Benedict XVI public appearance, attends Consistory. Dress rehearsal for April.

His Holiness Benedict XVI made a public appearance during the consistory this morning, Feast of the Cathedra of St. Peter, when Francis gave the news Cardinals their new stuff.

This is clearly the “dress rehearsal” for the canonization of John Paul II in April: how to have a public appearance… test the reaction.

Some captures from CTV:

Lots of photos at La Stampa HERE, including images of cardinals removing their zucchettos and kissing his ring.  The “Benedict is still Pope!” crowd may lose their minds.



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  1. Iacobus M says:

    Nice to see Pope Emeritus Benedict out and about. Man, do I miss him. By the way, is that Chevy Chase standing behind Pope Francis?
    -Iacobus M

  2. mamajen says:

    I notice that Pope Francis’ vestments are more elaborate than usual.

  3. tcreek says:

    Monsignor Guido Marini’s Facebook page has photos and info.

  4. Bosco says:

    The Pope Emeritus looks fit as a fiddle to me. I read somewhere that he was poorly and a semi-recluse fully engaged in prayer and contemplation. I must have misread.
    Nonetheless it’s so sweet to see Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone (I believe) laying a big smacker on the Pope Emeritus’ right hand.

  5. Incaelo says:

    It was wonderful seeing Pope Benedict again. Pope Francis first going to greet him before anything else was very touching.

  6. Robbie says:

    Well, the ugly ferula of Paul VI and John Paul II continues to find its way into the light of day. Bummer. And I’m not sure the words “Cardinal Nichols” will ever be music to my ears, but, hey, he can always prove me wrong.

    It’s nice to see Benedict looking so well, though. As so many others have said, I miss him too.

  7. teomatteo says:

    Man that pope has got a nice head of hair. (forgive me my father was a barber).

  8. majuscule says:

    Iacopi M…

    This might help you with your question:

  9. majuscule says:

    Sigh…autocorrect strikes again. The previous was for Iacobus M…

  10. VexillaRegis says:

    Our Pope Emeritus is such a sweetie :-)

  11. Captain Peabody says:

    Note that Benedict also made a point to remove his zucchetto in respect when greeting Pope Francis. A true gentleman.

  12. Geoffrey says:

    I was just about to turn in for the night when someone in St Peter’s Basilica posted a photo of His Holiness Benedict XVI, the Pope Emeritus, to Facebook. I just had to stay up and watch. It was a beautiful liturgical service (not Mass), Latin throughout.

    History in the making. There is no precedent for this. What would be the proper choir dress for a pope emeritus? Benedict XVI cannot wear what he used to wear, as he would then be dressed better than the reigning pontiff!

    The Mass of Canonization in April will be interesting. Will the Pope Emeritus be one of the con-celebrants and vest as such, or will he wear his “street” trench-coat, or will they devise some sort of appropriate choir dress?

  13. Gratias says:

    Benedict XVI looks well. Pray we will have him for many more years. Good to see that Gänswein and G. Marini are a also in the Vatican. We need continuity.

  14. mdinan says:

    And behold, a Franciscan University alumnus and seminarian for the Diocese of Rochester serving as Deacon at the consistory.

  15. Jason Keener says:

    Great to see Benedict XVI. He sure looks much better than he did right after his unfortunate abdication. I wish Pope Francis would make use of some more elaborate miters. Unfortunately, seeing Pope Francis’s favorite miter takes me back to the 80’s, a liturgical time I think we would all rather forget. Oh well. Happy Saturday to all!

  16. Supertradmum says:

    Sigh… good to see him looking well. God bless Pope Francis for dressing up.

  17. The_Scott says:

    Robbie, that “ugly ferula” is going to be a second-class relic.

  18. Mandy P. says:

    I love getting to see Papa Emeritus Benedict out and about. He looks so much better than he did a year ago. His new situation appears to be agreeing with his health, which I am very glad to see. And I love how Papa Francis seems to really love and honor Benedict. It’s so sweet.

  19. Geoffrey says:

    “…that ‘ugly ferula’ is going to be a second-class relic”.

    I don’t know why so many complain about that ferula. For me, it is a sign of continuity. Not every Catholic living was born before Vatican II. Until Benedict XVI, it was the only ferula I had ever known. I am glad that Pope Francis alternates between ferulas (ferulae?!).

  20. The_Scott says:

    I agree completely, Geoffrey. Sure, I prefer the ferula that Benedict used (I like the gold), but the use of JPII’s ferula isn’t as horrible or “modernist” as some people seem to believe…

    Like I said, it’ll be a second-class relic soon. Perhaps that fact will change some people’s minds about it.

  21. bourgja says:

    This is off-topic, but I am wondering if anybody can confirm the number of empty spaces for medallion portraits of the popes are currently left in St. Paul Outside the Walls. (For example, if someone is in Rome and can view it currently). I have read conflicting information on the Internet, ranging from 1 to 8 spaces left. Thanks for any help!

  22. Vincent says:

    @bourgja, I have a photo from Rome 2 years ago. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to link things on here, but:

    There were seven places left, but obviously that’s now six …

  23. Lin says:

    I miss him a lot!

  24. Rachel K says:

    Just beautiful.

  25. Sieber says:

    I agree. The ferula of Paul & John Paul will indeed become a second class relic….as such, a proper reliquary and appropriate place of exposition should be found. I suggest the Cathedral of Our Lady in Los Angeles.

  26. MikeD says:

    I still can’t look at a picture of Benedict without a twinge of sadness. How I do miss him.

  27. Lori Pieper says:

    Indeed, if Paul VI is beatified soon (as it seems will be), that “ugly” ferula will be a second-class relic twice over. Thrice over if John Paul I is beatified/canonized, since he too carried it during his short month as Pope. Not all ferulae are that blessed!

    Apart from this distraction . . . I too was very moved seeing the Pope Emeritus there to greet the new cardinals. And how blessed they must feel, receiving the congratulations of two Popes on their elevation.

    Too bad that Cardinal Capovilla couldn’t be there. I hope he is able to attend his old boss’ canonization in April.

  28. bourgja says:

    @Vincent: Perfect, thank you!

  29. Robbie says:

    Robbie, that “ugly ferula” is going to be a second-class relic.

    So. It’s still ugly and is a symbol liturgical times most of us would prefer to forget.

  30. Maria says:

    Dear Robbie says:
    22 February 2014 at 11:05 am

    God’s blessings of peace and joy!

    “Well, the ugly ferula of Paul VI and John Paul II continues to find its way into the light of day.”

    In terms of beauty, I find the ferula of PPIX and PBXVI best. It is full of meaning specially if one has studied them and it shows the Kingship of Christ. For me, I actually like PPVI’s ferula because I see this as Christ suffered so much for me, unworthy sinner, and yet He loved me so unconditionally unto the last drop of His blood. I find this ferula so moving and always reminds me that I should do the same so that I may have the chance one day to join His kingdom and will gaze in His Kingship forever.

    It is nice that our Pope (and future popes) carries it so that it may remind him (what Christ went through) to do same if called for martyrdom. Christ did, Peter did so must he. Also, PPIX & PBXVI’s ferula are nice because it reminds the pope that he is to lead us to God’s Kingdom.

    I do not like the new ferula. Just my take on this ferula.

    God’s blessings of peace and joy!

  31. jbosco88 says:

    What a pity Francis has made another innovation, evident at today’s Mass with the Cardinals and in this service.

    The central “seventh” candle has been relegated to the gospel side of the altar, and a much smaller central crucifix.

    No longer does the excuse wash that “he isn’t bothered about liturgy.” He continues to disappoint and I wonder how much longer Msg Marini will be around to keep things remotely sane. This is only one year on and so much already lost.

  32. Yes, it is Chevy Chase, but from 30 years ago. They obviously still have that time machine in the secret Vatican Archives.

  33. And it’s so nice to see Apocalypse being fulfilled once again before our eyes, with the two olive trees – the two witnesses – the two lampstands.

    Although perhaps ‘nice’ is the wrong word here.

  34. Bosco says:

    @Philippa Martyr,
    “And it’s so nice to see Apocalypse being fulfilled once again before our eyes, with the two olive trees – the two witnesses – the two lampstands.”
    Just for the sake of being mischievous, who do you cast as the False Prophet and the Antichrist?

  35. only an act of God could keep Pope Emeritus Benedict away during JPII and John XXIII canonization. Beautiful photos here. :) Thank you Fr Z.

  36. HighMass says:

    During His almost 8 yrs as Pope, Benedict XVI was a Pope of Surprises…Thank God We see he is now A Pope E. of Surprises!
    Kudo’s To Pope Francis that both men were there to see the installation!

    This is truly Beautiful!

  37. HighMass says:

    And Yes Pope E. Benedict does look fit as a fiddle and YES MISS HIM MORE AND MORE EACH PASSING DAY!

    Santita we LOVE YOU!

  38. Bosco says:

    @Philippa Martyr,
    Aaiieee! No one deserves those two! Cheers for the identikit. I’ll be on the lookout.

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