak Catholic leadership as a chastisement, as well as being delivered to the leadership of a communist “catholic” mayor.
    Those people need our prayers. Especially the unborn. Especially the faithful, the priests, and religious who are fighting The Lord’s fight daily.

  57. Jackie L says:

    And they will tell you that “nobody is pro-abortion”, as they seek to escalate the murder of the pre-born.

  58. LeslieL says:

    Unfortunately, the NYTimes reported that there was a record low turnout in the election Tuesday – 24% – the lowest since the mid-2oth century. And de Blasio played to his audience very well – and the press. His opponent did not have the press behind him; quite the reverse actually. And to be perfectly honest – this was very much a vote against 12 years of Mike Bloomberg worrying about how much soda you could buy as it was for de Blasio. It did not hurt de Blasio in the least, also, that he had his bi-racial family in the forefront of all his commercials and appearances. He won 95% of the black vote and 85% of the Hispanic vote. Sad to say, I would hazard a guess that the issues were not the issue in this election at all. As one poster said, people of faith have to get more involved – or this malaise and morally destructive behavior will spread and continue.

  59. Chrissin says:

    Yes de Blasio got 73% of the vote but remember voter turnout was record low- 25%ish. Pitiful. I wouldn’t think that would make for a valid election!
    Let’s see if Cd Dolan will pen a letter to de Blasio the way he did to Boehner urging the ‘moral’ imperative of immigration reform. Immigration takes top billing since USSCB gets millions from the government.
    The real news for me in the de Blasio-Sandinista story was that he went under the auspices of a lefty catholic group. I imagine this is the kind of group Obama liked to work with in Chicago.
    In the homily at the end of the Mozart Requiem at St Agnes this past Wed, the priest said that everyone loves to tout helping the poor and this translates to the corporal works of mercy, caring for our neighbor. The body. Yes, but we must also care for our neighbor’s soul. Even after death.
    We are really in for it here in NYC.

  60. tealady24 says:

    Between the wicked BO in the WH, the “forward-looking” mayor-elect of NYC who is in-your-face a Communist, and the totally depraved “catholic” governor of that state, I’d say we’ve got just what we voted for!
    What a sorry people we are! God have mercy on us.

  61. bobbyfranky says:

    And as the great apostasy foretold long ago by the likes of St. Paul (many will fall away) and especially Jesus (the love of many will grow cold…when He returns will the Son of Man find any faith?) we wonder why Our Lady would allegedly appear and warn us the faith was on the verge of being extinguished.

    We’re not allowed to say much about that alleged event; meanwhile that other great sign of Rev 12, the dragon, we are indeed free to speak about and so we do. The sign of the times, the great apostasy marches on. Each day I think it cannot get worse, but then it does. Oh well. Pray. Confess. Be ready.

    God bless you.

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  63. cl00bie says:

    I live in upstate New York (diocese of Syracuse) and I want my county to secede from New York and be annexed by Pennsylvania. I have nothing in common with these people downstate either intellectually, morally, politically or spiritually, and if we are going to be self governed, we need to get away from the pulsing cesspool that is NYC.

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